Ultimate Washing Machines: Miele, AEG & Siemens from £600

Superior results - Near silent operation - Built to last

Top end washing machines for great laundry results

Choosing a top of the range washing machine is a big investment. With the higher price tag comes expectation. Exceptional wash & spin results are a must. Superior technology, programmes & controls must also be standard. And your new washing machine must be whisper quiet.

All this is in addition to an over-arching need for quality and a machine that’s built to last. Nobody wants to buy a new washing machine every few years.

How long should a washing machine last?

Spending double on an appliance that lasts twice as long is a good investment. For your money, you get a far superior washing machine that will wash whiter, spin dryer and operate without the rumpus associated with cheaper machines.

What brand washing machine is best?

Miele is the standout brand at this end of the market. They state that their designs are tested for the equivalent of 20 years use. This is backed up by numerous Miele owners. Many of which only consider a new Miele to replace their old Miele, with references to the old machine lasting for 20 something years. 

Miele stand-outs for a 10-year warranty on high-end appliances. Bosch tends to offer 10 years on the motor but only 2 years on everything else. Also worthy of consideration are Siemens & AEG, where a 5-year full warranty is standard on premium models. Also worth noting is that Siemens & Bosch are owned by the same company. Think, Audi & Volkswagen.

How to keep black clothes from fading?

Another benefit of choosing a high-end washing machine is that a greater emphasis is placed on looking after your laundry. There are three elements here, detergent, programme & physical design. Choose a premium model and all three are taken care of (more on this later). You can expect your whites to be whiter, colours brighter & blacks to stay black for longer.

What is the best washing machine to buy in the UK?

Researching which washing machine to buy can be very time-consuming. Especially at the premium end of the market where manufacturers are especially keen to wow you with their latest features & technology. There are 100s of models that cost in excess of £500 & a good number that cost over £1000.

Numerous review websites focus on US appliances. Great if you want a top loader shipped across the Atlantic, but less helpful if you want a washing machine delivered & connected in the UK – ASAP. Verum only considers washing machines that are available in the UK – you’re in the right place!

Best Washing Machines under £600
Best Washer Dryers

All the recommended washing machines detailed below are rated ‘A’ for cleaning & ‘A’ or ‘B’ for drying. Good results are a given. Drum size, programmes, efficiency, features & noise level are the five primary considerations. Below you’ll find the best top of the range washing machines, starting from around £600. 

Affordable Miele washing machine W1 WSA023
Miele W1 WSA023 – Affordable Quality

Best Affordable Miele Washing Machine:
Miele W1 WSA023

This budget Miele is perfect for a couple or smaller households looking for Miele quality at an affordable price. Perhaps lacking the bells & whistles of more expensive models, but if you want the highest quality washing machine at a budget price, the Miele WSA023 is a great choice.

Quiet washing machine

One benefit of spending more on the best washing machine is that they’re quieter. Much quieter. Loudness or sound intensity is measured in decibels and this Miele measures 50dB for the wash cycle & 74dB for a spin.

As a guide, many cheaper machines spin at over 80dB – this is approximately twice as loud as the Miele WSA023. So regardless of whether your new washing machine is in an open plan kitchen or utility room, expect a near-silent wash and a comparatively quiet spin.

Affordable Miele Washing Machine

This model may be the cheapest Miele on the market, but there are no compromises on quality. The ‘tested for the equivalent of 20 years use’ Miele brand promise, holds true. Clearly, this machine is designed to last. Built like a tank, it weighs approaching 100kg – that’s around a third heavier than most washing machines. Expect robust materials rather than flimsy plastic.

The right sized drum

It’s easy to be swayed into buying a washing machine with a huge drum, but in reality, for couples and smaller families, the 7kg Miele drum is a perfect choice. This model does everything well. And while it’s at the budget end of the Miele range, you can expect all the quality and robust design of a washing machine costing well over £1000.  If this is your first Miele, you’ll soon be a convert. And if it’s replacing an old Miele, you won’t be disappointed.


Miele WSA023 | Verdict price £530 | Check best price at AO.com


Best Washing Machine under £1000:
AEG OkoMix L8FEC866R

This AEG model is efficient, quiet & packed with useful technology. The medium sized 8kg drum is good for most households and with a long warranty, AEG clearly knows that this washing machine is built to last.

Standout features

This AEG machine has two standout features. The first is that detergents & softeners are mixed with water before the cycle starts. This gives an even distribution of detergents which aids a better wash and it’s kinder to fabrics. Plus, there’s a steam function which is useful for freshening up clothes you’ve worn once. Alternatively, it works well at the end of each wash to reduce creases & cut ironing.

The wash cycle compared to most other washing machines is near silent. Making this model a great choice for open plan living or anyone who’d rather not hear their washing machine! The fast 1600 spin is effective in getting moisture out of your clothes, although there’s a small trade-off, in that the spinning cycle is a little louder than other washing machines in this price bracket. However, it’s almost a given that this AEG will be quieter (wash & spin), compared to your old machine.

Buy this AEG & you’ll get a great washing machine. In addition to impressive results, it’s energy-efficient, quiet and built to last.


AEG OkoMix | Verdict price £715 | Check best price on AO.com

Recommended, best buy, review of ultimate 10kg big drum washing machine. Is this the quietest washing machine on the market?
Siemens IQ700 – Quiet washing Machine with Capacious 10kg drum

Ultimate 10kg Drum Washing Machine:
Siemens IQ700

The very best washing machines aren’t cheap. However, the Siemens IQ700 justifies the price with exceptional performance and zero compromises. This model does everything brilliantly. Great results, every time.

