Best Washing Machines 2020: Budget washing machines from £200

Choose the right washing machine for you & your family

Buying the best washing machine isn’t easy. If you’re starting from scratch, there are statistics to crunch, manufacturer claims to compare and opinions to evaluate. Plus, the chances are you need a new washing machine sooner rather than later. And with over 300 models to choose from, the research is more than just time consuming, it’s overwhelming.

Worry not, Verum has crunched the statistics, appraised the technology and scrutinised owner opinion. Here you will find the perfect best buy washing machine – matched to your budget up to £600. Or if your looking to invest in a premium model, click here to see the Verum recommendations from ranging from £600 to £1350.

What to look for when buying a washing machine?

Every machine recommended below has the top ‘A’ rating for getting your laundry clean. Beyond the ‘A’ standard & how much you’re prepared to spend, there are five specifics to consider. At the top of your list, think about drum size. Generally, big is better. For a couple or someone living alone, 7/8kg is a good place to start. But for a bigger family, think 9/10kg. Few people complain that the drum is too big.

Next up, look at noise & spin rating. Clearly, quieter is better (a few Decibels make a significant difference). For spin efficiency, each machine below is rated ‘A’ or ‘B’ as a measure of how dry your laundry will be post-wash. There are also details of how efficient each machine is. An A+++ rating means it’s kinder to the environment and cheaper to run. Finally, warranty & brand reputation should steer you, especially if you’re investing more in a mid-range or premium model.

Budget washing machine or premium brand?

If you’re looking for a premium brand or simply need the best buy machine on the hurry-up – you’re in the right place. Scroll drown to see the top 5 budget to mid-range washing machines – starting from around £200…

Indesit My Time EWD71452WUKN – Incredible value

Best Cheap Washing Machine
Indesit My Time EWD71452WUKN 

This Indesit washing machine is not just cheap, it’s really cheap. And yes, other machines may wash whiter, make less noise and have loads of additional functions, but they will also cost you a lot more money. For around £200, the Indesit My Time EWD71452WUKN truly stands out. The controls make it easy to use – A large dial selects the right cycle and two small knobs control temperature and spin speed. Many cheaper models have lower spin cycles, but the Indesit is rated up to 1400rpm. This means it does a good job getting the water out of your washing. Another feature that’s unusual at this price is the digital display telling you how long your wash has to run. 

Owners have lots of good things to say about the Indesit, including that it’s quiet. It may indeed be quieter than your old washer, but if less noise is important to you, there are even quieter options for a few quid more, detailed below.

Best budget small washing machine

Size is an important consideration. This Indesit has a comparatively small load capacity. The 7kg drum size is perfect for a smaller household, but anyone with kids may want to opt for a larger drum size. 

Bigger, quieter and more efficient machines, all cost more. If you want a super cheap washing machine and the 7kg load capacity works for your household, buy the Indesit My Time EWD71452W. 


Indesit My Time | Verdict price £209 | Check best price on

Candy Grand’O Vita GVS168D3 – Full-size washing machine & 1600 spin cycle for less than £300

Best Washing Machine under £300
Candy Grand’O Vita GVS168D3

The Candy Grand’O Vita is a medium-sized washing machine that will get your laundry clean. With an 8kg capacity drum, the Candy Grand’O Vita is perfect for most families on a budget. The 1600 spin cycle will leave your clothes not only clean but also, pretty dry. As you may expect with the super-fast spin, it’s a little noisier than more expensive models, but for this, your laundry will spend less time hanging on the line or in the tumble dryer.

Clever on the inside

What you don’t see on the pictures is the clever technology inside. The tech weighs your laundry and adjusts the amount of water and time required for each wash, saving you money and helping the environment – the Candy Grand’O Vita gets an A+++ energy rating. This machine also boasts NFC communication. This means you can download the Candy App to your smartphone for additional functions and information, should you desire. Importantly, there’s a time delay feature, quick wash (15 minutes) and a countdown timer to tell you when your cycle will complete. 

The Candy Grand’O Vita is a great 8kg capacity washing machine. And at less than £250 it’s a bargain too. If you have a medium-size household and are on a tight budget, buy the Candy Grand’O Vita GVS168D3.


