Best Lawn mowers for UK gardens – Corded & Cordless

Choose the right lawn mower for your garden - big or small

Whether you’re thinking about the perfect final cut of the year or looking for an end of season bargain, you’re in the right place.
There’s plenty to consider when choosing the best lawnmower. Lawn size, budget, rotary, cylinder, corded, battery, petrol, power, cutting width, size, weight, noise – the list goes on! Verum has compared 100s of models, evaluated owner experience, checked the data and scrutinised manufacturer claims. There’s no shortage of choice, but if you’d rather avoid spending hours doing your own research, choose from the Verum shortlist below – you’ll get a great lawnmower that’s perfect for your garden and budget. The best place to start is your lawn size. 

Choose the best lawn mower for your garden

A small lawn, less than 50m² requires a compact mower that’s manoeuvrable and easy to store. Factor in cost and a corded lawnmower immediately becomes the best option. For less than £100 you can buy a great mower that’s perfect for your garden. Cordless lawnmowers are a possible alternative but do cost a chunk more.

A medium lawn, anything up to the size of a tennis court (260m²), means a bigger machine. A corded mower is the first choice, assuming you’re on a budget. Alternatively, spend a little more for cordless convenience. You will want a wider cut and a large collection box. 

If you’re choosing a lawnmower for a larger area, then you will need a bigger wider cut, larger collection box and more power. Staying with corded is an option, but you will need multiple extension leads. Petrol engines are worth considering but they’re expensive & noisy. Plus, they need servicing and filling with petrol, making them expensive to run. Alternatively, a cordless machine costs almost nothing to run and is super convenient compared to a corded model. This is assuming your not looking at multiple acres and need a ride garden tractor!

Best corded lawn mowers for small & medium-sized lawns

The best corded & cordless lawn mowers are great value. But there are plenty of duds on the market and it’s easy to end up with a device that doesn’t suit you or your garden. Choose a Verum recommended model – simply match your lawn size, requirements and budget to the appropriate model. Under each description, you will find the details and specifications. Read on for the Verum recommended lawnmowers…

Best corded wheeled hover mower for small lawns & gardens. Lightweight recommended, review best buy UK
Flymo Turbo Lite 250 – Best Cheap Lawn mower

Best Small Lawn mower
Flymo Turbo Lite 250

The Flymo Turbo Lite 250 is perfect for the small lawn. Plus, it’s super compact making it easy to store. The specification looks good too, with decent power, height-adjustable cutting and it’s super lightweight.

Best lightweight lawn mower

Weighing just over 5kg, this lawn mower is easy to lift out from the shed and a breeze to use as it simply hovers over your grass. The grass cutting height is adjusted using spacers. This gives the appropriate range for most lawns. 

What to do with grass clippings?

There is no grass box with this Flymo. The cuttings mulch back into the lawn. This works best if you cut your grass when it’s dry and only remove about one-third of the height. This is perfect if you don’t have an easy way to dispose of the cuttings. Alternatively, if you want to collect your clippings, choose the Hover Vac 250.

With a 1400w motor and a steel cutter (avoid the plastic ones), this Flymo is powerful and the simplicity of the design means there’s little to go wrong. The cutting width of 25cm makes the Flymo Turbo Lite 250 the perfect lawnmower for small lawns and limited storage. Plus being super light, it’s easy to use & manoeuvre.    


Flymo Turbo Lite | Verdict price £65 | Check the best price on Amazon

Hover Vac Flymo 250 | Verdict price £80 £70 | Check price on Amazon

Best corded wheeled lawnmower for medium to large gardens. Wide, lightweight recommended, review best buy UK
Flymo Speedi-Mo 360VC UK – Best Budget Lawn mower

Best Lawn mower
Flymo Speedi-Mo 360VC

The Flymo Speedi-Mo is a great lawn mower at an affordable price. It compares favourably to machines costing twice as much. It’s perfect for a medium size garden and assuming you have somewhere to keep it, this mower will make quick work of smaller lawns too. 

The powerful 1500w motor turns a metal blade to effectively cut the grass to the desired height. There are five height settings, controlled with a single lever. This gives a range of 2cm to 6cm – perfect for most lawns. This mower is reasonably lightweight and the sturdy wheels make it easy to push. This is a reasonably compact lawnmower but with clever design has a wide cutting range and decent capacity.

Less Time Emptying

The grass box capacity is 40 litres. This is a big help in getting the job done quickly and with minimum fuss. Plus, this new model has a window in the top of the grass box making it even easier to check.

The 36 cm cutting width is perfect for anyone who wants fewer trips up & down the garden! Plus, this new model has a window in the top of the grass box making it easy to check. In terms of storage, the handles fold down and with the storage box detached, the mower becomes very compact and easy to store.

