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Best Charcoal BBQ UK – Grills for the Garden, Camping & Beyond

Top rated charcoal barbecues compared. Weber Go-Anywhere, Compact, Master-Touch, VonHaus & More

Updated: Saturday 13 Apr 2024

Tasty food cooked over charcoal for real bbq flavour. Steak kebab sausages vegetables

There’s everything to like about cooking outdoors and now is the best time to buy a charcoal BBQ.

Food grilled over charcoal has a wonderful flavour that cannot be matched by a gas grill. Adding to the authentic taste, the best charcoal BBQ is easy to use and costs significantly less than the gas equivalent, especially now with soaring gas prices.

There is a real pleasure in cooking over a real fire that can’t be replicated with a push-button ignition & propane canister.

Best Charcoal Barbecue UK

Buying the best charcoal barbecue can be tricky. Although there are 100s to choose from, it can be difficult to separate the good from the average. And with everyone looking forward to better weather, they’re selling out – fast. 

Clearly, great cooking performance is the top priority. It must also be easy to assemble, use & keep clean. Add these details to build quality, design, features, portability and grill size and you have the winning criteria that differentiate the best charcoal BBQs, from the mediocre.

We have scrutinised specifications, compared real-world insight and eaten too many sausages in order to help you choose the best charcoal BBQ…

small compact portable bbq with locking stand air vents and handle with heat shield
Weber Go-Anywhere – Easy to store, carry, use & clean

Best Portable BBQ
Weber Go-Anywhere

The Weber Go-Anywhere is the best portable BBQ, by some margin. The compact design is easy to store, carry, use and clean. Plus, it’s well built, sturdy and best of all, it performs brilliantly.

The space-saving design makes it perfect for smaller gatherings at home, camping or a trip to the beach. Whatever your plans, this compact Weber BBQ means great food anywhere.

Depending on your appetite, the grilling area (1025cm²) is workable for a family of four. Saying that – we have cooked for double this number on our long term test model.

The new model has a heat shield to protect the handle. This is a welcome addition, although you will still need a glove or similar to adjust the air vents – it’s a BBQ & it gets hot!

The Weber Go-Anywhere is a top-quality model that’s easy to use, performs brilliantly and as the name suggests, can go anywhere. Plus, it’s built to last. For under £100 you get a great charcoal bbq that you’ll be using year after year.


Weber Go-Anywhere | Verdict Price £87
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budget weber charcoal bbq kettle on wheels with lid air vents, ash tray and 47cm diameter grill
Weber Compact – Well built & Affordable

Budget Charcoal BBQ [BEST SELLER]
Weber Compact 47cm

The Weber Compact is well built, highly rated and (when available) very affordable.

Big enough for the whole family and capable of handling small gatherings, the Weber Compact is a great choice for most households. Stable to use, easy to move and with the certainty of Weber quality and long warranty, this BBQ ticks all the boxes at the affordable end of the market. 

The Weber Compact is made from durable steel and aluminium. The steel dome is porcelain enamelled, which means it can handle the heat and prevent corrosion. This is backed up by a 10 year no rust through or burn-through warranty. The plated steel cooking rack is well made. Not only will it last, but the durable finish also makes it easy to clean.

What’s good to know, is there are plenty of Weber BBQs that are still going strong after 10 years of use. 

This affordable charcoal BBQ is a great choice for most households. Compact, yet big enough for most occasions and built to last, season after season.


Weber Compact | Verdict Price £89
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large rectangular charcoal bbq with variable height rack shelves warmer lid ash tray thermometer and bottle opener
VonHaus BBQ – High Specification Charcoal Grill

American Style BBQ Grill [BEST BUY]
VonHaus Charcoal

This model from VonHaus is a step up from your basic BBQ. Perfect for everything from grilling sausages to preparing a lavish feast, this grill has all the right refinements and detail.

