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Best Pressure Washer 2021: Clean Your Car, Garden Furniture & Patio with Ease

man using best pressure washer to clean patio decking showing before and after

The best pressure washer makes cleaning your car, garden furniture and patio easy. Sometimes called a power washer or jet washer, these must-have garden power tools are perfect for a variety of outdoor cleaning jobs.

Pressure washers are essentially, powered-up hose pipes. A jet of water that blasts away dirt more efficiently (& with less effort) than a brush or standalone hose. Surprisingly, they also use less water than a hose. They’re relatively simple devices but, choosing the right model is anything but straightforward.

How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer for You

The best power washer (for you) is defined by what you want to clean. Large hard surface patios and driveways require high pressure, but a lower output makes more sense for garden furniture and alike. Washing cars fall somewhere in the middle. 

The most important detail is how well & quickly it cleans. In addition to this, ease of use, build quality, storage and accessories are also important. Manufacturers often shout about flow rate, but it’s important to note that this maximum value is rarely achieved. Pressure (measured in bars) is a better metric for comparing power output.

To help you choose the right model, Verum has scrutinised specifications, compared credentials and vetted owner insight to identify the best pressure washers, you can buy…

compact bosch pressure washer with lance for all outdoor cleaning jobs
Bosch EasyAquatak 120 – Great value

1. Bosch EasyAquatak 120
Best Pressure Washer under £100

The Bosch EasyAquatak 120 is compact, lightweight and effective. Good for smaller cleaning tasks, this cheap power washer from Bosch will help you get the job done quickly and with minimum fuss.

Compared to most models under £100 – the Bosch EasyAquatak excels. The pressure (120 bar) is excellent at this price and physical size, plus the hose length at 5m offers enough reach for most jobs.

Easy to Use & Easy to Store

The small size and clever design make it easy to use and store. The hose is kept on the base of the device with the cord looped on the side – keeping everything neat and tidy.

As you may expect, this Bosch pressure washer is well built with a metal motor. Plus, register your new purchase with Bosch and you get a 3-year warranty. 

For cleaning the car and smaller garden jobs, the Bosch EasyAquatak 120 ticks all the boxes.

PRESSURE 120 bar | MAX FLOW RATE 350l/hr | POWER 1500w | MAX TEMP 40 °C | WEIGHT 4.0kg | DIMENSIONS H40 x D20 x W38 cm | NOISE 80/91dB | HOSE LENGTH 5m | CABLE LENGTH 5m

Bosch EasyAquatak 120 | Verdict price £90 | Get Best Price at Tooled-Up

karcher k3 power washer complete with patio cleaner and lance uk
Kärcher K3 Home – Complete with Patio Cleaner

2. Kärcher K3 Home
Best Pressure Washer for Patios

The Kärcher K3 is good for most small to medium-sized jobs. Plus, it comes complete with a patio cleaner & detergent (use link below). This makes it a great choice for patios, driveways & decking. 

The patio cleaner or Kärcher T-Racer works using two dirt blasting nozzles. These rotate under a protective hood, which contains the spray. This easy to use attachment is effective and has the benefit of containing the spray. It lacks the macho appeal of the lance, but does mean you stay dry!

The Vario lance allows you to adjust the jet with a simple twist action. This is great if your switching between surfaces. Full power is good for patios and cars but will strip paint off walls and damage softwood decking. It’s always better to try a small area at a low pressure first.

Heavier and bigger than the Bosch 120, the Karcher K3 will need floor storage space. However, the decent-sized wheels make it easy to manoeuvre. Compared to Karcher K2, the K3 benefits from additional pressure and longer hose – it’s worth the extra few quid.

The Karcher K3 is a mid-sized power washer, that comes complete with patio cleaner – perfect for driveways and patios.

PRESSURE 120 bar | MAX FLOW RATE 380l/hr | POWER 1600w | MAX TEMP 40 °C | WEIGHT 6.5kg | DIMENSIONS H80 x D28 x W28 cm | NOISE 74/90 dB | HOSE LENGTH 6m | CABLE LENGTH 5m

Kärcher K3 Home | Verdict price £130 | Check best price on Amazon

recommended high power bosch pressure washer with lance and chemical bottle 135 bar
Bosch Universal Aquatak 135 – Blast the muck away

3. Bosch Universal Aquatak 135
Best Pressure Washer

Powerful and affordable, the Bosch Aquatak 135 ticks all the boxes. Great for patios, cars and pretty much any outdoor cleaning jobs – it’s easy to use & well built.

The available pressure (135 bar) makes light work of the toughest tasks. And giving you full control, the 3-in-one nozzle is easily adjusted making this model truly versatile. The fan, rotary & pencil jet settings are designed to meet the specific challenges of the job in hand. A detergent nozzle attachment is also included, for fast effective car cleaning.

