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Best Smoothie Makers 2021: Top Bullet & Cup Blenders

best smoothie maker recommended blenders for yummy healthy drinks 2021

The best smoothie blender makes tasty, healthy drinks in minutes. Ingredients go straight from freezer to cup.

The options are endless. A quick healthy fix for breakfast, midday recharge or after school snack – the list is endless. Plus, the best smoothie makers are quick & easy to clean – no hassle.

You’re in charge of what goes into your smoothie. Forget green sludge. Forget those expensive little bottles in the supermarket. There are 100s of delicious recipes to try. Alternatively, throw your preferred ingredients into a cup & create your own personal favourite. 

Soon the whole family will be enjoying smoothies & milkshakes, filled with goodness & vitality. Five-a-day just got easy.

How to Choose the Best Smoothie Maker

The best smoothie maker is quick & easy to use. Any machine that’s fiddly or tricky to clean will only end up gathering dust at the back of a cupboard. Sometimes called a bullet or cup blender, this device must be easy to use and quick to clean.

Smoothie makers are generally designed for individual portions. The size of the cup is a personal choice. Generally, big is better (it doesn’t have to be full!). But if you’re going to be drinking straight from the blender cup, it must be easy to hold and therefore not too bulky.

Beyond ease of use & size, it’s also worth checking how powerful the blender is. A decent motor will deliver enough torque (turning force) at the right speed to whizz your smoothie to perfection. A motor with a lower rating may struggle with some ingredients.

Then there’s cleaning. Again, this needs to be quick & easy. All Verum recommended smoothie blenders have blades that detach from the cup. Making them accessible & super easy to clean. This is an important difference from a traditional jug blender, where hard to reach blades are at the bottom of the container & can be tough to clean.

Verum has compared 100s of models, checked specifications, scrutinised manufacturer claims and vetted owner experiences to identify & detail the very best smoothie makers, whatever your budget…

Breville Active Smoothie Maker - Best Cheap Smoothie Blender
Breville Active – Perfect for blend-&-go

Breville Active Smoothie Maker
Best Cheap Blender

This Breville smoothie maker ticks all the boxes. It does the basics well and is exceptionally good value for money. It doesn’t come with loads of accessories to clutter up your cupboards nor does it have a big motor, but it’s easy to use & most importantly, it makes great smoothies.

Blender for cyclists, motorists & everyone, on the go…

Pop your favourite ingredients into the bottle, attach the blade cap & twist to lock. Press the button until your smoothie is perfectly blended & then screw on the lid – you’re good to go. Also worth noting is that the two bottles are a standard 600ml size. They’ll fit in most car cup holders & bike cages etc. Plus, they’re comfortable to hold.

Favourite budget blender

Thousands of owners love this cheap smoothie blender. And what’s important is that it’s not just good out of the box, it keeps going & continues to work well. The cups, tops & blades are all dishwasher safe, although a quick rinse for the blades will do the job. Rinsing the blades means the seals will avoid dishwasher temperatures and will, therefore, last longer.

The Breville smoothie blender is available in three colours. While the verdict price below is an average over recent months, specific colours are occasionally discounted at Amazon. There’s a lot to like about the Breville. It’s easy to use, the bottles are a good size and it’s very affordable compared to numerous other models. 


Breville Active | Verdict price £20 | Check best price on Amazon

Best Nutribullet in UK. Affordable & easy to use
Nutibullet 600 Series – UK Favourite

Nutribullet 600 Series
Best Selling Bullet Blender

This Nutribullet has become commonplace on millions of UK worktops. Unquestionably a great way for the whole family to eat healthily & reach that elusive five a day. It’s easy to use, powerful & robust.

The UK’s Favourite Smoothie Maker

Owners love the Nutribullet. And for good reason. This smoothie maker has been on the market for a while. Verum has one on long term test & it continues to work as new. The 600w motor is powerful enough to get through ice, nuts & pretty much whatever you choose to add. This starter model comes with a single large cup. This is the right Nutribullet model to start with or great if you’re replacing an earlier model (old cups will fit).

