Best Steam Generator Irons UK: Spend Less Time Ironing

More steam, more speed & better results

Hate ironing? This is for you. If you’re continually faced with an endless pile of laundry, buying steam generator iron will make this onerous chore much easier. There are two significant benefits here. And they’re biggies. The first is that you’ll breeze through the ironing pile in record time. Plus, you’ll see noticeably better results. Whether you’re replacing an old model or ditching a conventional iron, there are three excellent recommended steam generator irons detailed below – starting from only £60. 

A good steam generator iron produces two or three times more steam than a good conventional iron. And higher steam output means better crease removal, faster ironing & professional results. In addition to these benefits, owners who have made the switch also like the fact that the handset is much lighter & that the water tank doesn’t constantly require refilling. However, the promise of easier & quicker ironing does come with a bigger price tag.

How to choose the best steam generator iron

Not all steam generator irons are equal. There are seven key factors we use to shortlist the best models. Compiling & making sense of all available information takes time, but with the work done, it’s clear that the models detailed below all standout within their price class. 

Whatever your budget, there’s every reason to upgrade from a conventional iron to one of the models detailed below. Pressure & constant steam delivery are the principal requirements. Followed by (in no particular order) capacity, soleplate, durability, non-drip & weight. Verum compares 100s of irons and in order to shortlist & detail the top 3 steam generator irons. Which model is right for you?

Best Cheap steam generator under £100 UK - recommended - Verum
Russell Hobbs 24420 Power 90 Station – Great value

Best cheap steam generator iron:
Russell Hobbs 24420 Power 90 Station

The Russell Hobbs 24420 steam generator will help you speed through that ironing pile and it’s cheap. This steam generator will deliver double the volume of steam compared to a high-end standard iron at around the same price. You’ll get the ironing done, quickly. It heats up in around one minute and has a 1.3-litre tank which is removable, making it easy to refill. 

More steam than a conventional iron – less time ironing

With 90g of steam delivered every minute, ironing becomes much easier. Plus, the durable stainless steel non-stick soleplate will help you flatten out the toughest creases. Also of note on this model is the cleaning system which filters the water before it reaches the tank. This helps reduce limescale build-up to keep your iron working like new.

Crunching all the specifications and assessing user impressions, it’s clear that this is a great steam generator. If you want to save time on the ironing and money on this purchase, choose the best steam generator iron for under £100 – The Russell Hobbs 24420 Power 90 Station.

SPECIFICATION: PRESSURE: 4.5 bar | CONSTANT STEAM: 90g/min | STEAM SHOT: n/a | POWER: 2400w | SOLEPATE: Stainless Steel | TANK SIZE: 1.3l | WARRANTY: 2 Years

Russell Hobbs 24420 | Verdict price £50 | Check best price on Amazon

Best Steam Generator Iron under £200 UK recommended Verum
Tefal GV9071 Pro Express – Good steam output makes short work of the ironing

Best Steam Generator Iron under £250:
Tefal GV9071 Pro Express

The Tefal GV9071 Pro Express is a great steam generator. It will continually pump-out 120g of steam, every minute. This may not sound impressive as a standalone number, but compare it to a standard iron – you’re getting three times more steam. This will significantly reduce ironing times and flatten the toughest creases to give you excellent results – quickly. Should you require an extra blast, then with the press of a button, this model can deliver a steam shot of 500g – this will flatten anything!

Highly rated by owners

The Durilium soleplate will glide over your clothes. This is the same soleplate specification that Tefal use on their top of the range model (costing around £500). Owners rave about the Tefal Pro Express. Talked about details include the retractable cord and the auto power-off. However, the standout feature is that it powers through the ironing – super fast.

Buy the Tefal steam generator and you’ll spend less time ironing. Plus get better results.

SPECIFICATION: PRESSURE 7.5 bar | CONSTANT STEAM: 120g/min | STEAM SHOT: 500g | POWER: 2400w | SOLEPATE: Durilium | TANK SIZE: 1.6l | WARRANTY: 2 Years

Tefal Pro Express | Verdict price £200 | Check best price on Amazon

Best Steam Generator Iron under £400 UK - Recommended - Verum
Philips GC9650/80 PerfectCare – Lightweight iron, loads of steam and always get the right temperature

Best Steam Generator Iron:
Philips GC9650/80 PerfectCare

Ironing will never be fun. But with this Philips steam generator, it will be quick and much, much easier – especially when compared to a conventional iron. This model pumps out 150g of continuous steam every minute, allowing the iron to glide over anything. As a comparison, most standard irons deliver around 40g of steam. Increasing the steam output by a factor of three doesn’t translate to getting the job done three times quicker, but it will make a noticeable difference. Plus, should you need additional oomph, then a 500g shot of steam will flatten the biggest creases in the toughest fabrics.

Lightweight, powerful & easy to use

Every detail on the Philips GC9650/80 shines. It’s lightweight, heats up quickly and has a large water tank. The handset only weighs 800g. This is around half that of a conventional iron. This lightweight unit makes ironing easier on the wrist and the task of getting the job done, a little quicker. This model heats up in a couple of minutes and with a 1.8-litre tank, there’s no need for regular refills. 

Perfect for every fabric

From denim to silk, there’s no need to adjust the temperature. The Philips GC9650/80 guarantees no burning with continuous temperature and steam controls. So if you’d rather avoid worrying about the right temperature or waiting for the temperature to change, then this may be the iron for you.

This Philips steam generator isn’t cheap, but if your looking for the best model available, it’s worth the investment.

SPECIFICATION: PRESSURE 7.5 bar | CONSTANT STEAM: 150g/min | STEAM SHOT: 500g | POWER: 2400w | SOLEPATE: T-ionic Glide | TANK SIZE: 1.8l | HOSE LENGTH: 1.9m | HANDSET WEIGHT 0.8kg | WARRANTY: 2 Years

Philips PerfectCare | Verdict price £330 | Check best price on Amazon

Looking after your new steam generator iron

A decent steam generator iron should last for years. Saving time on the ironing may be enough justification to buy a steam generator iron, but if the unit lasts it will not only save you time, it will also save you money. 

While every manufacturer agrees that limescale is bad and needs dealing with, they all have slightly different approaches to what’s required. It’s essential to follow the details in the user manual for your new steam generator iron. As a general rule, it’s much easier to avoid limescale build-up compared to dealing with it afterwards.

Plus, do register your purchase with the manufacturer. This may seem like an additional hassle, but in most cases, it will double the length of your guarantee.

Best Buy Steam Generator Irons

Best Cheap steam generator under £100 UK - recommended - Verum

Best Budget Buy
Russell Hobbs | Verdict price £50
See price on Amazon

Best Steam Generator Iron under £200 UK recommended Verum

Best Buy
Tefal Pro Express | Verdict Price £200
See price on Amazon

Best Steam Generator Iron under £400 UK - Recommended - Verum

Ultimate Best Buy
Philips PerfectCare | Verdict price £330
See price on Amazon

Is a steam generator iron worth it?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already decided that a steam generator iron is the right way to go. The justification is simple, spend less time ironing and get better results – what’s not to like!

Verum has compared numerous models and product skews to shortlist the best for your consideration. Spending big will get you a better device that delivers more continuous steam. More steam translates to less time ironing. But aside from delivering more steam, the higher-priced recommendations also offer additional features, such as automatic temperature control. Plus, they tend to be quieter. The Russell Hobbs model will outperform most standard irons, but as detailed above, the more steam the better.

Best Steam Iron

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