Best Hand Blenders 2021: For Soups, Smoothies & Sauces

Every kitchen needs a good hand blender

Every kitchen needs a good hand blender. Sometimes called a stick or immersion blender, this essential bit of kit makes light work of a variety of tasks. A decent hand blender is perfect for puréeing soup, making smoothies, crushing ice, whipping cream, beating eggs…

Plus, they’re quick to clean and easy to store – especially when compared to bulky food processors or jug blenders. However, with so much choice, selecting the right model can feel overwhelming. Worry not, we have carefully researched what’s important and matched this to the best blenders available today.

How to choose the best hand blender

To find the best hand blenders, Verum started with an overview of 128 models. Most chop, blend and purée. But beyond the basic functions, weight, ease of cleaning, cord length, maximum run time, accessories, materials and warranty all contribute in defining the best model, at the right price, for you.

Whether you’re buying a hand blender for the first time or replacing an old device, save time and money by choosing from the recommended list below. 

best buy, recommended, Russell Hobbs hand, stick, immersion blender - under £10 Verum Verdicts UK
Russell Hobbs – Best Cheap Hand Blender

Best Cheap Hand Blender:
Russell Hobbs 22241

For around a tenner, there’s a lot to like about this super cheap hand blender. It’s perfect for soups, sauces, smoothies and it will purée or blend most things. However, at this price, there are no extra attachments for whipping cream or chopping vegetables and alike. 

With two speeds and a detachable leg, this hand blender does the basics well. Looking closer at the specification, this device has a decent cord length, a maximum one-minute run-time and assuming you wash it immediately after use, it’s easy to clean. Yes, it’s plastic, and it isn’t super powerful, but these compromises mean it’s lightweight and affordable.

Russell Hobbs offers a three-year warranty. This is great for everyone and a clear demonstration that they build their kitchen appliances to last.

If you want a cheap blender and don’t need a cupboard full of accessories, choose the budget Russell Hobbs 22241. 

CORD LENGTH 1.15m | WEIGHT 0.8kg | 200W | WARRANTY 3 Years 

Russell Hobbs 22241 | Verdict price £16 | Check best price on Amazon

Best hand blender under £30 Kenwood-HDP100WG UK
Kenwood-HDP100WG – Best Hand Blender under £30

Best Hand Blender under £30:

This budget best buy hand blender from Kenwood does everything our cheaper recommendation does and more. While you can’t measure or make meaningful conclusions based on a blenders power rating alone, owners claim that this model from Kenwood has more than enough oomph, to get the job done. 

All hand blenders are best rinsed straight after use and this model is no different. However, after a quick rinse, you can pop the detachable leg in the dishwasher and be certain that the stainless steel tri-blade is super clean next time you need it. 

How to stop a hand blender splashing

Anyone who’s used a hand blender will tell you, don’t turn it on before it’s fully immersed. And always release the button before lifting it out of your mixture. However, the same people will also tell you about the time they didn’t do this and splattered soup or smoothie around the kitchen! That said, some blenders make more of a splash than others – owners of this model, back up manufacturer claims that the design means it splashes less. 

At less than £30, this hand blender doesn’t come with a whisk or vegetable chopper but is great for soups, sauces & smoothies. The detachable leg will go in the dishwasher, the power cord is a decent length. Plus, it’s light. The Kenwood HDP100WG is a powerful & affordable best buy hand blender.

CORD LENGTH 1.1m | WEIGHT 0.75kg | 600W | WARRANTY 1 Year 

Kenwood HDP100WG | Verdict price £24 | Check best price on Amazon

best buy, recommended, Bosch, hand, stick, immersion blender - under £40 Verum Verdicts UK
Bosch Clevermixx MSM2610BGB – Best Blender under £50

Best Hand Blender under £50:
Bosch MSM2610BGB

The Bosch CleverMixx is a big step up on cheaper models. Hand blenders are super versatile and can be used in lots of different ways – including, puréeing soups etc., directly on the hob. It’s quick, easy and effective. Plus, a hand or stick blender means less washing up. 

Best stainless steel hand blender

This model from Bosch is perfect for pan blending as the mixer foot is steel, rather than plastic. While cheaper plastic blenders will work in a pan, it’s advisable to keep them moving and not let the plastic rest against the pan base or rim. The stainless steel shaft on the Bosch means that pan heat is not an issue. It can be used on your hob, without worrying. Plus, the shaft detaches and can go in the dishwasher.

