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Expert Advice You Can Trust

Verum Verdicts shortlists the best gear you can buy, right now. Our readers choose the right product quickly – avoiding the stress of having to read loads of reviews, compare specifications and spend time researching what’s good and what isn’t. 

Our verdicts are based on hours of research. We scrutinise genuine owner insights to measure real-world experience, interrogate expert opinion and compare the technical specifications to define genuine product advantage. Our methodology is designed to identify the best products over time rather than a snapshot of the latest gizmo in lab conditions.

Turning a long list into a shortlist

Rather than limit a test to a handful of products, we consider hundreds. We then turn the long list into a shortlist, detailing and justifying the best buys, ranked in price order – We do this, so you can choose the best product for your budget rather than having to read about loads of stuff you either don’t want or can’t afford.

Expert Advice

We’re not experts in everything. While some details are easy to compare, such as warranty length, other aspects are much harder and require detailed analysis. For example, when looking at security software, Verum works with SE Labs, a world-renowned testing organisation that specialises in IT security. Or when researching the best electric toothbrushes, our search for verifiable information means consuming long-term clinical and academic trials, such as the Cochrane Review and Journal of Clinical Periodontology. Ranging from security software to electric toothbrushes, we find the best evidence on which to make our recommendations.

Our desire is that by Verum committing the time & effort to research, we get the recommendations right and earn your trust. So whenever you’re looking to make a purchase, you search Verum for advice. Hopefully, you’ll share our details with friends and family, too.

Beyond the initial results and verdict, we continually review our recommendations, updating products when superior alternatives or better value options become available.

Where are the advertisements?

Verum doesn’t run any advertising. And we don’t accept payment (or products) for content. This avoids any bias and pressure for product inclusion. Hence Verum researchers and analysts have a clear remit to include products that measure up technically rather than commercially. Verum research is funded and supported by our readers.

What does ‘supported by readers’ actually mean? 

Verum research is funded by earning a small commission from the seller when you buy something through our website. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. For example, if you’re looking to buy a new iron and find our advice helpful, click the link by the recommendation. If (and only if) you then decide to buy an iron from that reseller (Eg: Amazon), we earn a small affiliate commission. The reseller pays this – you get the best price.

So yes, we’d like you to buy something – but what’s important to us, is that you get the best product possible. Saving yourself some time and hopefully saving a few quid along the way.

The best products should cost less [not more]

Everyone wants the best stuff and sometimes spending more adds extra features or better technology, but this isn’t always the case.

Take electric toothbrushes for example. It’s possible to buy an electric toothbrush for £300 and while spending big will let you connect your toothbrush to a phone and give you a host of other features, there’s little evidence to suggest spending big will give you a brighter smile. The Verum best buy is around £30. In short, our research often results in a recommendation to spend less – saving you time & money.

john garewal owner author and creator verum verdicts


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