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Best Bread Machine 2021: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

best bread machine for a delicious loaf all recommended bread types included gluten free pizza

Fresh bread is always a treat – Choose the best bread machine & it’s hassle-free too. The recipes are simple & it only takes a moment to pop the ingredients into the pan. Set the timer and wake to the smell of fresh bread.
Perfect for breakfast, a lunchtime sandwich or a quick snack. 2021 will taste better!

How to Choose the Best Bread Machine

Making an informed choice isn’t easy. A bewildering number of models, manufacturer claims & umpteen reviews only make choosing the right machine harder. What’s clear is that not all bread makers are equal.

To sort the wheat from the chaff, we’ve checked manufacturer claims, scrutinised specifications, listened to owner opinions and eaten lots of lovely bread! Above all else, a good bread maker must consistently turn out a great-tasting loaf with the right texture, shape & density. The best options must also be easy to use, easy to clean & have a wide range of programmes, to suit all tastes.

‘How good is the bread?’ is clearly the most important question. This is followed by ease of cleaning, programmes, physical size, loaf size, recipes & ease-of-use. Choose one of the models below and you will soon be enjoying fresh bread.

With hours of research coupled with long term tests, Verum has identified the three best bread makers available to buy, right now.

Russell Hobbs compact, light & small bread maker that's cheap to buy & makes delicious bread
Russell Hobbs Compact – Small, cheap & light bread maker

Best Cheap Bread Machine
Russell Hobbs Compact

Perfect for the small kitchen – this model from Russell Hobbs is cheap, compact and best of all, it bakes a good loaf.

  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Lightweight

The footprint is similar to the Panasonic models below, however, at only 30cm high, this bread maker is far more likely to fit inside a cupboard, when not in use. It’s also much lighter than the Panasonic, again, making it easier to store.

Both first-time bread makers and owners who have purchased this machine to replace a previous device, rate it highly. In terms of how it works and most importantly, the bread it makes.

Why is there a hole in my loaf?

As with every bread maker, a kneading paddle turns to mix the dough which leaves a small hole in the underside of the bread. If the paddle comes out with the loaf, leave it to cool before attempting to extract it. This is far easier and will result in a smaller hole. Perhaps not ideal, but a small downside of a freshly baked loaf from a machine.

Wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread

A few owners find the Russell Hobbs Compact a little noisy. A good option is to set the timer, meaning that it will bake a loaf while you sleep. And the best bit is that you’ll wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread.

Aside from the advantage of being small, this model has a window on the lid allowing you to see your bread baking. Plus, the pan and paddle are dishwasher safe, meaning there’s no extra washing up.

If you like the idea of freshly baked bread and need a compact model for your kitchen, choose the Russell Hobbs Compact.

SPECIFICATION: Russell Hobbs 23620 | SIZE: 32D x 29W x 30H | LOAF SIZE: 500g to 1kg | GLUTEN-FREE OPTION: Yes | FAST BAKE 55mins | MAX DELAY: 13 hours | PROGRAMMES 12 | WARRANTY 2 Years 

Russell Hobbs | Verdict price £60 | See best price on Amazon

uk recommended panasonic 2511w bread machine with nut dispenser
Panasonic SD-2511WXC – Bake a wonderful loaf, every time

Best Bread Machine
Panasonic SD-2511WXC Bread Maker

Once you own a bread maker it’s near impossible to go back to shop-bought bread. Get the right model coupled with the right recipe and you may wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner. You certainly won’t regret the purchase.

  • Affordable Panasonic
  • Raisin & Nut Dispenser
  • New Non-Stick Bread Pan

This Panasonic bread maker does everything well. It makes great bread, comes with a decent range of programmes & has the new non-stick pan.

What adds to the credibility of this machine is the high number of people who have owned a Panasonic bread machine for years and then, in time, replaced it with another Panasonic.

Never eat shop-bought bread again

Panasonic made the first commercially available bread maker in 1986. Over the last thirty-odd years they have continually updated and improved the basic machine to make sure their customers keep coming back for more. This is a great testimony for Panasonic and a good reason to buy the SD-2511.

Best Value Panasonic Bread Machine

For most of us, the standard programmes on this model do everything we need. This machine has all the normal modes for every type of bread, including programmes for pizza bases, gluten-free & jam.

In terms of flexibility, there are three loaf size choices and light/medium/dark settings for your preferred crust. Plus, there’s a raisin/nut dispenser. This is great for making sure the ingredients are added at precisely the right time.

New Non-stick Bread Pan

If you’ve previously owned a Panasonic bread maker, the big upgrade you get here is the new non-stick bread pan. Older models suffered over time. The bread pan surface would wear out, meaning it was often difficult to extract the loaf. However, the new coating means that the perfect loaf simply drops out of the pan, onto a cooling rack. 

Owners of this Panasonic bread maker continually rave about the bread it makes. The Verum long-term test echos the same. In short, if you want a no-fuss bread machine that bakes a wonderful loaf – choose the Panasonic SD-2511.

SPECIFICATION: SIZE: 39D x 26W x 37H | LOAF SIZE: M L & XL | GLUTEN-FREE OPTION: Yes | FAST BAKE 2hrs | MAX DELAY: 13 hours | MODES: 25 | BREADPAN: Diamond Fluoro-coated | WARRANTY 1 Year

Panasonic 2511 | Verdict price £145 | Check best price on Amazon

Is this the best bread maker machine money can buy? Panasonic 2502 makes the perfect loaf every time. Best Buy bread maker for every type of bread
Panasonic 2502 – The ultimate bread maker with dedicated yeast dispenser

Ultimate Bread Machine
Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC – Bread Maker with Dedicated Yeast Dispenser

This Panasonic bread maker is a significant step-up from the basic model. Yes, it costs more but this is the ultimate bread machine. Not only does it have numerous extra programmes, but it also works differently to make the perfect loaf.

