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Best Electric Screwdriver UK: Every home should have one

electric power screwdrivers perfect for furniture assembly and lots of diy jobs

The best electric screwdriver is effective, easy to use and affordable. It’s the right tool for assembling flat-pack furniture, joining cupboards, repairing electrical goods, tightening loose screws and much more.

Forget the traditional screwdriver set. A powered screwdriver is a great addition to any toolbox or kitchen drawer. Buying this compact tool means no more loose handles, wobbly hooks and alike. Quick fixes are easy & Ikea furniture assembly is a doddle!

That said if you’re planning a big DIY project, take a look at a best cordless drills. These double up as screwdrivers & drills.

Choosing best electric screwdriver

Power screwdrivers are versatile & easy to use. They’re much kinder on the wrist and much quicker than a conventional screwdriver. The best models have enough power to turn screws & straightforward controls to change direction. Plus, changing the head or bit, must be easy. Equally, the best electric screwdriver must have a comfortable grip, be lightweight and hold its charge. 

Verum analyses 100s of electric screwdrivers but only recommends the best. Scrutinising manufacturer claims, comparing specifications and examining owner opinions is what we do. Choose from the verdicts below and you’ll be buying the best electric screwdriver available, right now.

Cheap, budget power cordless screwdriver. Review, recommended, best budget buy verum verdict
Best Budget Cordless Screwdriver – Bosch IXO

Bosch IXO
Best Cheap Electric Screwdriver

The Bosch IXO ticks all the boxes. It’s effective, easy to use and affordable. Importantly, owners rate it and the specification more than justifies the price. It’s an excellent electric screwdriver, perfect for assembly jobs and quick fixes, around the home.

Convenient & versatile cordless screwdriver

Weighing about the same as a couple of mobile phones, it’s light and easy to use. It comes with 10 bits/heads meaning that it will work out of the box for most screws. The torque is about right for an electric screwdriver. Clearly a cordless screwdriver should not be compared (as it is in some reviews!) to a combi drill. For reference, a decent cordless drill delivers about ten times more torque and weighs considerably more – it’s a different tool designed for different tasks. 

Bosch IXO reviews

Thousands of owners have good things to say about this cordless screwdriver. It’s clear that when used correctly it’s highly effective, convenient and easy to use. Other notable features include a battery level indicator & an LED light to illuminates the screw head. The Bosch IXO comes with its own case and charging cable. 

The Bosch IXO electric screwdriver is a reliable & affordable electric screwdriver perfect for a variety of tasks – It’s always useful around the home and garden.


Bosch IXO | Verdict price £35 | Check best price on Amazon

Complete screwdriver kit. power cordless screwdriver. Review, recommended, best buy verum verdict
Best Electric Screwdriver – Makita DF001DW

Makita DF001DW
Best Electric Screwdriver Set

If you’re looking for a best complete screwdriver set – this is it. The quality Makita screwdriver performs brilliantly. And with 81 heads to choose from, it’s perfect for assembling furniture, dismantling electrical goods and a wide variety of household tasks.

This model is hinged centrally, meaning it can be used straight or with a pistol grip. To some degree, this is a matter of individual preference, but it’s especially useful in tight spaces. Plus, it can be used as a conventional screwdriver, should the battery run down or if you fancy the exercise!

Lightweight Cordless Screwdriver

The Makita cordless screwdriver is lightweight and easy to use. Plus, it’s highly rated by owners. A small downside is the lack of an indicator to show charge levels. Aside from this, users rate the power, ease of use, quality case and the huge variety of bits/deads. This really is a complete screwdriver set. With this kit, you will always have the right head/bit for any & every screw. Also of value is the bright LED to light up the screw. 

The best electric screwdriver set is super useful in every home. Whether it’s for furniture assembly, quick repairs or needed in a workshop, the Makita DF001DW is a great choice for everyone. 


Makita DF001DW | Verdict price £65 | Check best price on Amazon

Cheap, budget power cordless screwdriver. Review, recommended, best budget buy verum verdict

Best Budget Buy
Bosch IXO | Verdict price £35
See price on Amazon

Complete screwdriver kit. power cordless screwdriver. Review, recommended, best buy verum verdict

Best Buy
Makita DF001DW | Verdict price £65
See price on Amazon

Why spend more?

The best electric screwdriver is great for numerous household tasks. It’s small, light and easier to use than a combi drill, Allen key or standard screwdriver.  There’s plenty of jobs around the house that are easier with a decent cordless screwdriver.

There are cheaper electric screwdrivers on the market. If you’re swayed to consider these, do make sure they have a rechargeable Lithium battery, enough power and are comfortable to hold. Plus, there’s a big difference between quality heads and those that will burr the first time they’re used to turn a screw. 

Both the Bosch & Makita models detailed above come highly recommended. Alternatively, if you need more power and have a big DIY project on the horizon, take a look at the best combi drill. For a few quid more you get a device that’s a great screwdriver and a whole lot more. 

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