Best Circular Saws 2020 – Corded & Cordless

What's the Right Circular Saw for You?

The best circular saw is versatile, accurate & easy to use. There are two big decisions in choosing the right model. Number one is size. Large blade diameter will cut to a greater depth, while mini circular saws are more compact and ideal for thinner materials. The second big decision is whether to go cordless. 

Choosing a cordless circular saw makes complete sense if budget allows. Compared to a corded equivalent, they’re easier to use, safer & super convenient. And while corded models do offer more power, this is marginal assuming you opt for the right cordless model.

What’s the Best Circular Saw?

A good circular saw will handle a variety of tasks – different depths, angles and materials. Our research & saw recommendations are based on cutting wood. However, a blade change means all the recommendations below can handle steel, aluminium or ceramics (tiles).

The blade diameter and saw design define the cutting depth. Generally, deeper is better although a bigger saw is usually more expensive. A small saw can also be considered, safer. They’re certainly easier to handle.

How to Choose a Circular Saw

When choosing a circular saw there’s plenty to consider. Blade size, power, weight & speed are all important. Also key are accuracy, safety and ease of use. Then comes, alignment guides, motor type, braking and durability.

Verum compares 100s of circular saws. We scrutinise specifications, check manufacturer claims and consume real-world insight to help you choose the right model. Take a look at the recommendations below…

Recommended best mini circular saw Hychika-CS-115C-750W-UK
Hychika – Best Mini Circular Saw (max depth 48mm)

Best Mini Circular Saw
Hychika 750W

Mini circular saws are safer & easier to use than a larger equivalent. Although most can only handle thin materials. But unlike the majority, this model from Hychika stands out with a decent 48mm maximum cutting depth. This key detail along with the wider specification makes the Hychika 750W, a clear best buy.

What materials can a circular saw cut?

Supplied with six blades, this circular saw is designed & packaged to handle wood, plastic, aluminium and ceramics (tiles), out of the box. The benefit of using the right blade for the right material cannot be overstated. And getting a full set of blades in one purchase is both convenient & good value for money.

What do the Hychika reviews say?

Anyone familiar with Verum Verdicts knows that we place little value on star ratings. Instead, we read all the actual reviews, questions & comments (so you don’t have to). Discounting anything irregular, we look for consistencies and patterns that are product specific. The good news is that owners love the Hychika. Used for a variety of tasks, it consistently outperforms expectation. 

If you’re after for a versatile circular saw that can handle most cuts (up to 48mm) in most materials – look no further!

BLADE DIAMETER: 125mm | MAX DEPTH: 48mm | MAX DEPTH 45°: 32mm | MAX NO LOAD SPEED: 3500rpm | POWER: 750w | BRUSHLESS MOTOR: No | WEIGHT 3.3kg

HYCHIKA 750W | Verdict price £70 | Check best price on Amazon

Recommended corded Bosch PKS 55 circular saw with 160mm blade UK
Bosch PKS 55 – Affordable & Reliable Circular Saw

Best Budget Circular Saw
Bosch PKS 55

This Bosch circular saw is compact, effective & affordable. Great for DIY, it will handle a variety of tasks, has a good maximum cut depth & the power to match.

DIY Circular Saw

Ideal for cutting kitchen worktops, floorboards & garden decking, this saw is the right match for DIY projects that require accurate (& quick) straight cuts. The critical specification here is the maximum cut depth of 55mm. Perfect for worktops & all deeper cuts. The 1200w motor means that you won’t be lacking power. Plus easy-change blades mean you can swap in different cutters for the right cut in a variety of materials. 

Real-World Test

Owners rate this saw highly. User experience matches the specifications and expected Bosch quality – all good. However, if you decide to read through the hundreds of owner reviews, proceed with caution, Most of the coverage combines comments on three different Bosch saws, the recommended PKS 55 & the smaller PKS 16 & cordless PKS 18.
To be clear, only the PKS 55 gets a Verum recommendation.

This is a no-fuss circular saw, perfect for serious DIY. Affordable & robust.  