Beneath the large grill plate, the charcoal tray is height adjustable. This makes it easy to control the heat intensity, as you cook. Then there’s a warming rack. This is great for resting cooked meat or simply to keep food warm.

The thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking, meaning you know exactly when it’s up to temperature. And, the side shelves mean there’s somewhere to put dishes, tools & a beer or two. There’s even a bottle opener!

For cleaning, there’s a pull-out tray to remove the ash. Importantly the grill plate is made from porcelain enamelled, cast iron. This is easy to clean and will last much longer than chromed steel. Also of note, is that the shelf folds down making it easy to store.

There’s everything to like about this VonHaus BBQ. It’s well built, easy to use and perfect for all occasions.


VonHaus Grill | Verdict Price £149
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large fully featured premium charcoal barbecue for entertaining
Weber Master-Touch – Easy to use & built to last

Ultimate Charcoal BBQ
Weber Master-Touch

The Weber Master-Touch BBQ has a large cooking area and it’s built to last. If you have used a Weber grill before, you’ll be expecting a top-notch barbecue – and this model won’t disappoint. 

This new design has numerous refinements and advantages compared to budget models. These include a temperature gauge, hooks for tools, handle heat shield, insulated turner on the air vents, lid holder and the gourmet BBQ system.

The gourmet BBQ system brings endless possibilities. The simple but effective system enables you to swap in different accessories ranging from a pizza stone and poultry roaster to a waffle maker and wok. Just add sunshine, a few beers & you’re good to go.

This Weber kettle barbecue ticks all the boxes. A high specification, versatility and excellent build quality make the Master-Touch a great choice for everyone. 


Weber Master-Touch | Verdict Price £309
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Buyers Guide

Much of the decision in choosing the best BBQ is about size and budget. Trying to cook for lots of people on a tiny grill is hard work and best avoided! 

The basic grill must have air vents above and below, plus a lid to control and retain temperature. Open grills have a simplicity to them but are difficult to keep at the right temperature, long enough, to cook food. 

Choosing a dome or rectangular grill is largely a personal preference. Although the shelves and warming rack on the American style grill, do add to its appeal. Alternatively, a small table by the kettle BBQ works too.

Whether you’re thinking portable, kettle or rectangular, choose from the recommendations here and you’ll get the best charcoal barbecue for your budget. 

Barbecue Accessories

Along with the standard tools, there are loads of extras to consider. Moving away from the long list, there are a few ‘must-have’ accessories, that make life a little easier. 

  1. Use a chimney starter to get your BBQ started, quickly and easily. Perfect for red-hot charcoal, without hassle.
  2. With the British weather, it’s likely that you won’t be cooking outdoors every day! Using a cover will mean that your barbecue lasts much longer. It will save you money in the long run.
  3. A food thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking meat and fish. Forget dried out chicken or part cooked sausages and instead enjoy the compliments from serving perfectly cooked food, every time.

History of the Kettle BBQ

In the early 1950s, George A. Stephens invented the kettle grill. He did this by cutting a metal buoy in half, adding vents, grate & legs. Essentially, this is the same design we love and use today. 


Weber Compact
Quality BBQ that's affordable & built to last


VonHaus Charcoal
Great specification with large grill area


Weber Master-Touch
This wonderful BBQ is robust, fully featured & easy to use

UK Verdict

All our recommendations do the basics well and take any frustration out of charcoal cooking. If you’re after a portable BBQ or simply want a small compact grill, the Weber Go-Anywhere is perfect. The design & build quality are superb. Plus, it’s easy to use, store & move.

If you’re staying in the garden, the Weber Compact is affordable and great for small gatherings.

For larger parties, the choice is between the American style VonHaus grill and the more traditional Weber kettle design. Both barbecues are easy to use & easy to clean.

Although there’s a convenience to the VonHaus design, the Weber is more mobile and has the gourmet system – making it good for pizza & more. In short, the VonHaus is better value for money, but price aside the Weber Master-Touch is our top choice.


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