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Best Plastic Free Kettle UK: Stainless Steel & Glass Kettles for the Perfect Cuppa

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Buying the best kettle should be easy. The UK is a nation of tea drinkers, our kettles sit proudly on the worktop. We all want a good looking model but it also needs to work well.

There are numerous factors & details worth considering in order to choose the best kettle. Nobody wants a slow or noisy model. A kettle that doesn’t pour well or is difficult to fill, is instantly frustrating. And a plastic body that adds flavour or chemicals to our tea is definitely worth avoiding.

What is a BPA Plastic Free Kettle?

Verum only recommends plastic free kettles. There is concerning research regarding how plastics can leach chemicals into the water. The long term effects aren’t conclusive, but what is clear is that some plastics do leach chemicals, while glass and stainless steel don’t. For this reason, all our best buys are glass or stainless steel. Plus, there’s good anecdotal evidence that tea from a glass and stainless steel kettle, tastes better.

How to Choose the Best Kettle

The best models boil the right amount of water quickly & quietly. This can be a single cup or enough water for the whole of the family. Speed, noise, weight, limescale filter, build quality, ease of use and materials, are the seven key factors.

Temperature control & cool wall may also be important (more on this later). What’s clear is that a slow noisy boiler that clogs up with limescale and doesn’t pour well, is not what you want in your kitchen.

Verum considers 100s of models to help you choose the perfect plastic free kettle. You’ll find the best buys detailed below. We’ve scrutinised specifications, consumed owner opinions and drunk lots of tea to help save you time & money. Choose your favourite kettle from the recommendations below and you won’t be disappointed.

stainless steel 3000w fast boil no plastic kettle colour storm grey uk
Russell Hobbs jug kettle (available in black, cream, red & storm grey) – Budget stainless steel kettle that’s fast to boil

Budget Stainless Steel Kettle:
Russell Hobbs Kettle

Affordable, sleek and stainless steel – this Russell Hobbs stainless steel kettle is a best seller. And for good reason. The 1.7-litre capacity means it’s perfect for all the family. It’s also capable of boiling a single cup of water. Rated at 3000W, it will do this in no time – perfect for a quick cuppa.

Affordable & Plastic Free

Made from single wall brushed stainless steel, this model has minimal plastic in contact with the water. The lid is plastic and as with all kettles, there are a few small plastic elements. However, these are BPA free and for the most part, are not in contact with the water.

Easy to Clean Stainless Steel

Externally, the brushed stainless steel has the advantage over polished or shiny metal, in that it doesn’t need regular buffing to keep it looking good. The same plastic-free kettle is available in black, storm grey (shown), red & cream – click the link below to see all the options.

Owners report that this kettle pours well and it’s easy to fill. The design and power mean that it’s quick to boil. Although this speed does make it a little louder than your average model. Other notable and important features are the limescale filter, 360-degree base and cable tidy.

This Russell Hobbs stainless steel kettle matches a sleek design with functionality & reliability. And, it’s excellent value.


Russell Hobbs | Verdict price £27 | See Best Price on Amazon

Small 1 litre kettle lightweight stainless steel easy open lid uk
Swan Stainless Steel Jug Kettle – Best small kettle. Lightweight and easy to use

Best Small Kettle – Lightweight & Easy to Use:
Swan 1 Litre Kettle – Stainless Steel

This is the perfect small kettle. It will boil a single cup of water quickly and being smaller than you’re average model, it’s lightweight. While it won’t fill six mugs on a single boil, it’s easier to lift, uses less energy and will take up less space in your kitchen. 

Perfect Small Kettle for Elderly Tea Makers

Making tea with elderly or arthritic hands can be difficult. Choosing a small kettle is a good place to start. (more information below). Stainless steel & glass models tend to be a little heavier than the plastic alternatives. However, much of the weight of a kettle can be attributed to the water.

What’s clear, is that most of us boil more water than we need. The bigger the kettle, the greater the tendency to fill it up. The best solution is a small kettle. This model from Swan is easy to fill, will boil a single cup, has a limescale filter and boil-dry protection.