BLADE DIAMETER: 160mm | MAX DEPTH: 55mm | MAX DEPTH 45°: 38mm | MAX NO LOAD SPEED: 5600rpm | POWER: 1200w | BRUSHLESS MOTOR: No | WEIGHT 3.9kg

BOSCH PKS 55 | Verdict price £75 | Check best price on Amazon

Best cordless circular saw Makita DHS680 brushless soft start with safety brake uk
Makita DHS680 – Ultimate Cordless Circular Saw

Best Cordless Circular Saw
Makita DHS680Z

This cordless circular saw from Makita ticks all the boxes. Powerful, versatile & easy to use it makes light work of the toughest tasks. Plus it has several technical features usually only associated with more expensive models.

What is the best cordless circular saw on the market?

Automatic speed control, soft start & an electric brake make this saw an easy choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Automatic speed control means the speed is matched to the load conditions & cutting performance is guaranteed.

How safe is a circular saw?

The soft-start has a couple of benefits. In addition to the safety aspect of no initial kick, it will also preserve the life of your saw. But perhaps the most significant safety feature is the electric brake. If something does go wrong, you release the trigger & the blade stops. Without elaborating on what can happen if the blade keeps turning, an electric brake is worth every penny!

Best Brushless Circular Saw

The Makita DHS680 has a brushless motor. Along with improved control, this advanced technology means the motor & therefore the saw will last considerably longer. (Most models under £200 use traditional motors that use small brushes to transfer current – these wear out.)

Precision Cuts

In addition to the superior motor technology, control & safety features, this saw has several additional advantages over numerous other models. For accurate cuts, you need to see the cutline. With twin LED lights & a dust blower, this line is clear of wood dust & well lit. Plus, the lightweight design & large baseplate make this saw, stable in operation & easy to use.

Add the battery & this circular saw does cost a few quid more. However, it’s a truly outstanding piece of kit. Perfect for precision cuts, safe to use & built to last.

BLADE DIAMETER: 165mm | MAX DEPTH: 57mm | MAX DEPTH 45°: 41mm | MAX NO LOAD SPEED: 5000rpm | POWER: 680w | BRUSHLESS MOTOR: Yes | WEIGHT 3.1kg + BATTERY

MAKITA DHS680 (bare) | Verdict price £145 | Check best price on Amazon

MAKITA 3Ah Battery | Verdict price £45 | Check best price on Amazon

MAKITA Charger | Verdict price £30 | Check best price on Amazon

Perfect Cuts With A Circular Saw

  1. Follow the safety instructions that accompany your saw.
  2. Use the right blade for the material
  3. Use a clamped rail (or fence) to accurately guide the saw. To do this, clamp a straight sturdy length of wood (or similar), parrellel to the cut line at the appropriate distance which allows you to guide the saw baseplate along the rail
  4. Most circular saws cut on the upstroke. This means you’ll get a better edge finish on the underside. 
  5. Use masking tape for a better edge finish and/or …
  6. Score your cut line.This will give you the cleanest edge. (Especially with laminates)

Best Buy Circular Saws

Recommended best mini circular saw Hychika-CS-115C-750W-UK

Versatile Saw – Multiple Blades
Hychika Mini | Verdict price £70
See price on Amazon

Recommended corded Bosch PKS 55 circular saw with 160mm blade UK

Budget Full-Size Circular Saw
Bosch | Verdict price £75
See price on Amazon

Best cordless circular saw Makita DHS680 brushless soft start with safety brake uk

Pro Level Circular Saw
Makita Cordless | Verdict price £145
See price on Amazon

Mitre Saw – Precision mitre, bevel & cross cuts
Jigsaw – Easy to use & perfect for curves

Why Spend More?

A mini circular saw is perfect for most DIY tasks. However, if you require deeper cuts, choose a model with a full-sized blade. While it’s possible to spend a small fortune on a circular saw, the Makita DHS680 is hard to beat. Cordless and with all the features associated with top-end models this Makita will cut cleaner, safer & last longer – Perfect for the professional & serious DIY. 

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