Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners UK: Corded for Powerful Suction

The Best Traditional Vacuum Cleaners

Need a new vacuum? Prefer pushing to pulling? Here you will find the best upright corded vacuum cleaner, for your budget. Alternatively, if you prefer pulling and want something lighter, take a look at the best cylinder vacuums. Or if you’re thinking super lightweight and are happy to spend more, then take a look at cordless vacuum by clicking here.

Upright vacuums have been around for longer than the cylinder design. They’re often heavier to lift, but if you can deal with the stairs or live on one floor then an upright vacuum may be the best option. Below you’ll find the best vacuums available and below that, additional information on bags vs. bagless, allergy advice and other aspects to consider.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Verum compares 100s of models but recommends only the best. Numerous specifications, opinions and details are crunched, with the view of identifying the best upright corded vacuum cleaner to match your budget.

Amazonbasics- bagless - Recommended - Verum Verdicts - Upright Vacuum
Amazon basics (bagless) – Great budget vacuum cleaner

Best Cheap Upright Vacuum Cleaner under £100:
Amazon Basics – bagless

The Amazonbasics Upright ‘bagless’ vacuum cleaner is cheap and it does the job. The 700w motor is reasonably powerful and it has a decent filter to make sure the dust stays in the 3-litre container. It has an excellent energy efficiency rating (A) and with no bags to buy and a washable filter, the running costs are tiny. The filter is HEPA 12 rated, which means it’s good for allergy sufferers, as it will retain over 99.5% of the dust it collects.

The Amazon Basics vacuum cleaner has a 6m cord, which is on the short side compared to other upright vacuums. That said, a shorter cord can be better. A long cord can quickly become a nuisance to reel in or a trip hazard when in use. Owners of this vacuum report great suction, with a small minority suggesting that it’s actually too powerful, making it difficult to push!

There are better upright vacuums, but they’re also more expensive. If you want a decent vacuum, while saving a few quid, then this Amazonbasics upright vacuum is the model for you.

WEIGHT 7.2KG | CORD LENGTH 6m | HOSE LENGTH 3m | CAPACITY 3 Litres | POWER 700w | TOOLS Upholstery / Crevice / Dusting brush | FILTER 99.5%

Amazon basics | Verdict price £100 | Check best price on Amazon

Recommended best buy review upright corded dyson vacuum cleaner. Ideal for allergy & asthma sufferers verum verdicts uk
Best Affordable Dyson Corded Vacuum Cleaner – Dyson Small Ball Allergy [Picture Credit: Dyson]

Best Affordable Dyson:
Dyson Small Ball Allergy

Dyson technology usually comes with a premium price attached – but not the latest corded upright model. The Dyson Small Ball Allergy vacuum cleaner is highly rated by owners and it’s available at an affordable price. According to Dyson, this vacuum is quieter than the previous model. And as with all Dyson models, it will maintain strong suction from start to finish.

Efficient suction for great cleaning

Lots of corded vacuum cleaners deliver good test results from empty. However, as a vacuum cleaner fills with dust & muck it can become less efficient – Not the Dyson. Although the capacity isn’t huge (1.2 litres), it will maintain suction from start to finish. Clearly this is important for keeping your home clean. Also important is the filter system.

Asthma & Allergy Friendly

The Dyson filtration on this model has been independently certified as asthma & allergy friendly by Allergy Standards Ltd. Although this standard doesn’t allow direct comparison to other models, it’s a clear & independent endorsement of the all-important filter system. Nobody wants dust blown back into the room. Also, the filter is washable meaning it’s easy to keep clean and cheap to run.

Numerous owners have replaced an old Dyson with the new Dyson Small Ball. There’s something approaching a unanimous view that this new model is easy to manoeuvre, and works well on all floor types. 

Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson Small Ball weighs less than 7kg. Comparatively light compared to the majority of upright vacuum cleaners. However, if you want a super lightweight vacuum cleaner, that’s easy to carry, then take a look at the best cordless vacuum cleaners. Alternatively, if power is important, consider a cylinder model.

This Dyson is a standout vacuum cleaner. And with a five-year warranty, there’s justified confidence from the manufacturer, that this vacuum cleaner is designed & built to last. For £200, the Dyson Small Ball Allergy is perfect for most homes.

WEIGHT 6.9KG | CORD LENGTH 9.4m | HOSE LENGTH 4.4m | CAPACITY 1.2 Litres | POWER 700w | TOOLS Stair / Brush / Nozzle

Dyson Small Ball Allergy | Verdict price £199 | Check best price at AO

SEBO 91506GB X7-Extra - Recommended - Verum Verdicts - Upright Vacuum
SEBO 91506GB Automatic X7 Extra – The best-bagged vacuum cleaner

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner:
Sebo X7 Extra

The Sebo Automatic X7 Extra is a traditional upright vacuum cleaner – powerful & built to last. It works with a bag. Powered by a big 890w motor, owners of this machine rave about how well it cleans and the build quality. The bag capacity is a huge 5.3 litres. This model is great for bigger homes or anyone who hates emptying their vacuum too often! Plus, with an extra-long 10m power cord, the Sebo X7 Extra has a great reach.

