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Best Jigsaw 2021: For Cutting Wood, Plastic & Metal

best power jigsaw for cutting wood, plastic and metal. straight lines and curves

The best jigsaw is versatile & easy to use. Straight lines & curves, in a variety of materials, are easy. If you’re working with sheet material, a jigsaw is perfect. Plus, with a quick & easy blade change, they’re the right choice for steel, aluminium, fibreglass, plasterboard & of course, wood. Use a decent jigsaw once & you’ll wonder how you have ever managed without it.

Choosing the Best Power Jigsaw

The best jigsaw is a must for DIY enthusiasts, professional woodworkers and builders alike. Cutting curves and straight lines through a variety of materials is easy with the right jigsaw. Or if you need to make bevel or angle cuts, no problem. Choose the right model and the base can be adjusted to 45° in either direction, allowing quick & easy bevel cuts. 

Whatever jobs you’re planning for 2021, they’ll be numerous occasions in the future, where you’re reaching for your jigsaw. What’s important is choosing the right model.

Power is important, especially when cutting through thicker material. Nobody regrets choosing a powerful jigsaw, but you may regret choosing a model that lacks the oomph to make the cuts you want.

In addition to power, the maximum cutting depth is critical. The right model must be versatile. It must be powerful enough to handle all materials and dimensions. Plus, have the right features to make the job quick and easy.

Verum has crunched all the specifications, checked manufacturer claims & scrutinised 100s of owner opinions, to shortlist the best jigsaws available to buy.

To summarise, power & maximum cutting depth are the primary considerations. Accuracy, control, weight, noise levels and durability are also factors helping define the right model for you.

Great value, cheap power saw for DIY & Trade. Recommended, review and best budget buy. verum verdicts
Best Budget Jigsaw – Bosch PST 700 E

Best Budget Jigsaw for DIY
Bosch PST 700 E

The Bosch PST 700 E is the best budget jigsaw. For occasional DIY this model will do everything you need. The Bosch is reasonably powerful, well made and owners of this model have plenty of good things to say.

What’s the Best Bosch Jigsaw?

The variable stroke rate gives you control for accurate and smooth cuts, through a variety of materials. It’s especially beneficial to start each cut at a slow speed or stroke rate. This enables you to align the blade and markings accurately and avoids any sudden jerks as the blade first meets the material.

The maximum cutting depth for wood is 70mm. This is ok for most jobs, but should you have plans to work with larger boards or deeper timber, then consider the more powerful options (with a deeper cut) below. 

Power tools are noisy. And while some are marginally quieter than others, wearing ear protectors is highly recommended. Plus, glasses and a dust mask.

Bosch tools have lots of very loyal customers with high expectations. And for the most part, this jigsaw doesn’t disappoint. Features such as the keyless blade change and the footplate adjustment (for angles) work well. Plus, there’s a small blower to remove dust from the cutting edge. This doesn’t clear everything but will improve the visibility of the line you’re following. 

There’s a lot to like about the Bosch PST 700 E. It does the basics brilliantly and it’s very affordable. 

POWER 500W | STROKE RATE 500-3100spm | MAX WOOD CUT 70mm | MAX STEEL CUT 4mm | TOOLESS BLADE CHANGE Yes | LIGHT No | ANGLE CUT 45° Left & Right | BLOWER Yes | NOISE 99dB |  WEIGHT 1.7KG | 

Bosch PST 700 E | Verdict price £45 | Check best price on Amazon

Professional trade & DIY corded powerful jigsaw. recommended, review and best buy. verum verdicts
Best Jigsaw – Makita 4350FCT

Best Corded Jigsaw for Professional Results
Makita 4350FCT Orbital Power Jigsaw

The Makita 4350FCT is an amazing jigsaw. This model is powerful, perfect for a variety of materials and has an excellent cutting depth. It’s a great choice for the professional or anyone with projects planned at home or in the garden. It has advanced adjustments including orbital control.

What’s an Orbital Jigsaw?

The Makita is an orbital jigsaw. Most jigsaw blades simply move up & down. However, an orbital model angles the blade forward on the upswing and backwards on the reverse. This delivers more aggressive cutting allowing you to get the job done quicker. On the Makita 4350FCT, this is fully controllable. You can dial up the orbital motion for fast cuts or switch to a vertical motion for accuracy and detail. This is especially useful on a small radius. 

Powerful Corded Jigsaw

The best-corded jigsaw is powerful – with a 720w motor and 135mm depth of cut, this model will handle most jobs with ease. The speed is controllable via a dial and the soft start makes it easily controllable at all speeds, through any material.

As you expect, the blades can be changed without the need for a key and you can attach a vacuum to reduce dust. The footplate tilts up to 45° in both directions for bevel cuts. Plus, there’s a light to help you keep the blade aligned to the required cut. The Makita 4350FCT is the best-corded model you can buy for less than £150. It’s perfect for a variety of jobs and built to last. 