Easy to use for all the family

Once you’ve added your ingredients to the cup, it’s quick to screw on the blades and simply push down & turn the cup. Everything blends in seconds. The body has a robust design & feels sturdy. The blades need to be rinsed and the cups are good to go in the dishwasher. The cups are large and if you have small hands most people prefer to transfer the drink to glass. This is great if you’re enjoying your smoothie at home, but less so if you’re heading straight out.

Awesome Smoothies – Zero Hassle

There are bigger, more expensive Nutribullets, but this remains the go-to model. It’s powerful, has a good capacity and makes an awesome smoothie with zero hassle.


Nutribullet 600 | Verdict price £58
Check best price on Amazon

Ninja - The Best Smoothie Maker in the UK right now
Is this the best smoothie maker in the UK, right now?

Ninja Smoothie Maker
Slim Cups, powerful motor and

The Ninja smoothie blender is worthy of serious consideration. Slim high capacity cups, a powerful motor & pre-programmed cycles, make this model stand out for the right reasons.

Ninja blenders are relatively new to the UK, although they’ve enjoyed an excellent reputation in Germany & the US, for some time. Yes, this model is more expensive than the recommendations above, but if you buy the Ninja, there’s a good chance, you’ll soon be using it daily & will quickly get your money’s worth.

Good for Nuts & Ice Too

Powered by a 1000w motor, this machine will make light work of your ingredients (ice & nuts included). A few owners note that the Ninja is somewhat noisy. This does, of course, depend on what you’re blending. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a quiet blender!

The 700ml cups are big & tapered – making them easy to hold. Plus they’ll fit in most car cup holders. A small but important detail is that each cup has clear volume measurements marked on the sides. This makes the following of recipes so much easier!

Easy to clean blender

The cups, lids and blade assembly can all go in the dishwasher, although we’d recommend a quick rinse, for the blades, where possible. Avoiding dishwasher temperatures means that the seals will last longer. 

Whatever drink you’re making there’s a programme to suit. The standard start/stop does what you expect, as does the pulse button. Option three is a ‘blend’ programme that runs a 45-second cycle. This is designed for most drinks containing fruit, liquid & ice. And then there’s a ‘max blend’ suited for tougher ingredients including seed & stems. 

The Ninja blender is a great addition to any kitchen. It’s easy to use, powerful enough to work with all ingredients. And best of all, it makes great smoothies, lassis, milkshakes…


Ninja Blender | Verdict price £70 | Check best price on Amazon

Which type of blender is best?

Smoothie blenders are also known as personal, mini, bullet & cup blenders. They are designed to make the perfect bespoke drink. They’re easy to use & quick to clean. Jug blenders are a viable alternative, although they’re harder to clean, can be fiddly to use & often cost more.

Can I use a smoothie blender for soup?

No. Blending hot soup can create additional pressure within the cup. This leads to leaking and explosive consequences when opening! You’re better off using a jug or hand blender for soup.

Hand blenders (also known as stick & immersion blenders) are more of a multipurpose tool. Perfect for soups, baby food & any type of purée. Smoothie blenders, generally don’t like hot liquids (due to pressure build-up).

If you’re thinking smoothie blender, take your pick from the Verum recommendations. The Breville is great value, Nutribullet is a best seller and then there’s the Ninja – an excellent all-round, powerful blender. 

Breville Active Smoothie Maker - Best Cheap Smoothie Blender

Best Budget Buy
Breville Active | Verdict Price £20
See price on Amazon

Best Nutribullet in UK. Affordable & easy to use

Best Seller
Nutibullet 600 | Verdict Price £58 TODAY £44
See price on Amazon

Ninja - The Best Smoothie Maker in the UK right now

Best Buy
Ninja | Verdict Price £70
See price on Amazon

Budget or Premium?

There are plenty of blenders costing well over £100. Some have numerous accessories to fill your cupboards & a few will connect to your smartphone. Looking at the facts, the extras simply don’t justify the additional cost.

Extra cups can be useful, but many of the accessories will do little more than gather dust. Plus, beyond the initial novelty value, it’s hard to see why a blender needs to connect to a phone.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Breville is an easy choice. Or if you’re thinking longer drinks & tougher ingredients then opt for additional oomph with the Nutribullet. Then there’s the Ninja with the ready to go, cups. Which model is right for you?

Best Hand Blender