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Best Dishwashers UK – Clean the Dishes Quickly, Quietly & Without Fuss

Best freestanding dishwashers recommended models that are fast, quiet and efficient 2021

Nobody likes washing-up. Fortunately, a good dishwasher cleans everything quickly, quietly and without the fuss. However, choosing the best dishwasher isn’t easy. Ranging from a few hundred quid to over two thousand pounds, there are 100s to choose from.

To help you choose the best dishwasher, Verum has consumed owner opinion, scrutinised specifications and crunched test results. The best models are easy to use and clean everything quickly. This sounds obvious, but choose the wrong machine and you will quickly find out what a bad dishwasher is like!

The other challenge at this time is short supply. With many factories closed due to the pandemic, good dishwashers sell out fast.

How to choose the best dishwasher

Verum makes comparisons on cleaning, drying, capacity & internal flexibility. Plus, environmental aspects, running cost, build quality and noise. A quiet dishwasher will make a big difference to your kitchen. These 8 factors define the best freestanding dishwasher within each price category.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an integrated model that’s hidden behind a fitted kitchen door then, take look at the best built-dishwashers.
All the recommended models below are freestanding, full-size, 60cm width machines. If space is an issue, choose from the space-saver 45cm width slimline models.

If plates are piling up & you want the best freestanding dishwasher fast, read on for recommendations ranging from under £300 to around a grand…

Best cheap freestanding dishwasher showing controls and racks with cutlery basket
Indesit Stainless Steel – Budget Freestanding Dishwasher

Best Cheap Freestanding Dishwasher:
Indesit DFE1B19X

This Indesit dishwasher will get your dishes clean & it’s excellent value. Plus, it receives a top ‘A’ grade for drying the dishes. This rating is usually associated with more expensive models.

You will probably find this Indesit dishwasher, quieter than your old machine. However, if you want a super quiet machine, then take a look at the models below. A few decibels does make a big difference – although you will need to spend more for a quiet life.

Cutlery tray or basket?

Many new models use a cutlery tray rather than a basket. However, often means a limited internal height on cheaper machines. This translates to tall glasses & large plates not fitting in the same wash. What’s important is that this model from Indesit has a cutlery basket & plenty of room on both the top & bottom shelves.

If you’d rather avoid spending a fortune on a new dishwasher, buy the Indesit DFE1B19X – it’s a great dishwasher and it’s super affordable.


Indesit Stainless Steel | Verdict price £270 | Check best price on

Best Buy budget freestanding dishwasher under £400 - Recommended Verum Verdicts UK
Samsung DW60M6050FS – Best Dishwasher under £500

Best Dishwasher under £500:
Samsung DW60M6050F

There’s a lot to like about this Samsung dishwasher. With a bigger than average, 14 plate setting capacity, variable height racks and a host of additional features, it ticks a lot of boxes, especially at this price. 

As you’d expect from Samsung, this dishwasher does a good job of cleaning the dishes and to follow that, it has the top ‘A’ rating for drying. Nifty features include a quick wash (30minutes), half load, a timer and the option to crank up the rinse temperature to 70 degrees – killing off any residual bacteria.

How do you load a dishwasher efficiently?

Everyone has different plates, pans & glasses. To fit everything in, the internal design needs to be flexible. This means that you can customise the racks to best fit your crockery. The cutlery tray can be adjusted to accommodate bigger items and the glass rack moves up & down by 5cm. This is great for big plates or high glasses, but not both, simultaneously! As with all dishwashers, the internal height is limited by the need for it to fit under your worktop – when you increase the height available on one rack, the other decreases & vice versa. In most cases, you’ll find what works for you.

Quieter than your old machine?

This Samsung dishwasher is super quiet, with noise levels similar to more expensive models. In fact, overall it compares admirably to many more expensive models available in the shops and online. For under £500, the Samsung DW60M6050FS is an excellent dishwasher and comes highly recommended. 


Samsung (silver) | Verdict price £470 | Check best price on

Best Buy Bosch freestanding dishwasher under £500 - Recommended Verum Verdicts UK
Bosch Serie 4 SMS46IW10G – Best Dishwasher under £550

Best Freestanding Dishwasher under £500:
Bosch Serie 4 SMS46IW10G

Is your old dishwasher a Bosch? If so, the chances are you will want a new Bosch machine to replace it. Most Bosch owners have good reason to trust the brand. This Series 4 machine hits a real sweet spot in the Bosch range – a good specification coupled with a great price.

