Best Steam Irons 2021: Great results in less time

Quality steam irons for less than you think

Ironing is a chore. It’s time-consuming and can seem impossible to finish. However, the best steam iron will help you get to the bottom of the ironing pile in record time. Verum has compared 100s of irons to shortlist the best models available to buy in 2021, without spending a fortune.

How to choose the best steam iron

It’s about smoothing out creases with minimum effort. The best iron must deliver plenty of steam, glide over fabric & be easy to use. These basic requirements are only made possible with the right specification. Continuous steam, steam shot, water tank capacity, soleplate, weight, cord length, limescale control & reliability are the eight key factors.

To help you choose the best iron, Verum has scrutinised specifications & compared user feedback to recommend the best models available to buy, right now…

Best Cheap Steam Iron UK - recommended - Verum
This Russell Hobbs Steam Iron is light, effective & great value

Best Cheap Iron:
Russell Hobbs Easy Store Pro

If you want a cheap, reliable iron, then look no further than the Russell Hobbs Easy Store Pro. There are lots of models at the budget end of the market, but the majority are somewhat less than perfect.

However, this model from Russell Hobbs ticks all the boxes and it’s incredibly good value. Rated at 2400 Watts, it delivers 45g of continuous steam and should that not be enough to budge the creases, a 145g shot can be fired to flatten anything proving more stubborn. 

What is the best lightweight iron?

The Russell Hobbs Easy Store Pro weighs only 1.4kg – making it one of the lighter irons available. Also of note, is the 2.5m power cord. This cable length gives more reach than most models in this price category, which are often tethered at only 2m.

This model gets a credible recommendation with impressive specifications & a good performance, confirmed and backed up by its owners. Plus, a neat feature is that the cord is kept tidy when stored.

In summary, if you want an affordable iron that does everything well, choose the Russell Hobbs Easy Store Pro.


Russell Hobbs Easy Store Pro | Verdict price £24 | Check best price on Amazon

Best Steam Iron under £30 UK - recommended - Verum
The Russell Hobbs 20630 delivers a good volume of steam, has a large water tank & a long cord

Best Steam Iron under £40:
Russell Hobbs Vertical Steam

The Russell Hobbs Powersteam has been a best seller for over 5 years. And for good reason. With an impressive specification list and consistently positive user write-ups, it’s not only loved by its owners but has stood the test of time. Clearly, this iron works well beyond its 2-year warranty.  

With 45g/min of continuous steam and an impressive 210g shot made possible with a 3100W power rating, it will certainly remove creases. Also, worth noting is that with a 3m power cord, you’re able to iron where you want rather than in immediate vicinity of the plug socket. Adding to the convenience is comparatively large 350ml tank, meaning fewer refills.

This Russel Hobbs iron has an RRP of £60 but is currently available for much less, making it a great deal.


Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra | Verdict price £35 | Check best price on Amazon

Best Steam Iron under £50 UK - Recommended - Verum
The Bosch TDA3022GB is highly rated by its owners

Best Steam Iron under £60:
Bosch TDA3022GB 

This Bosch steam iron is lightweight, has a good specification and is highly rated by owners. The weight of a steam iron is a personal preference, but for most of us, light is good.

A heavy iron is tough on the wrist, as you’re constantly lifting and turning. Additional weight does give the feeling of more pressure, but this Bosch will remove creases without additional downforce.

With a continuous steam rating of 40g/minute and shots of 210g, this irons vital statistics back-up user consensus. Bosch has a good brand reputation and owners of the TDA3022GB, echo this. Feedback includes, that it doesn’t drip, the cleaning functions work and that it glides well. Plus, the 3m cord gives extra flexibility.

Bosch quality may cost a little more. But if this model is within your budget – it’s worth the extra cash – it won’t disappoint.

BOSCH TDA3022GB | WEIGHT: 1.4kg | POWER: 2850w | CORD LENGTH: 3m | TANK: 320ml | CONTINUOUS STEAM: 40g/min | STEAM SHOT: 210g | WARRANTY: 2 years

Bosch TDA3022GB | Verdict price £50 | Check best price on Amazon

Best Steam Iron UK - Recommended - Verum
The Philips Azur GC4567/86 delivers a huge volume of continuous steam making ironing easier and quicker

Best Steam Iron:
Philips Azur SteamGlide

The Philips Azur delivers better results in less time. With a continuous steam output of 50g/minute and a huge 250g shot, this model delivers more steam to make ironing easier and quicker.

Owners rate the Philips Azur. Gliding across clothes and a tough soleplate are two of the reported qualities. However, it’s the steam output that makes it worth the extra cash.

As you’d expect at this price, the cleaning and non-drip functions work well. And based on a Verum long-term test, we can confirm that this iron not only works well out of the box but continues to perform, year after year.

This additional steam, functional details and easy glide base make this steam iron truly stand-out. If you want great results in less time, choose the overall best buy – the Philips Azur.

PHILIPS AZUR GC4567/86 | WEIGHT: 1.6kg | POWER: 2600w | CORD LENGTH: 2.5m | TANK: 300ml | CONTINUOUS STEAM: 50g/min | STEAM SHOT: 250g | WARRANTY: 2 years

Philips Azur | Verdict price £67 | Check best price on Amazon

Are cordless irons any good?

Cordless irons have certainly improved over recent years, but this may be one type of device where the benefit of going wireless is less clear. Firstly, you still need to plug the base in. This sits on your ironing board, with the cable trailing to the socket. Secondly, irons use a load of power to keep them hot and churning out the steam, meaning that either you’re constantly placing the iron back on the base or struggling with less steam. For most of us, a cordless model will mean that the job takes longer and is more hassle – not an option! 

Avoid brown spots and limescale

Over time, limescale builds up. For your iron to work properly, it needs to be kept clean. Manufacturers recommend how best to do this in the instruction book. It’s far easier to keep it clean than to wait until there’s a problem. Unfortunately, if the iron has stopped working due to limescale or internal corrosion then it’s usually too late. 

Which is best steam iron to buy in 2021?

Best Cheap Steam Iron UK - recommended - Verum

Cheap reliable iron
Russell Hobbs Easy Store Pro | Verdict price £24
See price on Amazon

Best Steam Iron under £30 UK - recommended - Verum

A great choice for over 5 years
Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra | Verdict price £35
See price on Amazon

Best Steam Iron under £50 UK - Recommended - Verum

A good specification & highly rated by owners
Bosch TDA3022GB | Verdict Price £50
See price on Amazon

Best Steam Iron UK - Recommended - Verum

Better Results in Less Time
Philips Azur | Verdict Price £67
See price on Amazon

How Much!?

There are plenty of irons that cost more than £100. A few deliver more steam and some are unquestionably good devices, but the improved specifications and details simply don’t justify the higher price. Choose any of the models detailed above and the ironing will be less painful. However, if you’re prepared to spend more to make ironing even easier, then take a look at the best steam generator irons.

How to spend less time ironing

Fancy getting the ironing done in less time? Even if costs a few quid more? Steam generator irons work by delivering huge volumes of steam via a lightweight handset. A small tank sits on the end of your board which pumps steam to the handset, giving better results in less time – transforming the task of ironing!

Best Steam Generator Irons

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