All Metal Pump

Inside this Bosch pressure washer is an all-metal pump. The aluminium casting and steel piston, show it’s clearly designed & built to last. The easiest way to use this pressure washer is with an outdoor tap. Alternatively, a self-priming kit & filter mean you can also attach it to a water butt tap or submerge the hose in a tank to draw the water out. 

When compared to other models at a similar price, the Bosch Universal Aquatak 135 is more powerful, quieter & has a longer hose. Plus, it’s highly rated by owners. The best buy, all-round, power washer for all those outdoor cleaning jobs.

PRESSURE 135 bar | MAX FLOW RATE 410l/hr | POWER 1900w | MAX TEMP 40 °C | WEIGHT 7.9kg | DIMENSIONS H87 x D37 x W36 cm | NOISE 74/87 dB | HOSE LENGTH 7m | CABLE LENGTH 5m

Bosch Aquatak 135 | Verdict price £175 | See Best Price on Amazon

Ryobi RPW150XRB 2200w pressure washer with patio cleaner car brush lance and hose reel uk
Ryobi RPW150XRB – Affordable high power pressure washer with accessories

4. Ryobi RPW150XRB
Pressure Washer for Patios & Cars

This powerful Ryobi pressure washer comes with a full set of accessories for cleaning patios, cars and everything else.

The 2200w aluminium pump delivers plenty of oomph to clean the toughest surfaces. What’s also good is that this Ryobi model comes complete with a 30cm patio cleaner and car brush. The patio cleaner is effective and allows you to stay dry while cleaning. The car brush is not the type to cover your car in foam, but is a useful accessory and does its job.

The extra power does translate to additional weight. This makes it a little less mobile than alternatives, but with that, it’s less likely to topple over if you pull on the hose. On-board storage is good with a reel for the reasonably long 8m hose.

High pressure and good accessories mean that whatever you’re looking to clean, this model from Ryobi will handle it.

PRESSURE 150 bar | MAX FLOW RATE 420l/hr | POWER 2200w | MAX TEMP 40 °C | WEIGHT 13.4kg | NOISE 94 dB | HOSE LENGTH 8m

Ryobi RPW150XRB | Verdict price £180 | See Best Price on Amazon

recommended karcher k5 premium high power pressure washer with lance, patio cleaner an 10m hose reel uk
Karcher K5 Premium – High Power Pressure Washer

5. Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control
High Power Pressure Washer

The Kärcher K5 is powerful, easy to use and comes with a host of additional features. Complete with a patio cleaner & detergent (use link below), the K5 is more than a match for any outdoor cleaning task.

The main reason to choose the Kärcher K5 above cheaper models is the additional power. Perhaps overkill for washing the car, but great for blasting muck from a patio. However, in addition to the extra oomph, this model delivers a number of additional benefits. 

The basics are important. A long hose may not sound exciting, but it does make life easier when cleaning a large area or simply being able to circle the car. What’s also helpful is the reel to store it on. The K5 is bigger and heavier than the budget models. This makes it more stable and with the telescopic handle, it’s also easy to move. 

The digital display on the lance and App connectivity make it easy to choose and switch settings depending on what you’re cleaning. And there’s a boost option for anything that won’t shift under normal pressure. 

The T5 T-Racer is a great accessory for the patio. Although less satisfying than using the lance, it does the job and you stay dry! The jets that whiz round under the splash shield are adjustable on this model.

The Kärcher K5 is super powerful and comes with the right accessories and controls to get the job done – quickly.

PRESSURE 145 bar | MAX FLOW RATE 500l/hr | POWER 2100w | MAX TEMP 40 °C | WEIGHT 13.9kg | DIMENSIONS H59 x D41 x W31 cm | NOISE 76/93 dB | HOSE LENGTH 10m | CABLE LENGTH 5m

Kärcher K5 Premium | Verdict price £400 | Check Best Price on Amazon

Easy to Use

All the power washers detailed here are easy to use. Start with the pressure dialled down on a small area to make sure the water jet cleans the surface and doesn’t damage the fabric of what you’re cleaning.


Cranked up to full power, a pressure washer can remove paint, damage furniture and trash bicycle bearings. It’s always better to start with light pressure and turn up when required.

Draining the device after use is also important. This is an absolute must if it’s being stored over winter. Each manufacturer offers simple & specific guidance on how to this. It means your power washer will last much longer than the first frost – it only takes a moment.


karcher k3 power washer complete with patio cleaner and lance uk

Kärcher K3 | Verdict price £130
See price on Amazon

Ryobi RPW150XRB 2200w pressure washer with patio cleaner car brush lance and hose reel uk

Ryobi | Verdict price £180
See price on Amazon

Budget or Premium?

Spend more for additional power – You’ll get the bigger tasks done quicker. The best buy detailed above also comes with a longer hose. This means less faff moving the thing around when washing the car and alike. That said, if you’re short on storage space, the Bosch EasyAquatak 120 for under £100 is great value and will fit neatly on a shelf.

For cleaning patios, more power will get the job done quicker. The Kärcher K5 will blast away the muck, in record time.

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