Best Bluetooth Speakers 2020: Great music anywhere & everywhere

Crank up the volume

If you like music, podcasts or the radio, there’s every reason to buy a portable Bluetooth speaker. The best Bluetooth speakers sound great and can be taken anywhere. That said, it’s easy enough to spend a load of cash on something that sounds average, has lousy battery life and is somewhat fragile.

How to buy the best Bluetooth speaker

Should you want to do your own research, there are thousands of user reviews, numerous videos and plenty of physical shops where you can listen to a variety of portable speakers. However, if you want to avoid sifting through all the reviews and don’t feel motivated to spend an afternoon on the high street, take a look at the recommendations below. You’ll find the very best portable speakers starting from only £30.

Spending more gets you better sound quality, longer battery life and a host of extra features. However, there’s a trade-off – better sound & battery usually means a bigger & heavier speaker.

That said, what’s great is that you can buy a speaker for under £30 that won’t disappoint. Read on to find the right speaker for your budget…

Recommended small Sony srs xb01 bluetooth portable speaker
Sony SRS-XB01 Good sound, light and great value

Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker
Sony SRS-XB01

The Sony SRS-XB01 Compact Portable is tiny and weighs less than your mobile phone. Perhaps surprising for such a small device is the impressive sound quality. Not much bigger than a couple of bars of soap it is certainly portable and for anyone who wants a big brand for little money, this is the best buy. Sony claims the battery will last up to six hours between charges. However, as with all portable speakers, this is very dependant on how loud you like your music.

User reviews clearly show that most owners love the sound quality. Although it’s important to remember that this portable speaker is tiny and shouldn’t be compared to bigger speakers costing ten times more! The Sony model costs little more than a Domino’s pizza!

The IPX5 rating makes it fine for taking it into the bathroom or outside on a wet day, but unlike many of its more expensive competitors, this tiny speaker will not tolerate being dropped in your bath or a swimming pool.

In summary, if you want a tiny lightweight portable speaker, big brand and are on a tight budget, then the Sony SRS-XB01 is the portable speaker for you.

Sony SRS-XB01 | WEIGHT: 160g | SIZE: 82x58x57 | PLAY TIME: Up to 6 hrs | Range n/a – 20kHz | Rating: IPx5

Sony SRS-XB01 | Verdict price £18 | Check best price on Amazon

Sony srs xb01 bluetooth portable speaker - Recommended UK - Verum Verdict
Tribit XSound Go 12W – Decent battery & waterproof

Best Bluetooth Speaker under £40
Tribit XSound Go 12W

The Tribit XSound Go is bigger and heavier than the Sony, plus, it costs a few quid more. However, for this, you get better sound quality, a longer-lasting battery and it’s fully waterproof. The extra size and design enable the Tribit XSound Go to deliver low frequencies for a low price, so if it’s all about the bass and you don’t want to spend a load of cash, then this is the portable Bluetooth speaker for you. 

All day battery

The big lithium battery gives a claimed 24 hours of listening between charges. The IPX7 rating means you can not only take this portable speaker into the bathroom but should you drop it into the bath, all is ok. Most users love the sound quality delivered by the Tribit XSound Go – so if you’re ok with the size and weight and don’t want to blow a load of cash, then this is the portable Bluetooth speaker for you.

Tribit XSound Go | WEIGHT: 380g | SIZE: 56x59x170 | PLAY TIME: Up to 24 hrs | Range 85Hz – 20kHz | Rating: IPx7 

Tribit XSound Go | Verdict price £33 | Check best price on Amazon

Sony SRS XB12 - Recommended UK - Verum Verdict - Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Sony SRS-XB12 – Small, lightweight & great sound quality

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under £50
Sony SRS-XB12

The Sony SRS-XB12 Compact, similar to its cheaper sibling is small and lightweight. For the extra cash, you get better sound quality, longer listening times and it’s fully waterproof. While Sony doesn’t publish their portable speaker frequency response, it’s apparent from video reviews and owner comment that the Sony SRS-XB12 Compact delivers deeper bass than the SRS-XB01.

Best Small Portable Speaker

Inside this tiny portable speaker is a lithium battery which will deliver up to a claimed 16 hours of music between charges, assuming you don’t have the volume cranked too high. Depending on where you want to listen to your music, it’s worth noting that the IP67 rating means it’s not only waterproof but also impenetrable to dust, making it truly portable. It’ll even keep going on a building site.

For a truly portable Bluetooth speaker, that has quality sound and brand to match, the Sony SRS-XB12 is hard to beat.

Sony SRS-XB12 | WEIGHT: 243g | SIZE: 74x74x92 | PLAY TIME: Up to 16 hrs | Range n/a – 20kHz | Rating: IP67

Sony SRS-XB12 | Verdict price £40 | Check best price on Amazon

jbl flip 5 - Recommended UK - Verum Verdict - Portable Bluetooth Speaker
JBL FLIP 5 – Great sound quality and fully waterproof

Best Bluetooth Speaker under £100

The JBL FLIP 5 portable Bluetooth speaker replaces the best selling FLIP 4. The sound quality is highly regarded, it has a decent battery life and it’s waterproof. For your bass, the claimed lower frequency response is right down at 65Hz, which is amazing for a unit that’s a similar size and weight to a pint of beer.

Along with the great sound, you get an IPX7 rating making it fully waterproof – good for the beach & bathroom.

A decent battery will keep your music pumping out for a claimed 12 hours. Although as with every portable speaker this only possible at a lower volume. There’s so much to like about the JBL FLIP 5 Portable Bluetooth speaker and if you’re looking for the perfect speaker under £100 – this is it!