POWER 720W | STROKE RATE 800-2800spm | MAX WOOD CUT 135mm | MAX STEEL CUT 10mm | TOOLESS BLADE CHANGE Yes | LIGHT Yes | ANGLE CUT 45° Left & Right | NOISE 95dB | WEIGHT 2.7KG | 

Makita 4350FCT | Verdict price £130 | Check best price on Amazon

Best Buy UK Cordless professional jigsaw 18V DJV182Z with brushless motor and orbital cutting
Makita DJV182Z – The Best Cordless Jigsaw

Best Cordless Jigsaw
Makita DJV182Z – Brushless Motor & Battery Convenience

The Makita DJV182Z is the UK’s best cordless jigsaw. Powerful and durable with an excellent specification, this model is truly outstanding. 

The variable speed control, soft start, orbital cut and a tool-less blade change is a given. As is the excellent dust extraction, blower function and twin lights to make each and every job easier & quicker. But what really makes this model stand out is the brushless motor. 

Best Brushless Jigsaw

A brushless motor means that this jigsaw will last much longer than a conventional model. This important specification delivers the assurance that it will wear less, generate negligible heat and is more controllable. The only downside is that a brushless motor costs a few quid more. However, over time there’s little debate that it’s worth the investment. This jigsaw will last for years.

Professional Jigsaw

Cordless tools are super convenient. Quick & easy, they tend to get used more often & for longer periods. The brushless motor definitely aligns this model as the right choice for the professional and anyone with serious DIY plans. Again & again, Makita power tools rank as best buys. If you haven’t already, there’s every reason to invest in the Makita battery system for all your cordless power tools.

With an unbeatable specification, the Makita DJV182Z is not only highly recommended by its owners it also wins the overall Verum Best Buy.

OUTPUT POWER 390w | STROKE RATE 800-3500spm | MAX WOOD CUT 135mm | MAX STEEL CUT 10mm | TOOLESS BLADE CHANGE Yes | LIGHT Yes | ANGLE CUT 45° Left & Right | NOISE 77dB | WEIGHT 2.4KG + Battery

Makita DJV182Z | Verdict price £135 | Check best price on Amazon

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Choosing the Right Jigsaw

A jigsaw is quick to set-up & easy to use, straight out of the box. Regardless of your experience, this type of saw is effective & easy to use. Mark up your cut, pop in the blade and you’re good to go. Plus, they’re much safer than a circular saw.

Corded vs. Cordless Jigsaws

Cordless power tools are super convenient. And once you’ve invested in the batteries & charger, stick to the right brand and all the best power tools suddenly become more affordable.

Corded models do have the edge in terms of power but are clearly less convenient. Once you’ve used cordless power tools, it’s hard to go back.

How Much to Spend on the Right Jigsaw

The good news is that it’s possible to buy a great jigsaw within a budget range of £50 to £150. Spending more gives you increased power for faster cuts and longevity. Plus, in addition to numerous additional features, choose the right model and you will be able to make deeper cuts – this can be important.

How to use a Jigsaw Safely

Here are 7 tips on how to get the best results:

  1. Choose the right blade. The versatility of a jigsaw is principally due to the fact you can choose the right blade for the job. Number and tooth shape change the way the tool cuts. Make sure your blade is sharp and designed for the material you’re cutting. In terms of fitting, the best buy models detailed above, all use T-shank blades.
  2. Jigsaws are best for thinner materials. A jigsaw can cut thicker boards, but the blade can bend which can result in a bevelled edge rather than a straight cut. 
  3. Start at a slow speed and then speed up to the right speed for the material.
  4. Don’t push too hard. Let the blade teeth do the work, but do keep the footplate flat to the board. 
  5. Use masking tape to stop splinters and for a better edge finish
  6. Straight lines are better with a rail. Firmly clamp a length of wood onto the board. This must be parallel to the cut line & at a distance equivalent to half the width of the footplate. Then keep the edge of the footplate against the rail to cut the perfect straight line.
  7. Safety first. Use ear & eye protectors. Plus a dust mask.

Best Buy Jigsaws

Great value, cheap power saw for DIY & Trade. Recommended, review and best budget buy. verum verdicts

Best Budget Buy
Bosch | Verdict price £45
See price on Amazon

Professional trade & DIY corded powerful jigsaw. recommended, review and best buy. verum verdicts

Best Corded Jigsaw
Makita | Verdict price £130
See price on Amazon

Best Buy UK Cordless professional jigsaw 18V DJV182Z with brushless motor and orbital cutting

Best Cordless Jigsaw
Makita | Verdict price £135
See price on Amazon

The best jigsaw is an essential piece of kit for DIY and a must-have power tool for most professionals & builders. There are plenty of models to choose from and it’s easy to spend more and get less. Choose from the recommended models above & you won’t be disappointed.

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