The High power rating on this model suggests more torque, speed & that the motor will last longer. Plus, the specification & owner feedback shows that this stick blender will handle the tougher jobs, with ease.

With a stainless steel mixing shaft and a powerful motor, this hand blender is a little heavier than the cheaper plastic options. However, it’s lighter than most comparable premium models – weighing less than a bag of sugar.

If you want a powerful, premium, light hand blender with a stainless steel mixer foot, then the Bosch CleverMixx is a great choice.

CORD LENGTH 1.2m | WEIGHT 0.9kg | 600W | WARRANTY 1 Year 

Bosch MSM2610BGB | Verdict price £35 | Check best price on Amazon

best buy, recommended, Braun, hand, stick, immersion blender. Includes whisk, chopper and measuring jug beaker Verum Verdicts UK
Braun MultiQuick 5 – Best Hand Blender & Accessories

Best Hand Blender:
Braun MultiQuick 5

Looking for a new hand blender to do (nearly!) everything? Then take a closer look at the Braun MultiQuick 5. Unlike, cheaper recommendations this model from Braun comes with a range of accessories. This means that in addition to soups, sauces and smoothies, this blender can also whip and chop. 

This model from Braun has a detachable, dishwasher safe stainless steel leg. Plus, the blade head has what Braun calls, PowerBell technology, which is claimed to reduce splashes. Most blending is best done at high speed but whisking and chopping are different – the Multiquick has 21 speeds.

Can you whisk and chop with a hand blender?

Attach the whisk onto the shaft and eggs, cream, etc., can be beaten with ease. Then there’s the 500ml chopper. Again, this is plug and play. It makes light work of chopping vegetables, mincing meat, crushing ice and more. Beyond using the right attachment, speed is also important. The variable speed control means it’s adaptable for all tasks.

If you make lots of cakes, then a dedicated stand mixer is a good investment. But if you’re an occasional cook or have a small kitchen, buying this blender with these attachments does away with the need for a dedicated mixer and food processor. 

CORD LENGTH 1.2m | WEIGHT 0.9kg | 750W | WARRANTY 1 Year 

Braun MultiQuick 5 | Verdict price £80 | Check best price on Amazon

best buy, recommended, Russell Hobbs hand, stick, immersion blender - under £10 Verum Verdicts UK

Super cheap hand blender
Russell Hobbs 22241 | Verdict price £16
See price on Amazon

Best hand blender under £30 Kenwood-HDP100WG UK

Good for soups, sauces & smoothies
Kenwood HDP100WG | Verdict price £24
See price on Amazon

best buy, recommended, Bosch, hand, stick, immersion blender - under £40 Verum Verdicts UK

Steel shaft – Works in a hot pan
Bosch MSM2610BGB | Verdict Price £35
See price on Amazon

best buy, recommended, Braun, hand, stick, immersion blender. Includes whisk, chopper and measuring jug beaker Verum Verdicts UK

Do-Everything Blender
Braun MultiQuick 5 | Verdict price £80
See price on Amazon

How to choose a good hand blender

There are plenty of blenders costing well over £100. Some with an array of accessories and some being sold as a dedicated stick blender. The plastic Bosch & Russell Hobbs models do the basics well. With the Bosch having the advantage that its more powerful and the leg can go in the dishwasher. The next step up gives you a stainless steel leg. Great for use in the pan, on the hob. Beyond the basic machine, you have the Braun. If you have big plans, you will need the accessories – the Multiquick ticks all the boxes.

What blender do professional chefs use?

One of the Verum researchers owns a Bamix. The blender is twenty years old, used regularly and continues to work well. Bamix owners (including Gordon Ramsey & Jamie Oliver) rate it highly too. Aside from the price (~£200), a Bamix hand blender ticks all the boxes. Plus, it has a ten-year warranty. If you want a blender to last for decades and have the budget to invest – take a look at the Bamix Swiss Line.

Choose any of the five recommended models & you’ll be getting a quality hand blender. The stainless steel Bosch Clevermixx gives you the option of blending straight in a hot pan. This is super useful. Plus, it invariably means less washing up. Or if you also want to blend, chop & whisk, go for the truly versatile Braun MultiQuick.

Best Stand Mixer
Best Smoothie Maker

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