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Best UK Cordless Strimmers for Lawn Edging, Weeds & Uneven Ground

man in uk garden using grass trimmer to cut grass around and under bench. image credit: Bosch

The best garden strimmer or grass trimmer is a must for a neat lawn edge and anywhere that a lawnmower can’t reach.

The alternative of using shears or scissors is time-consuming, back-breaking and is definitely worth avoiding. Verum has compared dozens of models to shortlist the best garden trimmers and strimmers available for British gardeners in 2021.

How to Choose the Best Strimmer or Garden Trimmer

The best strimmers are easy to use, lightweight and powerful enough to get the job done. These basic requirements are only made possible with the right specification. Power, rpm speed, cord width, ergonomics, weight and noise are the seven key factors. For cordless models, battery size and compatibility are important too.

Whatever your garden size and budget, avoid the duds and save yourself hours of research – choose from the recommended models detailed below…

Flymo budget grass trimmer recommended corded uk
Affordable corded grass trimmer – Flymo Contour 500E

1. Best Corded Grass Trimmer
Flymo Contour 500E

If you’re looking for an affordable grass trimmer that’s both effective and cheap, choose the Flymo Contour 500E. Unlike our other recommended models it’s corded rather than battery-powered. For smaller gardens, it’s a good budget choice.

The Flymo is easy to use with all the right ergonomic adjustments, plant guard and edging wheel. The telescopic shaft means you can adjust the length to match your height and move the steady handle for maximum comfort. 

The head angle can be changed for normal trimming, reaching under furniture or edging the lawn. This is made easier with a clever edging wheel that helps guide the device.

Cordless models (assuming the battery is charged!) bring convenience to keeping the garden tidy, but the initial investment (with battery & charger) means that they do cost a few quid more. If you’d rather save a few quid, the Flymo Contour 500E is the best-corded grass trimmer you can buy, right now.


Flymo 500E | Verdict Price £64 | See Best Price on Amazon

black decker cordless battery grass strimmer uk
Budget cordless grass strimmer – Black+Decker

2. Best Cordless Strimmer [BEST BUY]
Black+Decker 18V – Perfect for British Gardens

This cordless strimmer is reasonably powerful and well designed. Easy to use and adjust, it’s great for trimming excess grass in difficult to reach areas and perfect for a neat finish to lawn borders.

The shaft length and swing handle are adjustable giving you the right level of control for the job in hand. And for lawn borders, there’s a guide wheel making it straightforward and lightweight to get neat edges quickly. 

The latest Black+Decker 18v cordless power tools all use the same batteries and chargers. And currently, you can buy this strimmer with a battery and charger for under £100 (use the link below). Looking forward, you’ll be able to buy bare unit cordless B+D power tools for a fraction of the price. 


Black+Decker | Verdict Price £90 | See Best Price on Amazon
[complete with battery & charger]

ryobi cordless grass trimmer with handle telescopic shaft head adjustment
Lightweight Garden Trimmer – Ryobi RLT1832 18v One+

3. Cordless Grass Trimmer – Lightweight & Adjustable
Ryobi RLT1832 18V ONE+

The Ryobi cordless grass trimmer is good for everything from fine grass edging to weed cutting. 

Fully adjustable, the shaft is telescopic and the handle moves – it’s easy to find a comfortable working position. As you may expect, the head pivots for flower bed edging, weed cutting or reaching under benches, trampolines and alike. 

Owners of this model rate it highly although you may need a second battery for large areas.

If you already own Ryobi ONE+ power tools, then along with an appreciation for the Ryobi brand, you’ll have a charger and battery meaning you can choose the low-cost bare unit. The link and price below are for the bare unit. There’s another link at the bottom of the page advising on battery choice.


Ryobi RLT1832 | Verdict Price £65 | See Best Price on Amazon
Bare unit – choose battery & charger separately

best budget grass trimmer with battery and charger for uk gardens
Best Buy Garden Trimmer – Bosch Universal Grass Cut 18-260

4. Cordless Garden Trimmer – Comfortable to Use
Bosch Universal Grass Cut 18-26

Effective, lightweight and comfortable to use, this model has the right credentials for everything from trimming border edges to taking down heavier grass and weeds. 

This Bosch cordless trimmer is set up slightly differently, compared to our other recommended models. Rather than use a telescopic shaft, both handles can be moved up and down to find the most comfortable position. This design is similar to the successful design used on many professional and trade models. The V-shape handle gives balance and encourages good posture, which is especially beneficial if you’re planning on covering larger areas or suffer from a bad back.