Good capacity dishwasher

This best buy dishwasher cleans 13 place settings in one go and comes with tried and tested features, that add genuine functionality. The quick wash cycle cleans everything (ready for the next load) in 29 minutes and the variable height racks can be adjusted to clean anything and everything. 

In addition to an ‘A’ grade for getting everything clean, this Bosch dishwasher is rated ‘A’ for getting dishes dry. The temperature is increased, during the final rinse, which helps to evaporate any water drops leaving dishes super dry. This is especially evident on plastics, which some lesser machines struggle to dry.

If your old machine was a Bosch, then this is probably an easy choice. But, regardless of who made your old dishwasher, this Bosch dishwasher, Series 4 is a great option.


Bosch Serie 4 | Verdict price £490 | Check best price on Amazon

Siemens freestanding dishwasher review recommendation and best buy. Quiet, flexible with wifi, Alexa. Long 5 year warranty verum verdicts uk
Siemens IQ500 – Best freestanding dishwasher under £1000

Best Freestanding Dishwasher:
Siemens IQ500

The Siemens IQ500 is the best freestanding dishwasher you can buy, right now. It gets straight As for everything – cleaning, drying & energy consumption. It’s whisper-quiet, built to last and comes with a long list of bells & whistles.

The Siemens & Bosch brands are both parts of the BSH Group. This means both brands benefit from shared research & development. The technology benefits along with economies of scale, clearly aid in the development of great products like the IQ500 dishwasher. 

Flexible inside & out 

Everyone has different plates, pans and glasses. And this Siemens dishwasher is flexible enough to accommodate numerous configurations. The top basket is easily adjusted (three positions) to suit what you’re loading. Within the basket, there are further settings allowing quick and easy tweaks. There’s even a special tray for wine and champagne glasses. 

Will my glasses go cloudy in the dishwasher?

Along with the special racks, the IQ500 has a specialised, low-temperature, gentle wash and an extended, cool, drying cycle. This means you can wash your glassware with gleaming, long-lasting results. Another clever feature gives the option to allow for delicate washing on the top rack and intensive high-pressure cleaning for pans and alike on the lower rack. 

Whisper quiet dishwasher (& it helps with the shopping!)

The IQ500 is whisper quiet. You will only know it’s on by checking the front panel or consulting the App on your phone. The benefits of dishwasher remote monitoring via a phone seem to divide opinion. Some households find it useful & others don’t. Either way, this dishwasher is easy to control via the door panel or by using your phone. It will even tell you when you’re running low on dishwasher tablets! 

The Siemens IQ500 is an excellent dishwasher. It will accommodate all your plates and pans, take care of your glasses and clean everything brilliantly. The entire cycle is near silent and everything comes out not only clean but also dry. With impressive specifications, excellent test results and first-class user feedback the Siemens IQ500 is a great investment. And there’s a 5-year warranty, giving absolute peace of mind.


Siemens IQ500 | Verdict price £769 | Check best price on

Best Buy Miele freestanding dishwasher - built to last environmental - Recommended Verum Verdicts UK
Miele G7102 SC – The Best Premium Freestanding Dishwasher

Best Premium Dishwasher:
Miele G7102 SC

Miele dishwashers are expensive. However, they have a reputation to justify the price tag. Miele state that all their machines are tested to the equivalent of 20 years use, but perhaps of greater significance is that owners experience the same, with the view that a Miele dishwasher will last twice as long as the majority of other brands. If you can afford the initial outlay, it may well prove to be a great investment. Over time it will save you money and be better for the environment. 

As you’d expect, the Miele performs brilliantly. It has an A+++ rating meaning that it uses less water and electricity than most dishwashers (again saving you money) and owners rave about great cleaning results. The top ‘A’ rated drying works well and once the dishwasher has completed its cycle, the door automatically pops open a few centimetres. This feature circulates air around your dishes to make sure everything is completely dry. 