Candy Grand’O Vita | Verdict price £249 | Check best price on

Beko large drum washing machine. Evidence reviewed, compared and recommended best buy. Verum Verdicts UK
Beko AquaTech – Huge 10kg drum will help get the washing done quickly

Best 10kg Washing Machine under £400
Beko AquaTech

This Beko washing machine is perfect for large, busy households. With a massive 10kg drum capacity, this model gets the job done. If your current machine has a smaller drum, buy this Beko and you will find the extra drum space, life-changing! 

Washing clothes is a chore and while none of the manufacturers has found a way of automatically sorting, loading/unloading and hanging out washing, Beko has added features that definitely help. 

Where do the odd socks go?

Ever left a sock in the drum while emptying the washing machine? Only to find that coloured sock in the following white-wash? This model has an extra-wide door and there’s a light inside the drum. This means it’s a little easier to empty and make sure everything is out. Hopefully, meaning fewer odd socks!

Washing machine quick wash

The quick wash on this Beko takes only 28 minutes. All the regular programmes are here including a Woolmark endorsed setting that’s perfect for taking care of all your precious woollen garments. The 1400 ‘B’ rated spin cycle, is good and gets clothes reasonably dry. This spin cycle is probably better than your old machine, but should you want super dry clothes coming out of your washing machine, take a look at the options below.

Nobody wants a noisy washing machine

There are plenty of noisy, more expensive models available. But they don’t make the Verum shortlist. Compare the best machines & rank by price, there’s a clear trend – spend more for a quieter machine. This Beko is quieter than the cheaper models above, plus it will almost certainly be quieter than your current machine.

For most households, a 10kg capacity washing machine is a game-changer. Choose this model from Beko and get the washing done quickly and with fewer loads – Beko WER104P64E1W.


BEKO AquaTech | Verdict price £399 | Check best price on

Best buy recommended Samsung Graphite ecobubble WW90TA046AX 9kg washing machine UK.
Samsung WW90TA046AX – Quiet, good build quality and a five-year guarantee

Best Washing Machine under £500
Samsung ecobubble WW90TA046AX

This Samsung washing machine is a class leader. Loved by its owners, quieter than cheaper models and it will get your laundry clean – not just on the first wash, but for years to come.

Built to last with long warranty

Nobody wants to buy a new washing machine every few years. And while most models come with an array of promises surrounding build quality, the majority are sold with a one year guarantee. This Samsung comes with a five-year warranty (10 years on the motor). Manufacturers know their products. And with this, they only offer longer warranties on products they know will last.

Quiet washing machine under £500

Compared to many cheaper models, this Samsung is significantly quieter – washing and spinning. If you live in your kitchen, having a washing machine that doesn’t interrupt a conversation or drown out the radio, is a wonderful thing.

The 9kg drum capacity is perfect for most families. And, the top-spin speed is 1400. Tests show that it leaves clothes with a similar or lower remaining moisture content to higher speed (& noisier) washing machines. In short, it gets your laundry dry.

With 14 programmes this machine covers all the essentials and more, such as an easy iron function. It’s available in graphite & white (click link below to see both options).

With top washing & drying credentials, a 9kg capacity, quiet operation and a long warranty, this Samsung ecobubble is an excellent choice for most households.


Samsung ecobubble | Verdict price £450 | Check best price on

Bosch Serie 6 WAU28S80GB best budget under £600 washing machine
Bosch Serie 6 WAU28S80GB – Quiet, efficient & good value

Best Washing Machine
Bosch Serie 6 WAU28S80GB

Has your old Bosch washing machine finally given up? The Bosch Serie 6 may be the right replacement. It’s clear from numerous owners that Bosch washing machines are built to last. Justifying this, owners replace old Bosch machines with new Bosch machines. This reputation has taken time to earn and is perhaps the best recommendation anyone can give. 

This Bosch Series 6 does everything well. It’s quiet, comes with all the right programmes and incorporates clever technology to use precisely the right amount of detergent for each & every wash. 

How much washing powder do you really need?

Use too much washing powder & you’re pouring money down the drain. Too little & your laundry won’t come out clean. What’s also clear is that few of us have time to worry about the quantity of detergent we add. Bosch has the answer. The i-Dos system automatically measures the precise amount of detergent and water needed for each load. You simply fill the machine with liquid detergent and the machine will do the rest. Getting the detergent level right for every wash means no wasted detergent & therefore lower running costs. Plus, no more boxes of powder sitting by the washing machine. However, should you prefer to use traditional powder, it’ll do that too.