How much washing can I put in my machine?

A tightly packed drum doesn’t allow your laundry to move around. This means (as with any machine) that the washing doesn’t come out clean. As a general rule, the drum on any washing machine should only be filled to three-quarter capacity, to give the best results. If you wash clothes for a big family, a big drum is the way to go. 

Outstanding 10kg drum washing machine

The IQ700 has a huge 10kg drum. It’s probably significantly bigger than your old machine. This means you can get the washing done quicker, by using larger loads & less energy. Plus, everything comes out super clean. Also of note, is that the Siemens has an A-rated 1600 spin cycle meaning your laundry will also come out reasonably dry, reducing time on the line or in the tumble dryer. 

Nobody wants a noisy washing machine

The Siemens IQ700 is one of the quietest washing machines available. It compares favourably to, pretty much, every other model on both wash and spin cycles. It will almost certainly be noticeably quieter than your old machine.

Control your washing machine remotely

The IQ700 machine gives you easy control via an App on your phone. The App gives you all the information you want and total control of timings. Alternatively, it also works with Alexa.

The Siemens IQ700 is the complete package

Aside from the big 10kg drum, ‘A’ rated drying, App control and quiet operation, this model from Siemens comes with numerous additional features. All the standard programmes are included, along with the opportunity to adjust and tweak. Wool hand wash, extra rinse, less ironing, soaking, auto stain, night wash, rinse hold, waterPlus… the list goes on. 

The controls are easy to use and additional details such as an internal drum light, do make a difference. Siemens and Bosch are both part of the BSH group. This means they share some components and benefit from associated technology. Especially at the premium end of the range.

The Siemens IQ700 is an excellent 10 kg drum washing machine. It does everything quickly, quietly and incredibly well. Budget allowing, the Siemens IQ700 is a great investment.


Siemens IQ-700 | Verdict price £1090 | Check best price on AO.com

Miele-W1-WSI863-The best washing machine money can buy

Best Miele Washing Machine:
Miele W1 WSI863 – £1349

If you simply want the best washing machine, choose the Miele W1 WSI863. Tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use, this washing machine is built to last. Every detail & feature shouts quality.

The large 9kg drum is perfect for most families. And in addition to the first-rate washing & spinning credentials, it’s near silent. Yes, there are cheaper options available, but this Miele, over time, is worth every penny.

Perfect results – every time

This model from Miele works hard. Not only to get your laundry spotless, but also to do everything possible to make your life a little easier. The Miele TwinDos system combines two different detergent types to deliver the perfect mix & soap concentration for each & every wash. This is a far better system than calculating or guessing how much powder to add each wash. 

Use less detergent to keep blacks, black

With the TwinDos system, In most cases, you’ll end up using less detergent. This is better for your clothes, the environment & you will save you money. Your new machine will come with Miele TwinDos detergents and a voucher for six months supply. Beyond this, refills can be purchased easily online or should you prefer a supermarket brand, then simply fill the containers with your own detergent. 

CapDosing can be used for a variety of fabrics. Add the appropriate capsule for the fabric and you’re guaranteed the best possible results. Silk, wool and even rainwear will all last longer when cleaned and cared for with the right Miele detergent & programme selection.

Energy efficient & near silent washing machine

This machine is A+++ energy efficient and near-silent, compared to almost every other washing machine on the market. Plus, you can control & monitor this washing machine from your phone. Miele has thought of everything. As an example, the Add Load feature means you can add the forgotten sock after the cycle has started. Or alternatively, remove something that’s found its way into the wrong wash! And while the quick wash takes a little longer than some, it gets clothes cleaner. Achieving an ‘A’ rated wash in 49 minutes. 

What is the best Miele washing machine to buy?

This Miele washing machine is a great investment. The robust build quality & 10-year warranty give you the security that you won’t be looking for a new washing machine for years to come. Plus, it will take extra care of your laundry, meaning clothes will look like new for longer. If only the best will do, choose the Miele W1 WSI863.


Miele W1 WSI863  | Verdict price £1349 | Check best price on AO.com

Also worth considering is the Miele W1 WSR863WPS – £1674. This is essentially the same machine but with touch screen controls & display.

Affordable Miele washing machine W1 WSA023

Affordable Miele Quality
Miele W1 WSA023 | Verdict price £530
See price at AO.com


Straight A Grades
AEG OkoMix | Verdict price £715
See price on AO.com

Recommended, best buy, review of ultimate 10kg big drum washing machine.

Large drum & whisper quiet
Siemens IQ-700 | Verdict price £1090
See price on AO.com

Miele-W1-WSI863-The best washing machine money can buy

Near perfect + 10-year warranty
Miele W1 | Verdict price £1349
See price on AO.com

Why a long warranty is important

No manufacturer wants customers to return their purchase or report a problem. Product failure represents a significant financial cost & damage to the company’s reputation. This is especially so when the product is under warranty. What’s interesting is that each manufacturer knows their own return levels and with this data can calculate the business cost of offering an extended warranty. 

When a company offers a long warranty, it does so knowing that the number of returns will be tiny. Essentially, manufacturer warranty along with real-world owner experience is the best guide of a washing machine’s life expectancy.

Choose one of the four recommended models & you’ll get an excellent washing machine that’s built to last.

Best Washing Machine under £600
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