There are smaller mowers available, which are fractionally narrower and a little lighter. However, the reduced width, less power and smaller grass box capacity mean they’re less efficient. The Flymo Speedi-Mo will help you get the job done quickly.

The Flymo SpeediMo 360C is highly rated by owners, it has a great specification and it’s available at a great price.


Flymo Speedi-Mo | Verdict price £110 | Check the best price on Amazon

Recommended, best buy review of battery lawn mower for medium sized gardens in the UK 2020
Makita DLM380Z – Best Cordless Lawn mower

Best Cordless Lawn mower
Makita DLM380Z

The best cordless lawn mower you can buy, right now, is the Makita DLM380Z. It’s powerful, easy to use and highly rated by owners. What’s also impressive is the price – it’s excellent value. 

Best battery powered mower

Battery-powered lawn mowers have improved significantly over recent years. For a few quid more, they compare favourably to both petrol and corded models. The power has increased, design improved and with better battery technology, the good cordless models now keep going long enough to finish the job. In short, there’s never been a better time to buy a cordless lawnmower. 

How long do the batteries last on a cordless lawn mower?

Clearly, you want your battery to last longer than it takes to cut the lawn. The Matika will stay powered with a big battery. 5Ah Batteries are recommended for medium-sized gardens. That’s about the size of a tennis court.

What size batteries are best?

Using small batteries, although cheaper is a false economy on a lawn mower – they’re best avoided. And take care when looking at the quoted runtimes – they’re are usually associated with perfect conditions. Plus, all batteries will deteriorate over time. Again, big is better.

Which batteries do I need for the Makita DLM380Z?

Batteries for the Makita DLM380Z are sold separately. This has three distinct advantages: 

  1. Cordless mowers often come with small batteries. This keeps the initial price down, but you end up buying additional batteries to get the job done. With Makita, you can choose the right batteries for your garden. 5Ah Batteries are recommended, but 4Ah will work well for smaller lawns. 
  2. Makita makes excellent power tools. The same batteries will fit all Makita products – drills, grass trimmers etc. Over time sticking with Matika power tools will save you money.
  3. Makita is a huge brand and it’s possible to buy non-branded batteries at a significant discount. This means you can save money without the compromise of a lower specification lawnmower.

What’s the right size lawn mower for your garden?

The 38cm cutting width means this lawn mower is perfect for medium gardens. Plus, it will make light work of a smaller lawn. This model will be a joy to use if your old lawnmower was corded. Beyond the safety aspect choosing battery power means there’s no extension lead trailing behind you.

All lawn mowers are noisy. However, the smaller and sometimes quieter models mean you spend longer pushing it around the garden. This model from Matika is slightly louder than some but significantly quieter than a petrol mower and approximately half the weight. 

If you have a medium-sized garden, the Matika is the perfect choice. It’s powerful, the battery options make it flexible and it’s way easier to use than the corded or petrol alternatives.

CUTTING WIDTH 38cm | POWER 620w | WEIGHT 15kg | HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT 25-75 mm | LEVELS 6 |CATCH VOLUME 40l | 2x18v Batteries

Matika DLM380Z | Verdict price £160 | Check the best price on Amazon

Is it worth going cordless?

Corded lawnmowers offer great value for small to medium-sized gardens. They’re cheap to buy, reliable and effective. However, for a few quid more, the battery-powered alternative offers improved safety and convenience. 

The best cordless lawnmower offers greater value for money than petrol mowers. Plus, with flexible battery options, they’re suited to all lawn sizes. Yes, cordless machines will cost more, but the convenience & safety of no trailing cable really does make a huge difference.

Best corded wheeled hover mower for small lawns & gardens. Lightweight recommended, review best buy UK

Lightweight & great price
Flymo Turbo Lite 250 | Verdict price £65
See price on Amazon

Best corded wheeled lawnmower for medium to large gardens. Wide, lightweight recommended, review best buy UK

Great affordable lawn mower
Flymo Speedi-Mo 360VC | Verdict Price £110
See price on Amazon

Recommended, best buy review of battery lawn mower for medium sized gardens in the UK 2020

Best Cordless lawn mower
Matika DLM380Z | Verdict price £160 + Battery
See price on Amazon

Why spend more?

If you have a small lawn and limited storage space, having a mower that allows the grass to mulch back into the ground is the perfect solution. Then the Flymo Turbo Lite 250 is the perfect option.

Alternatively, if you want a super neat finish and would prefer your lawn free from clippings then the wheeled and boxed, Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C does the job. And then, there’s the Matika cordless lawn mower. Yes, it costs more than the corded options, but it’s super convenient & easy to use. While there are 100s of mowers to choose from, the Matika is the best cordless lawnmower.

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