Best quiet washing machine 

Compared to cheaper machines it’s approaching silent. This is one of the quietest, sub £600, washing machines on the market. Plus, it achieves this with a high-speed spin (1400) and the highest A+++ energy rating available. 

Why do washing machines take so long to wash?

Whether it’s the kids PE kit or a smelly shirt, sooner or later we all need to get something clean, quick. This Bosch Serie 6 has a couple of options for such emergencies. There’s a super quick 15-minute wash. Ideal & essential, if you need to freshen up a sports kit, shirt or anything else, in minutes rather than hours. Plus, there’s a 30 minute wash for occasions where you have a little extra time!

This Bosch washing machine delivers by every measure. Clothes come out super clean. It’s very quiet and it’s built to last. Yes, it’s at the expensive end of budget machines, but it will last longer than your average washer, making the Bosch Series 6 WAU28S80GB a great investment.


Bosch Serie 6 | Verdict price £599 | Check best price on AO

How to choose the best washing machine

You may be reading this because your old machine has stopped working & laundry is piling up? Clearly, you need a new washing machine – fast! Simply click on the link of your preferred machine – the majority are available for immediate delivery. Plus, in most cases, they’ll take your old machine away too.

Alternatively, if you’re pushed for space take a look at the Verum recommended all-in-one washer dryers. However, do be aware that a decent dedicated washing machine will always outperform a washer dryer.

There are 100s of washing machines to choose from and clearly you want to buy the right machine for your budget. The Verum recommended models are ordered by price making it easier to see which machine is right for you. Generally, spending more affords you a quieter washing machine with a longer warranty.

All the recommended washing machines here get the top ‘A’ rating for getting laundry clean. Beyond this, here are five key checks to make…

  1. SIZE IS IMPORTANT – It’s better to buy big – 9kg or 10kg capacity will get the job done quicker and tend to wash better as the clothes are freer to move around the drum. However, while all machines are the same height and width, models with bigger drums are deeper. It’s normal for a washing machine to protrude in front of the worktop, but it’s worth double-checking your measurements before opting for a 10kg drum (all the Verum recommended machines have the depth detailed on the specifications).
  2. WARRANTY – While it’s possible to compare new washing machines ability to get laundry clean, it’s near impossible to gauge how well a machine will perform after five years or longer. Therefore brand reputation and owner analysis are key. If your old washing machine was great and lasted a long time, there’s every reason to choose the same brand.
  3. TOO NOISY – Look out for the dB rating. Decibels (dB) measure the intensity of sound on a logarithmic scale. An easy gauge is that a washing machine spinning at 80db will sound twice as loud one spinning at 70dB. Assuming you stick to the Verum verdicts, spending more will afford you a quieter machine. This is especially important with open plan living. 
  4. ENVIRONMENT – All the Verum verdicts have an A++ or A+++ energy rating, meaning these washing machines use less water and less electricity. Saving money and helping the environment.
  5. SPIN SPEED – However you dry your clothes, a decent spin cycle will mean that they spend less time wet. All the Verum verdicts have an A or B rating for remaining moisture content. Saving money on running the tumble dryer or time on the line.

best-washing-machine-under-£200 - Recommended UK - Verum Verdicts

Great budget choice
Indesit My Time | Verdict price £209
See price on

best-washing-machine-under-£300 - Recommended UK - Verum Verdicts

Full-size drum & great price
Candy Grand’O Vita | Verdict price £249
See price on

Beko large drum washing machine. Evidence reviewed, compared and recommended best buy. Verum Verdicts UK

Huge drum capacity
Beko AquaTech | Verdict price £399
See price on

Best buy recommended Samsung Graphite ecobubble WW90TA046AX 9kg washing machine UK.

Five-year warranty
Samsung ecobubble | Verdict price £499
See price on

Bosch Serie 6 WAU28S80GB best budget under £600 washing machine

Quiet & built to last
Bosch Serie 6 | Verdict price £599
See price on

Choosing the right washing machine for you

Washing machines are sure infuriating when they go wrong and buying a new washing machine isn’t an exciting purchase. Plus, there are hundreds of washing machines to choose from. Some good, some average and some less so!

All the recommendations above, excel within their price category. Spending more will get you a more efficient, quieter machine, larger drum size and depending on the model, a longer warranty.

Verum has considered 100s of washing machines, checked owner opinion and scrutinised manufacturer specifications – Buy any of the models recommended above and you won’t be disappointed.

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