If you want a lightweight, 1 litre, plastic-free kettle that’s easy to use and great value, this is for you.


Swan 1-Litre Kettle | Verdict price £25 | See Best Price on Amazon

Russell hobbs 3000w, fast boil, traditional black kettle. Also available in in red, cream & stainless steel.
Russell Hobbs – Best Traditional Plastic Free Kettle (available in Black, red, cream & stainless steel)

Traditional Stainless Steel Kettle:
Russell Hobbs Legacy

This kettle ticks all the boxes. It’s powerful meaning that it’s quick to boil and compared to numerous other models it’s quiet.

What’s the Best Quiet Kettle?

There’s no standard test for how noisy a kettle is, but Russel Hobbs and numerous owners describe this model as ‘quiet’. A clever diffuser ring on the base plate means the boiling bubbles are smaller – translating to less noise.

Quiet doesn’t mean slow. The aesthetic design may give a traditional feel, but the technology is bang up to date. It will boil a single cup of water in less than a minute.

Rated at 3000W it boils water quickly, it’s made from stainless steel and is highly rated by its owners. There’s consensus that it pours well and it can be filled via the spout. This is especially important for a traditional style model as removing the lid when hot can be tricky.

The Russell Hobbs Legacy matches the average jug kettle, with a 1.7-litre capacity. It’s big enough to make six mugs of tea in one boil. As expected, there’s a removable limescale filter and boil dry protection.

This traditional-looking model is well designed, works well and is available in four colours. It may be the perfect, plastic free kettle for your kitchen? 


Russell Hobbs Legacy | Verdict price £42 | See Best Price on Amazon

Best Buy Recommended glass kettle with brita water filter. No scum, perfect tea Verum Verdicts UK
Russell Hobbs kettle with Brita water filter 20760-10 – The perfect cuppa every time

Best Glass Kettle:
Russell Hobbs / Brita Filtered

Want a better cuppa? Start with filtered water and every drink will taste better. The built-in Brita filter will reduce the limescale, chlorine and other impurities. Purer water means a better cup of tea.

The jug has a maximum boil capacity of one litre, which is smaller than a standard model, but big enough to make four drinks in one boil. The 3000W element heats the water quickly, meaning you won’t have to wait too long for your next cup of tea.

Do You Crave the Perfect Cuppa?

The Brita Maxtra+ filter system will certainly give you purer water, but it does come at a cost. Each filter, according to Brita will last up to 4 weeks and costs around £4. That’s only £1 a week. If you’re craving the perfect cuppa, this may feel like a bargain!

This is anything but your average kettle. If you want the perfect cup of tea, filtered water from a glass, plastic-free kettle is hard to beat – choose the Russell Hobbs BRITA Filter Purity Glass Kettle.


Russell Hobbs Brita | Verdict price £50 | See Best Price on Amazon

temperature control insulated bosch kettle in white and stainless steel
Bosch Temperature Control Kettle – Cool Touch

Best Temperature Control Kettle:
Bosch TWK8631GB Styline

This Bosch stainless steel kettle with temperature control is a great choice for tea makers, coffee drinkers and anyone who enjoys a herbal brew. The technology and design represent a step up from your average model. 

Cool Wall Kettle

The double-walled body gives this model a number of advantages. The cool-to-touch design makes it safer for the whole family. Plus, the insulated design means the water retains its temperature for longer. And perhaps of greatest importance, the interior is stainless steel – BPA plastic-free.

Variable Temperature

The base controls mean you can set the temperature precisely. Boiling water is a must for tea, but for herbal infusions and coffee, a cooler setting is required for the perfect aroma.

Good Design

As you may expect from Bosch, the technology and design is excellent. What’s important is that it ticks all the boxes. The cable can be coiled in the base, the lid is easy to open and it pours well. Plus, the heating element is covered which makes it easy to clean.

This state of the art kettle has it all. It’s cool to touch, has temperature control and a stainless steel interior.