The Bosch ‘Power for All’ battery system works across a variety of devices from power tools to vacuum cleaners. If you already own any of these devices, this model is an easy choice.

SPECIFICATION | SPEED: 7300rpm | CUTTING DIAMETER: 26cm | WEIGHT: 2.4Kg | NOISE: 92dB | TELESCOPIC SHAFT: See info above | BATTERY SYSTEM: Bosch Power For All 18v

Bosch Universal | Verdict Price £100 | See Best Price on Amazon
Bare unit – choose battery & charger separately

recommended matika grass trimmer bare unit UK
Heavy-duty cordless model – Makita DUR181Z 18v

5. Powerful Cordless Trimmer
Makita DUR181Z 18V

This Makita garden trimmer is the top choice for heavy-duty jobs. It’s perfect for border edging and powerful enough for clearing an overgrown garden or allotment. 

The extra power and robust design, does mean this string trimmer is slightly heavier than cheaper models, but what’s important is that it’s easy enough to find a comfortable, back-friendly position. The telescopic shaft and pivoting handle take care of the position. Plus, there’s a shoulder strap which essentially makes it feel lightweight to use. 

Owners rate the build quality, power delivery and ultimately the effectiveness of the Makita, in getting the job done. If you already own Makita cordless tools and LXT batteries, choosing this garden trimmer is a no brainer.
Alternatively, buy this grass trimmer, battery and charger now and your next Makita cordless tool purchase will be much cheaper. You can use the same LXT battery across all your Makita cordless tools.


Makita DUR181Z | Verdict Price £106 | See Best Price on Amazon
Bare unit – choose battery & charger separately

What Else Do In Need to Know?

Are petrol grass trimmers better than electric?

Petrol trimmers are more powerful than the battery equivalent. However, they’re more expensive, louder and heavier. Perhaps petrol is good if you’re cutting the verge alongside the M1, but cordless battery models are the right choice for most British gardens. For larger areas, you simply need a second battery. 

Lithium batteries are transforming the cars we drive and the same technology is certainly up to powering a garden trimmer that is cleaner, quieter, lighter and more affordable than the old petrol models.

Batteries & Chargers

Black+Decker, Bosch, Ryobi and Makita all offer a wide range of compatible power tools. The idea is simple – you own one charger, a couple of batteries and buy power tools from a single manufacturer. Clearly, the power tool companies want you to stick with their brand, hence the great starter deals listed here.

If you already own power tool batteries, do check the compatibility (details in specifications above) but it makes sense to stick with the same brand.

In terms of the size of the battery, the same rules apply to all manufacturers. The higher the size or Ah rating, the longer it will last. However, they’ll also cost more. We don’t recommend ‘aftermarket’ batteries. While some may be ok, we’re yet to see consistent results over a period of time to justify. 

Why does the trimmer line keep breaking?

The most common complaint regarding these power tools relates to the string breaking. Here are a few things to check and try…

  1. Make sure you’ve got the right spool and string. The importance of compatibility cannot be overstated. 
  2. The recommended models listed above all have a string with a diameter of 1.5mm or above. Avoid anything finer.
  3. Make sure the spool is fitted correctly, plus it should be neatly & tightly wound. 
  4. Keep the spool and everything around it clean and free from clogged grass. 
  5. Sometimes easier said than done, but try to avoid hitting hard sharp edges.

Safety Equipment

Common sense is the best guide here. Garden trimmers can fire out projectiles, they’re loud and a string spinning at over 7000 rpm will damage some shoes and definitely break the skin.

Goggles or glasses are a must, ear protectors are important and it’s best to wear a decent pair of shoes. 

Best Buy Grass Trimmers

Flymo budget grass trimmer recommended corded uk

Corded Trimmer – Best Budget Buy
Flymo | Verdict price £64
See price on Amazon

black decker cordless battery grass strimmer uk

Cordless Strimmer – BEST BUY
Black & Decker | Verdict price £90
See price on Amazon

recommended matika grass trimmer bare unit UK

Heavy Duty Garden Trimmer
Makita | Verdict price £106
See price on Amazon

Click to See The Complete Guide to Batteries & Chargers

The Verdict

The Black+Decker cordless strimmer is hard to beat. It has an excellent specification and it’s good value for money. Add this to the robust real-world experience and it’s a clear Best Buy.

Alternatively, the Flymo is a decent budget choice for small gardens, assuming you’re ok with a cord. Plus, the Bosch, Ryobi and Makita trimmers make good sense if you already own their batteries & charger. But if you have large areas to cover, then the Makita is the standout heavy-duty option and a decent replacement for old fashioned petrol models.

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