Best Washer Dryers UK: All-in-One Combo – Wash & Dry

Space-saving models to take care of all your laundry needs

The best washer-dryer will save you time, money and space. When compared to dedicated machines, an all-in-one washer-dryer uses half the floor area and costs significantly less than buying two separates. What’s not to like?

It’s worth noting that a dedicated washing machine & a separate tumble dryer will outperform a washer dryer. But buying one machine is cheaper, takes less space in your kitchen & if you buy the right model, it will do a good job getting your laundry both clean & dry.

However, if you’re short on space and don’t want washing hanging around on a rack, then an all-in-one washer-dryer makes complete sense. What’s important is to choose the right model.

Which is the best washer dryer combo?

There are 100s of models to choose from. They range from around £400 to well over a grand. There are cheaper options, but these are hard to recommend. The basic necessity of a new washer dryer is that it must be good at cleaning & drying your laundry. Plus, it should be reasonably quiet and it needs to have the option of a quick wash/dry for emergencies.

Then it’s about drum size. Generally big is better, but a bigger drum also means a deeper machine. More on this later.

It’s also worth noting that drying clothes requires more drum space than the washing function. This means that a machine with an 8kg drum may only be capable of drying 5kg of laundry. On washing a full load you will need to remove a few items before starting the drying cycle.

Verum uses industry-standard test results to evaluate & compare the basic functions, efficiency and noise. Plus we use manufacturer information to better interpret the programmes and specifications. Beyond the data, we consume owner & expert opinion to better understand which machines are good beyond the first few washes.

We spend hours crunching data and studying user assessment (so you don’t have to!) to shortlist & detail the best washer dryers available to buy, right now…

Best cheap washer dryer. Beko recommended UK
Beko WDER8540421W – Best Washer Dryer under £400

Best Cheap Washer Dryer:
Beko WDER8540421W

The Beko is a standout washer dryer, at a great price. The specification is good, owners recommend it and the test results are strong. The 8kg drum size is perfect for small to medium-sized households.

What size drum do I need?

An 8kg drum is a match for most washing machines & big enough for most families. As with all models, your laundry needs more space on the drying cycle. This means that although you have a 8kg capacity for washing, the drying capacity is lower at 5kg. The stats are useful, but a better gauge is to compare it to the drum size on your old machine.

Don’t overfill the drum

Overfilling any washer dryer won’t get your laundry clean. But having a few items in a massive drum is a waste of money. You will use more water, electricity & soap powder. It’s also important to remember that a bigger drum means a bigger (deeper) machine. This Beko is 59cm deep which will work well under most worktops. 

Easy to use programmes

All the expected programmes are available. Plus, a few more. Load the Beko and set it to ‘wash through dry’ and your clothes will come out clean, dry and reasonably crease-free. Plus, there’s a Woolmark endorsed programme and a setting should you only wish to use the drying function.

Choose this model and it will most likely be quieter than your old machine. It certainly makes less noise than many other models at a comparative price.

This Beko washer-dryer performs well & is reasonably quiet. But best of all, it’s available at a great price.


BEKO | Verdict price £379 | Check best price on

Candy Rapido ROW141066DWHC 10Kg. Recommended large washer dryer for under £500
Best Washer Dryer under £500 – Candy Rapido

Best Large Washer Dryer:
Candy Rapido

The Candy Rapido ROW141066DWHC is a great choice for a big family. With a huge drum capable of washing 10kg and drying 6kg of laundry, this model will help you get through that never-ending washing pile. 

High capacity All-in-One Washer Dryer

Washer-dryers and washing machines all have standard heights and widths. However, bigger drum capacity usually means a bigger machine. Most models protrude a little further than the adjacent kitchen cupboards. And there are plenty of washer dryers that are approaching 10cm deeper than the Rapido. However, Candy has used Tardis type design to fit a large 10kg drum without adding to the depth – perfect!

Quiet washer dryer for under £500

For a big machine that costs less than £500, this washer-dryer is reasonably quiet. While the Candy is a little noisy during the 1400rpm spin, it’s quiet (within its class) during both the wash and dry cycles. Decibels (dB) measure the sound levels and increase exponentially. As an example, a machine rated at 66dB drying is approximately twice as loud as one measured at 56dB.

Owners rate this washer dryer. And the specifications & data back this up. The wash and spin ratings are best in class, it’s energy-efficient and all the required programmes are available at the touch of a button.  

This washer-dryer is perfect for the big family. The huge drum and quiet cycle make this a great all-in-one washer-dryer. And it costs less than 500 quid.


Candy Rapido | Verdict price £450 | Check best price on

Recommended best buy Samsung washer dryer. Graphite open door metal hinges UK
Samsung WD5000T WD80TA046BX – Excellent washer dryer with 5 year warranty

Best Washer Dryer:
Samsung WD5000T

This Samsung washer-dryer does everything well. For most families, the 8kg drum is a perfect size. This model performs well against every measure. Compared to numerous pricier machines, it washes better, spins better and makes less noise. 

