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Best Hair Clippers UK: Top Philips, Remington, Hatteker & Wahl Hair Clippers

Good hair clippers make it easy to cut hair recommended and best buy models.

Happily, most barbers are now open, but owning the best hair clippers is a convenience we kinda like. Whether you’re after a full haircut, trim or an occasional quick tidy, the best hair clippers in 2021 mean smarter hair without the hassle.

During the first lockdown, lots of us got used to cutting our own hair. And what’s good is that a quick home trim between trips to the barbers means fewer trips out for a haircut. Choose the best hair clippers & you’ll be looking smarter, more of the time. Plus, you will save a few quid.

Even in normal times, going out for a haircut takes time, it can be a hassle and it seems to be ever more expensive. So if you fancy saving yourself a few quid, then cutting your own hair isn’t that tricky. With the best hair clippers and a little practice, you’ll soon wonder why you ever bothered going to a barber.

Choosing the Best Hair Clippers

Verum has considered 100s of models. With specifications compared, owner experience vetted and the manufacturer claims scrutinised, the best models available are detailed below – starting from around £25.

Our primary research focused on the best clippers for a good haircut, but there are models here for everyone. Hair trimmers for heads, beards, body hair to all over-grooming. Should you want to do your own research, there are lots of factors to consider, including blade material, motor type, battery capacity, weight, attachments, cleaning and warranty. However, should you want to cut to the chase and grab the best hair clippers to match your budget check out the Verum best buys below…

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Philips 3720/33 – Best cheap hair clippers

1. Best Cheap Hair Clippers
Philips 7-1 Grooming Kit

The Philips 3720/33 hair trimmer is effective, easy to use and best of all, it’s cheap! Compared to visiting the barber, you only need to use these clippers a couple of times and you’ll have covered the purchase cost. Every haircut is then free! This model (as the name suggests) is a multi-purpose device meaning that it’s good for beards, heads and all body hair. 

Good hair clippers for short hair

The five combs range from 1mm up to 9mm, which is perfect if you like your hair short. However, if you want a wider range, do take a look at the models below. They cost a few quid more but are more powerful and include deeper combs.

As you can see from the image above, this budget model comes with an ear & nose attachment, giving greater flexibility. Plus, being battery powered, you can take it into the bathroom (more information below on this). This model from Philips isn’t the most powerful trimmer available and while it’s good for a tidy around the ears and neck there are better options if you want to use clippers for your entire head. However, if you’re looking for a budget full-body grooming – choose the Philips MG3720/33. 

5 COMBS 1-9mm | EAR & NOSE Yes | BATTERY up to 60mins | WARRANTY 3 years

PHILIPS MG3720/33 | Verdict price £20 | See Best Price on Amazon

Remington Quick Cut Cordless hair clippers. Recommended easy to use best buy head hair trimmers UK
Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers – Easy to use

2. Best Wide Cut Cordless Hair Clippers
Remington Quick Cut

The Remington Quick Cut hair clippers have instant standout. Body shape and the curved cutter make these clippers look and perform differently from all other brands. Thousands of users rate this model highly and it’s easy to see why.

Wide Cut Cordless Hair Clippers

The blade is over 50% wider than most hair clippers. Each trim is quicker, as each pass removes more hair. Plus, the curved cutter fits the profile of your head. Perhaps it’s these unique design elements that have encouraged others to imitate the design?

There are numerous copycat designs. To be certain of the quality, it’s important to choose the right model. The link below takes you to the genuine Remington clippers. Others clippers may look the same but don’t necessarily measure up. Remington has been making excellent grooming products for many years and ultimately, you get what you pay for.

Best hair trimmer for neck & head

The curved blade makes the Remington clippers perfect for your neck & head. And with combs ranging from 1.5mm to 15mm, it’s easy to get the right length. Although, if you want to add detail, a very close shave or need a beard trimmer, opt for a more traditional design.

3 good reasons to buy this model from Remington

  1. A wide blade means quick haircuts
  2. The ergonomic shape fits your hand, making it easier to cut your own hair
  3. The curve follows the contours of your head to give a great finish in less time

Also important is the lithium battery which will give you 40 minutes of charge. Plus, it can be cleaned simply by running it under the tap. 

If you’re looking for quality head hair clippers that are quick & easy to use, this model from Remington ticks all the boxes. 

9 COMBS 1.5-15mm | BATTERY up to 40mins | WARRANTY 1 year 

REMINGTON Quick Cut | Verdict price £34 | See Best Price on Amazon

Wahl elite pro corded hair clippers. Recommended, best buy mains powered hair trimmer UK
Wahl Elite Pro – Best Buy Corded Hair Clippers

3. Barber Shop Corded Hair Clippers
Wahl Elite Pro Clippers

The Wahl Elite Pro is perfect for your next haircut. The brand may not be that familiar at home but it’s the choice of barbers and professional hairstylists. The traditional design, look and feel has worked for years and continues to deliver. Plus, this device comes with a decent set of combs and accessories. 

Which hair clippers do barbers use?

Wahl has been making precision blades for years and their clippers are used in barbershops up & down the country. Unlike cheaper models, the taper level is adjustable giving you complete control over your haircut – perfect for the aspiring barber or stylist! The ten premium combs range from 0.8mm up to 25mm, plus two tapered attachments, designed for going around your ears.