Bosch Kettle | Verdict price £70 | See Best Price on Amazon

best buy recommended review stainless steel cordless kettle, no bpa plastics, matching toaster
Dualit Lite Cordless Stainless Steel Kettle 72010 – Plastic-Free Jug Kettle

Best Plastic Free Kettle [BEST BUY]:
Dualit Lite –Quiet, Stylish & Lightweight

If you’re looking for the best cordless kettle, this Dualit model is hard to beat. It’s an excellent lightweight, easy to use and BPA plastic free kettle.

The quality stainless steel body will not taint the taste of the water and with clear gauges on both sides, it’s easy to see whether you have the right volume of water. The capacity ranges from a single cup up to a maximum of six. The ‘one-cup’ lower level means you can boil the right amount of water, every time. This makes all the difference when it comes to weight.

Lightweight & Easy to Pour

The best kettles are lightweight & this model from Dualit is no exception. What’s also important, is that the Dualit will boil one cup or 250ml at the minimum level. This means it remains light and easy to use, as you don’t have to fill it right up for every boil.

Removable filter & concealed element

A decent kettle will keep working for years – if the limescale is removed regularly. In this respect, the Dualit Lite is no different. However, a couple of features make it easier to keep clean. The Dualit has a removable filter which helps reduce buildup. Plus, the heating element is concealed. A quick monthly descale is all it needs. The hinged lid is easily adjusted for a tighter or looser fit, depending on your preference and hand strength.

Most kitchens have a toaster and kettle on the worktop. If you like the look of this model, it may also be worth checking out the highly rated 2-slot and 4-slot matching toasters.

Owners have plenty of good things to say about the Dualit. It pours well, it’s reasonably quick to boil and not too noisy.


Dualit Lite | Verdict price £84 | See Best Price on Amazon

Are plastic kettles safe?

All the Verum recommendations are made principally from stainless steel or glass. However, every kettle we have checked has some plastic parts inside. The water gauge, level indicator and seals are inherent components of every design.

There’s good evidence to suggest that certain plastics will leach chemicals into the water. Although the implications on our long-term health are less clear, it’s prudent to choose a stainless steel or glass model. Also, do fill the kettle with fresh water for each boil – Your tea will taste better!

Why does water from some kettles taste funny?

Tap water contains chlorine, to kills bugs and prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. Clearly a good thing, but it can react with some plastics and seals within the device leaving a rather unpleasant taste. With this in mind, it’s always worth emptying the vessel and boiling fresh water each time.

What’s the best kettle for an elderly person?

Using a kettle with elderly or arthritic hands can be challenging. While it’s possible to buy tippers that will assist pouring, for most people it’s simply about choosing the right model. Here are three key factors to consider:

  1. Weight. And with this, the ability to boil small amounts of water. A lightweight vessel quickly becomes heavy when full. The Swan one-litre kettle (detailed above) is small, lightweight and is also excellent value for money.
  2. Handle position is important. If possible, it’s a good idea to try a jug kettle (handle on the side) and traditional type (handle on the top), to see which you find easier. Generally, a jug design offers a more comfortable pouring position.
  3. Easy to fill. If the kettle cannot be filled via the spout, the lid must open easily.

A small jug kettle is usually the best option. Wrist rotation (for pouring) is easier due to the position of the handle. Plus, your hand is safely away from the lid & spout, reducing the chance of scalding.

stainless steel 3000w fast boil no plastic kettle colour storm grey uk

Best Budget Buy
Russell Hobbs | Verdict price £27
See price on Amazon

temperature control insulated bosch kettle in white and stainless steel

Best Temperature Control Kettle
Bosch | Verdict price £70
See price on Amazon

best buy recommended review stainless steel cordless kettle, no bpa plastics, matching toaster

Lightweight & Quiet [BEST BUY]
Dualit Lite | Verdict price £84
See price on Amazon

The Verdict

Spending more on the right model does afford you additional features. Dual wall models are cool to touch. Temperature control makes a difference if you’re making drinks other than tea.

All the Verum best buy kettles are plastic-free. Each model excels functionally. They’re all made from either steel or glass, meaning you can avoid potentially harmful BPA plastics. Choose any of the models detailed above for less noise, a quicker boil, no chemicals and ultimately better tea!

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