  • Dedicated Yeast Dispenser
  • Raisin & Nut Dispenser
  • New Non-Stick Bread Pan
  • Stainless Steel Design

The best bread machine you can buy

A dedicated yeast dispenser may not sound exciting, but adding yeast at precisely the right moment means you will consistently bake a better loaf of bread. Owners of this bread machine report that it bakes a superior tasting loaf to the standard Panasonic model (which doesn’t have a yeast dispenser). Plus, with 27 programmes you will never get bored with the same bread.

Gluten free bread & more

Pretty much every imaginable type of bread can be baked in the Panasonic 2502. Adding to the versatility, you have three levels of crust colour and three sizes to choose from. Plus should you want to add nuts or fruit, well there’s a dispenser for that too. And the standard rapid programme will give you freshly baked bread in only two hours.

Another step-up from older models is the diamond fluoro-coated bread pan. This non-stick surface works brilliantly. Not just for the first loaf, but for years to come. Plus, it looks good – the stainless steel finish gives it an additional feel of quality.

There’s everything to like about this bread machine – functionality, looks, ease of use and ultimately the great tasting bread. 

SPECIFICATION: SIZE: 39D x 26W x 38H | LOAF SIZE: M L & XL | GLUTEN-FREE OPTION: Yes | FAST BAKE Yes | MAX DELAY: 13 hours | MODES 27 | BREADPAN: Diamond Fluoro-coated | WARRANTY 1 Year

Panasonic 2502 | Verdict price £165 | See best price on Amazon

Wake to the smell of fresh bread

A bread machine is great for anyone who wants fresh bread at home but doesn’t have the time or the inclination to make it by hand. Measure out the ingredients, press a couple of buttons and leave the machine to do the work. It really is that simple. A good bread maker is perfect for a busy household. And the wonderful smell of fresh bread may just help coax the family out of bed, on those winter mornings.

The perfect loaf for your family

The best bread machine is defined by the bread it makes. But what’s right for one family, isn’t right for the next. We can all agree on the merits of a freshly baked bread, but what’s important is that you get a machine that will make the perfect loaf for your family. Standardised comparative tests don’t work here. What’s the right recipe for one bread maker isn’t necessarily the right recipe for a different machine. Plus, we all have different tastes.

Replacing an old bread machine?

A good bread machine should last for years. However, over time, bread pans deteriorate. Once the pan loses its non-stick surface, removing the loaf can become tricky. The good news is that the new Panasonic bread makers, detailed below, come with what’s described as a ‘diamond fluoro-coated bread pan’.

This non-stick surface allows the loaf to simply drop out. Plus it’s easy to clean. If you’re replacing an old Panasonic bread machine, this upgrade makes all the difference.

Is a Bread Machine Worth It?

The short answer is yes. Making your own bread is cheaper than buying it from the supermarket. The cost of all the ingredients (yeast, flour, butter, salt, sugar & water) for a typical home-baked loaf is 54 pence. This is approximately half that of a supermarket equivalent. However, taste is the real reason for using a bread maker.

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Your New Bread Machine

The standout reason for buying a bread maker is better tasting bread. But it’s not the only advantage. 

  1. Tastier than a shop-bought bread
  2. Healthy option. You know what’s in it
  3. Save money. Each loaf costs around half that of shop-bought bread
  4. Convenience. It’s easier to store flour than the equivalent number of loaves
  5. Wake up to the smell of fresh bread

Special Diet?

For anyone with a food allergy or on a special diet, a bread machine offers complete control over what goes into each loaf, with minimum hassle. If you desire a loaf with reduced salt or less sugar, this couldn’t be easier. If you want a gluten-free loaf, that’s easy too.

Each bread maker comes with its own suggested recipes. This is definitely the best place to start, as generic recipes often don’t deliver the same result from different machines. Beyond this, it’s worth trying different flour and yeast options to find the perfect loaf for your family.

Russell Hobbs compact, light & small bread maker that's cheap to buy & makes delicious bread

Small & compact
Russell Hobbs Compact | Verdict price £60
See price on Amazon

uk recommended panasonic 2511w bread machine with nut dispenser

Best Seller
Panasonic 2511 | Verdict price £145
See price on Amazon

Is this the best bread maker machine money can buy? Panasonic 2502 makes the perfect loaf every time. Best Buy bread maker for every type of bread

Ultimate Bread Maker
Panasonic 2502 | Verdict price £165
See price on Amazon

Budget vs. Premium?

The SD-2511 makes wonderful bread. It’s tried & tested, loved by its owners & has the new non-stick bread pan & raisin/nut dispenser – it won’t let you down.

The Panasonic SD-2502 may cost a little more, but with a dedicated yeast dispenser, it delivers the ultimate home-baked loaf. Plus, with a stainless steel finish & non-stick pan, there’s everything to like about the Pansonic SD-2502 bread machine.


DON’T MISS OUT: Recommended bread machines are in short supply. When new stocks arrive, they sell out fast. If you’re lucky enough to find the best bread machine in stock, don’t hang around. Buy it or you’re likely to miss out.