Rated ‘A’ for washing and spinning this Samsung all-in-one washer-dryer, gets laundry clean and dry, and it does this quietly. The noisiest part of every machines cycle is the spin, but it’s worth remembering that the majority of time is spent washing or tumble drying. This is where the Samsung excels, it’s noticeably quieter than most of the machines in its class and outperforms numerous pricier models. This washer-dryer will almost certainly be quieter than your old machine. Most noticeable if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. 

Best washer dryer warranty (5 years)

This Samsung washer-dryer stands out for its long 5-year warranty. Speak to service engineers and they’ll tell you that washer-dryers have more parts to go wrong than a standard washing machine and therefore are more likely to develop faults. Fortunately, a 5-year warranty gives you the security, if it does develop a fault. Clearly, Samsung knows that this machine is built to last, hence offering the long warranty. 

All the normal programmes are catered for and the quick wash is only 15 minutes. Perfect, if you need a couple of garments clean, on the hurry-up.

Good specification, good owner experience, quiet running and a long warranty make the Samsung WD80TA046BX, an excellent all-in-one washer dryer.

DRUM SIZE WASH 8kg / DRY 5kg | SPIN 1400 | WASH RATING A | SPIN RATING A | ENERGY RATING A | NOISE WASH 54dB / SPIN 73dB / DRY 59dB | QUICK WASH 15 mins | DEPTH 60cm | WARRANTY 5 Year | Available in Graphite & White

SAMSUNG | Verdict price £680 | Check best price on

bosch all-in-one, washer dryer, review, recommended best buy. Save money and space. Clean laundry. UK
Best Washer Dryer under £1000 – Bosch WDU28560GB

Best 10kg Washer Dryer:
Bosch WDU28560GB

Bosch has an excellent reputation for making great washing machines and washer-dryers. The Bosch WDU28560GB is no exception. Talk to most owners and when their Bosch finally gives up, they go on to buy another Bosch. 

The perfect machine for big, busy families

This all-in-one, washer-dryer has a large 10kg capacity drum for washing and 6kg maximum load for drying – it’s perfect for big families. A bigger drum really does make a difference in helping to get the job done quickly. In terms of washing performance and spin efficiency, it achieves the best possible ‘A’ rating.

Beyond the basic wash and spin functions, this Bosch model has an auto-dry feature, that senses the moisture remaining in your laundry. The benefit is that your clothes are never over-dried, meaning you will avoid overheating laundry. This translates to better care for your clothes and lower energy bills. 

The best quiet washer & dryer

A general rule of thumb is that the more you spend on a washer-dryer, the quieter it is. This Bosch all-in-one is significantly quieter than most machines on the washing cycle. Plus, it outperforms the majority on the spin and dry cycles too. If you enjoy open plan living, a quiet machine really does make a difference, every day. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate washer-dryer for under a grand, this is an outstanding choice. Buy this Bosch & you won’t be disappointed.

DRUM SIZE WASH 10kg / DRY 6kg | SPIN 1400 | WASH RATING A | SPIN RATING A | NOISE WASH 47dB / SPIN 71dB / DRY 61dB | QUICK WASH 60 mins | DEPTH 62cm | WARRANTY 2 Year

BOSCH | Verdict price £800 | Check best price on

What is the best drum size for a Washer & Dryer?

Good washer-dryers don’t come cheap, but if space is at a premium, choose the right model and it will take care of all your laundry needs. The bigger the drum size, the better. This is especially so with a washer-dryer. On the drying cycle, a small load in a big drum is always the best scenarios. Do however consider the depth of the machine.

All washer dryers have the same width and height dimensions but models with larger drums tend to be deeper (detailed in the specs above). Looking at extremes, the Beko is only 54cm deep, which will tuck under any worktop while the Samsung is 65cm. It’s the norm for washer dryers sit proud of the worktop, but if you have a narrow galley kitchen (for example), it’s worth checking you’re happy with the depth of your new machine. The bonus, is that you’re getting a bigger drum. This can be life changing!

Best cheap washer dryer. Beko recommended UK

Best Budget Buy
Beko | Verdict price £379
See price on

Candy Rapido ROW141066DWHC 10Kg. Recommended large washer dryer for under £500

Big Drum & Affordable
Candy | Verdict price £450
See price on

Recommended best buy Samsung washer dryer. Graphite open door metal hinges UK

Top Model with Long Warranty
Samsung | Verdict price £680
See price on

bosch all-in-one, washer dryer, review, recommended best buy. Save money and space. Clean laundry. UK

Great all-round
Bosch | Verdict price £800
See price on

Which washer dryer is right for you?

All the best buys above standout within their price class. Whatever your budget, if you choose a Verum recommended model you won’t be disappointed. 

Spend more to get a bigger & quieter machine. They’re often more efficient too, meaning lower running costs. Plus a longer warranty and trusted brand often translate to a machine that’s built to last. Investing in a premium washer-dryer today will afford you a quieter machine and may well save you money over time.

Best Washing Machines (under £600)
Ultimate Washing Machines

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