JBL Flip 5 | WEIGHT: 540g | SIZE: 181x69x74 | PLAY TIME: Up to 12 hrs | Range 65Hz – 20kHz | Rating: IPx7

JBL FLIP 5 | Verdict price £99 | Check best price on Amazon

Recommended bluetooth portable speaker, UE Megaboom 3. UK Best Buy
Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 – Great sound quality that you can take anywhere

Best Portable Speaker
UE Megaboom 3

The Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 takes Bluetooth speakers to another level. Great bass & sound quality comes together with a robust design & all day battery life. It’s clear that every detail regarding the Megaboom 3 has been considered and designed to go beyond expectations.

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Bass

Most bluetooth speakers handle the high notes with ease, but compact design and a decent bass presents a bigger challenge. Yes, this model from UE is bigger & heavier than cheaper models but it also delivers a deeper bass, right down to 60Hz. And yes, it’s loud. 

Best Waterproof Speaker

The UE Megaboom 3 is rated at IP67. This means it’s fully waterproof and dust proof. It can be submerged in a bath or swimming pool for upto 30 minutes & equally, it can survive anything from a building site to a sandy beach. Backing this up is a 2 year warranty. 

Great Sound Quality & Easy to Use

This Megaboom 3 not only sounds great, it’s also easy to use. Yes, you can control it from your phone, but there are also good controls on the speaker. Volume is easily adjusted, there’s a light to show pairing and a magic button. This allows you to play, pause & skip tracks directly on the speaker. Plus, for the ultimate party you can pair 150+ speakers to build a wall of sound!

This is an amazing speaker. It sounds great, it’s easy to use & the design makes it anything but fragile. For great sounding music anywhere & everywhere, choose the highly recommended Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 | WEIGHT: 925g | SIZE: 87x87x225 | PLAY TIME: Upto 20 hrs | Range 60Hz – 20kHz | Rating: IP67

UE MEGABOOM 3 | Verdict price £150 | Check best price on Amazon

jbl xtreme 2 - Recommended UK - Verum Verdict - Portable Bluetooth Speaker
JBL Xtreme 2 Bluetooth Speaker – Superb sound

Best Bluetooth Speaker
JBL Xtreme 2

The JBL Xtreme 2 Bluetooth Speaker, compared to all others (Verum has considered hundreds!) is a monster. The sound quality is superb, it’s big, it’s heavy and it has a massive battery. The bottom end of the frequency response is 55Hz, lower than any other Bluetooth speaker Verum has considered. Delivering this incredible bass, the JBL Xtreme 2 Bluetooth Speaker weighs in at approaching 2.4kg – this is heavy, but the sound quality justifies the workout required to lug it around.

Big on the outside & big on the inside

Inside is a massive battery, that will keep your music playing for up to a claimed 15 hours. Plus, there’s a USB out, allowing you to charge your phone while out and about. And yes, it’s waterproof, only don’t drop it in the sea as it will sink! If you need a tiny, lightweight speaker then this clearly isn’t for you, but if great sound quality is top of your list then choose the JBL Xtreme 2.

JBL Xtreme 2 | WEIGHT: 2393g | SIZE: 136x288x132 | PLAY TIME: Up to 7 hrs | Range 55Hz – 20kHz | Rating: IPx7

JBL Xtreme 2 | Verdict price £250 NOW £200| Check best price on Amazon

What makes a good portable Bluetooth speaker?

  1. Sound quality is top of the list and while all of the Verum best buys sound good, the more you spend the better the quality. The good speakers use clever design and electronics to enhance the bass. Although, as a general rule, a bigger unit will deliver deeper bass. Getting technical, humans can hear a frequency range of 50Hz up to 20kHz. The higher frequencies are relatively easy to deliver, but the lower rumbles (50Hz) present manufacturers with more of a challenge, especially with smaller units.
  2. The size & weight of your perfect portable speaker depends on where you’re planning to listen to music. If the speaker is going to spend the majority of its time at home, then buy bigger. It needs to go everywhere with you, then clearly – size matters.
  3. A waterproof speaker is good to take on holiday but also, perfect for everyday use in the bathroom. Look for IPx7 or IP67 ratings, which mean that the speaker can be submerged in water. The difference between the IPx7 and IP67 rating relates to dust. An IP67 device is not only waterproof, but it’s also impenetrable to dust, making such a device good for DIY or a building site. 
  4. Battery life is key when you’re out and about. Lithium batteries are the best and usually, the bigger the battery the longer it will last. Also worth thinking about, is the louder you like your music, the shorter the battery life. 

Whatever your budget, there’s a great Bluetooth speaker to match. Choose any of the Verum recommended models & you’re certain of the best speaker at the right price.

Sony SRS XB12 - Recommended UK - Verum Verdict - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Good sound & battery
Sony SRS-XB12 | Verdict price £40
See price on Amazon

jbl flip 5 - Recommended UK - Verum Verdict - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Excellent sound range
JBL FLIP 5 | Verdict price £99
See price on Amazon

Recommended bluetooth portable speaker, UE Megaboom 3. UK Best Buy

UE MEGABOOM 3 | Verdict price £150
See price on Amazon

jbl xtreme 2 - Recommended UK - Verum Verdict - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Monster sound!
JBL Xtreme 2 | Verdict price £250 NOW £200
See price on Amazon

Bluetooth speakers – size, sound & spondoolies

Choose any of the models detailed above and you’re guaranteed to be buying the best. The decision is about the size, sound & budget. Spend more for a bigger speaker with a deeper louder sound. The clear favourite, right now, is the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3.

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