A useful feature of this vacuum is that the main brush slides out for cleaning. Meaning that you don’t have to turn the machine over, in order to remove hair from the brushes.

The SEBO 91506GB Automatic X7 Extra is a robust vacuum cleaner, built to last. Clearly, it has benefited from the technology used by the SEBO professional range. In conclusion, if you want an excellent vacuum cleaner with a five-year warranty, buy the SEBO X7 Extra.

WEIGHT 7.4KG | CORD LENGTH 10m | HOSE LENGTH 2.8m | CAPACITY 5.3 Litres | POWER 890w | TOOLS Upholstery / Crevice / Dusting brush | FILTER 99.97%

SEBO X7 Extra | Verdict price £315 | Check best price on Amazon

Best buy Dyson BALL ANIMAL 2 Review Recommended Verum Verdicts - Upright Vacuum cleaner
Dyson BALL ANIMAL 2 Upright – Best Upright vacuum cleaner

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner:
Dyson Ball Animal 2

This vacuum, as the name suggests is designed for homes with pets. Dyson claims that no other upright vacuum cleans better across carpets and hard floors – This is backed up by tests and confirmed by owners. With this vacuum, it’s easy to become consumed by Dyson technology. As an example, the ball contains key components including the motor. Containing the motor here, insulates it for sound and gives the device a low centre of gravity. This makes it easier to manoeuvre and quieter.

The dust collecting container is comparatively small, although easy to empty. You may be happy to do this regularly, as a recurring owner complaint is a feeling of embarrassment due to the volume of pet hair and muck that this Dyson sucks out of carpets and from hard floors! 

In addition to the stair and combination tools included with this vacuum, the Animal also comes with a turbine head and quick release tangle-free turbine tool. These are designed to remove hair from carpets. The hose extends for stairs and the cord is 10.8m long. This is approaching twice the length of many cheaper upright vacuums.  

If you have pets or simply want super clean floors, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 is an outstanding vacuum cleaner. It won’t disappoint. Yes, it’s expensive, but it will cost you nothing in bags and filters, plus it will last – Backed up by great Dyson customer service.

In summary, if you want a great bagless upright vacuum & have a home with pets, choose the Dyson Animal Ball 2.

WEIGHT 7.34KG | CORD LENGTH 10.8m | HOSE LENGTH 3m | CAPACITY 1.8 Litres | POWER 700w | TOOLS Stair / Brush / Nozzle / Turbine (tangle free)

Dyson Ball Animal 2 | Verdict price £299 | Check best price at

Why buy an upright vacuum?

It’s about pulling or pushing! If you’ve always pushed an upright vacuum, then there’s good reason to stay with the upright design. That said, uprights tend to cost a little more than cylinder vacuums and they’re usually heavier. This may only become a problem carrying it up the stairs, but it’s worth thinking about. Alternatively, if you want something lighter and are happy to pull, then a cylinder vacuum may be better for you. Also worth considering, is a cordless vacuum. Although, be aware that the good ones are expensive and can be frustrating to use with limited run time before they require recharging.

Upright vacuums have a traditional feel. There are great bagged and bagless versions to choose from ranging from under £100 to over £300. 

Bagged vs. bagless – which is better?

Bags offer convenience and are less messy. Collecting the muck that comes off the floor into a bag, makes it easy to transfer everything, straight into the bin. Plus, buying a quality vacuum with filters that remove over 99% of exhaust dust is somewhat of a false investment if emptying the device releases a dust cloud, back into your home! That said, bags can be expensive and they have an environmental cost. Choosing an easy to empty, the bagless system is cheaper to run and is now the more popular option. However, ultimately it’s a personal choice.

Amazonbasics- bagless - Recommended - Verum Verdicts - Upright Vacuum

Best Budget Buy
Amazon basics | Verdict price £100
See price on Amazon

SEBO 91506GB X7-Extra - Recommended - Verum Verdicts - Upright Vacuum

Best Buy – Bagged
SEBO X7 Extra | Verdict price £315
See price on Amazon

Best buy Dyson BALL ANIMAL 2 Review Recommended Verum Verdicts - Upright Vacuum cleaner

Best Buy – Bagless
Dyson Ball Animal 2 | Verdict price £299
See price on

Why spend more on a vacuum cleaner?

There are plenty of cheap vacuums on the market. Some good and some less so! The low priced verdicts above are standout models and they’re good value. However, spending more will afford you better suction and superior design. Also, with the higher prices come quieter machines, longer cords and a wider range of accessories. Clearly, no manufacturer wants their vacuums to fail, especially under warranty. A long guarantee means the maker knows the product is going to last. The SEBO come with a five-year warranty. Do make sure you register your product with the manufacturer to activate this.

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

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