The Wahl Elite Pro uses premium guide combs. These are stronger and fit better than the standard Wahl attachments. Plus, the motor is powerful. Again, a step up from the budget models. Beyond the combs, you also get scissors, blade oil, a barber comb, a cleaning brush & a case.

Are corded clippers better than cordless?

Barbershop uses corded clippers. They’re powerful & will keep going all day. On the flip side, they’re not suitable for use in most UK bathrooms. As you may expect, they’re supplied with a UK 3 pin plug.

The Wahl Elite Pro hair clippers are a standard issue in many British barbershops. They will never run low on charge. Plus, they’re super powerful. If you want genuine barber clippers, the Wahl Elite Pro does the job.

10 COMBS 0.8mm-25mm | Power Mains | SCISSORS Yes | WARRANTY 1 year 

WAHL Elite Pro | Verdict price £55 | See Best Price on Amazon

best wahl cordless hair clippers with 10 colour coded combs
Wahl cordless hair clippers with colour coded combs

4. Colour Coded Hair Clippers
Wahl Cordless Hair Clippers

Wahl has been been making great hair clippers since 1919. This model takes all that expertise and adds cordless convenience.

Well made and easy to use, but what makes the Wahl cordless clippers stands out is the colour comb set. The colour codes make it super easy to choose your preferred comb. There’s no squinting at difficult to read numbers on black combs or dealing with the consequences of using the wrong comb and cutting your hair too short. The colour code system does make a real difference.

What about Battery Life?

We purchased the standard model (pictured) to test these clippers. There’s no taper lever on this version and it’s a Nicad rather than a Lithium battery. However, they’re great value for money and we continually get an hour from a fully charged battery as part of our long term test. Should you want the taper lever and Lithium battery then be prepared to spend a few quid more.

Great value and ease of use make the Wahl cordless clippers a great choice.

10 COMBS 3-24mm | BATTERY up to 60mins | SCISSORS Yes |  WARRANTY 1 year

WAHL Cordless | Verdict Price £30 | See Best Price on Amazon

Hattenker cordless hair clippers with 10 combs-recommended
Hatteker Pro – Best Buy Hair Clippers under £50

5. Best Cordless Hair Clippers
Hatteker Pro – Waterproof

Technology has moved at a pace in recent years. Hatteker has taken a fresh look at what can be done to give their clippers standout features. This includes lithium batteries, a charging timer and more.

Two Batteries Make These Clippers Twice As Good!

TWO interchangeable Lithium batteries mean that when one runs flat, you can simply swap the batteries over. Plus, this model from Hatteker has a battery level indicator which makes keeping it charged much easier. Charging is via a USB lead, making this model perfect for travel too.

Anything that’s rechargeable should be more (not less) convenient. Everyone gets frustrated wanting to use a device, only to find the battery is flat. This applies to anything and everything cordless, ranging from drills to toothbrushes and also, hair trimmers – a spare battery is the answer.

How short do you want your hair?

Many hair trimmers on the market are designed to cut hair at 1mm to 13mm – You may feel this is on the short side! However, this model from Hatteker comes with six guide combs, ranging from 3mm up to 24mm. Plus there’s a 2mm adjustment with each comb to give you fine control.

Best Waterproof Hair Clippers

Adding to the convenience, you can use these clippers in the shower – they’re fully waterproof (saves on clearing up!)

There’s plenty to like about the Hatteker clippers and while it may be a brand that you haven’t heard of before, owners of these clippers have lots of good things to say. If you want to take advantage of the latest technology to cut your own hair, then look no further than the Hatteker Pro. 

6 COMBS 3-24mm | BATTERY up to 120mins | WARRANTY 1 year

HATTEKER PRO | Verdict price £43 | See Best Price on Amazon

Corded or rechargeable hair clippers?

Most clippers you’ll see at the barber are mains powered, but a rechargeable device has significant advantages at home. Clearly, you can’t take a corded device into the bathroom and unless you have mirrors and decent lighting elsewhere in the house, this can be a problem. Plus, clearing up hair clippings is usually much easier off a hard floor compared to a carpet. In short, with today’s technology, a rechargeable battery device is a no brainer.

How quickly does hair grow? 

The first time you cut your own hair, don’t go too short! Stating the obvious, you can always go shorter, but longer takes time! For most people hair grows at around 3mm per week. If you like short hair buying your own hair clippers is a no brainer.

Having your own clippers means it’s easier and cheaper to keep your hair just right. Even now that the barbershops have re-opened, queues make a regular visit difficult & time-consuming. Now is a good time for a home haircut.

best wahl cordless hair clippers with 10 colour coded combs

Great Budget Buy
Wahl Cordless | Verdict price £30
See Price on Amazon

Remington Quick Cut Cordless hair clippers. Recommended easy to use best buy head hair trimmers UK

Remington Quick Cut | Verdict price £34
See Price on Amazon

Hattenker cordless hair clippers with 10 combs-recommended

HATTEKER PRO | Verdict price £43
See Price on Amazon

How to cut your own hair

Buzzcut, crew cut, short back & sides or just a tidy up? Cutting your own hair can be a little daunting at first, but a couple of cuts in, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. Once you’ve got your new clippers, head over to YouTube – there are loads of instructional videos to help you get started. You’ll soon have the perfect look without leaving the house! Plus, you’ll save time & money.

Verum recommended products sell out quickly. Especially at the moment. If the best hair clippers have sold out, check back soon – we’re constantly updating.

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