Good programme options allow you to get the right results, every time. Special glassware and intense cycles give spotless results on every load and a clever ‘express’ button can significantly cut programme times. Brilliant in an emergency! Press this button and you can get your dishes back clean in half the time. 

What’s the quietest dishwasher?

This Miele dishwasher is near silent. Sound level and intensity are measured in Decibels. The non-linear scale means a dishwasher rated at 43dB makes approximately half the noise, as one rated at 53dB. Let’s face it, nobody needs to hear the dishes being cleaned!

It’s possible to spend thousands on a new dishwasher, but if you’re looking at the top end, this Miele washing machine does everything it should, brilliantly. Yes, it’s expensive and no, it doesn’t connect to your phone, but if you want the best, the Miele G7102 SC is a good investment and an amazing dishwasher.


Miele G7102 SC | Verdict price £1100 | Check best price on

Which brand of dishwasher is the best?

Bosch sells more dishwashers in the UK than any other manufacturer. While this doesn’t automatically rank them as the most reliable brand, it’s a good indicator that they’re doing something right. Especially as there’s a lack of robust available data to accurately determine, over time, which brand is best. Also of interest is the anecdotal evidence, that Bosch dishwasher owners go on to replace their old machine with a new Bosch model. Also important to note is that Neff, Siemens & Bosch are all part of the BSH Group.

Most dishwasher manufacturers offer a one year warranty. Miele & Siemens are the exceptions. Although expensive, Miele state that every product is tested for the equivalent of 20 years use. Take a closer look at a Miele dishwasher & it’s clear that they’re built to last. 

Regardless of the warranty, your new dishwasher should last seven-plus years and while brand reputation and warranty help guide buying decisions, looking after your new dishwasher will make a big difference.

7 tips to make your dishwasher last longer and work better

Looking after your dishwasher isn’t difficult or time-consuming. Here are 7 tips that will keep your new dishwasher working perfectly, for longer…

  1. Scrape the plate (don’t bother rinsing) – Clearing plates of any leftovers makes a big difference. Bones, pips and any other solid items can damage filters, pumps etc. However, rinsing isn’t necessary. Washing your plates before they go into the dishwasher, is an unnecessary chore that will increase your water bill!
  2. Clean the filter – Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but do it often.
  3. Check the spray arms – The spray holes can occasionally get blocked. If this happens, carefully remove the obstruction.
  4. Look after the door seals – Keeping the door seals clean & gunk free will mean the rubber lasts longer and remains effective. A good wipe with a non-abrasive cloth, at the same time you clean the filter, will do the job.
  5. Use dishwasher salt – The dishes will come out cleaner and the internal components will last longer.
  6. Use rinses aid – However good the all-in-one tablets are, you should still use rinse aid. Dishes will dry better and have fewer watermarks.
  7. Use your dishwasher to wash dishes! – Don’t use your dishwasher to clean car parts, candlesticks (the wax will ruin your machine) or anything that’s not food-related. 

A good dishwasher is a great investment. It will save you time & effort, get your dishes cleaner and shrink your bills. Plus, it’s kinder on the environment than hand washing dishes. Whichever machine you choose from the Verum recommendations, you won’t be disappointed.

Best cheap freestanding dishwasher showing controls and racks with cutlery basket

Best Budget Buy
Indesit | Verdict price £270
See best price on

Best Buy Bosch freestanding dishwasher under £500 - Recommended Verum Verdicts UK

Best Buy
Bosch Serie 4 | Verdict price £490
See best price on Amazon

Best Buy Miele freestanding dishwasher - built to last environmental - Recommended Verum Verdicts UK

Ultimate Best Buy
Miele G7102 SC | Verdict price £1100
See best price on

What’s the best quiet dishwasher?

Noise is measured in decibels. To give you a gauge, all the dishwashers recommended by Verum range from 40db to 50db. The decibel scale isn’t linear. As an approximate guide, 50db is approximately double the intensity or loudness of 40db.

Choose a Verum recommended dishwasher, and it will almost certainly be quieter than your old model. Spend more for a quieter machine.

Please be aware that dishwashers (& other appliances) are currently in short supply. If you’re lucky enough to find a recommended model in stock, click ‘buy now’. Please don’t hang around, you’ll miss out!

Best Integrated Dishwasher
Best Slimline Dishwasher