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Best Cordless Leaf Blower UK – Lightweight & Easy to Use

Forget the garden brush. Keep your lawn, paths & patio clear with the best cordless leaf blower

best cordless leaf blower - clear garden leaves from paths, lawns & drives

The best cordless leaf blower makes clearing autumn leaves a breeze. There’s no need to spend a fortune, as there are good models that will work wonders on your paths, patios, borders and lawns. 

However, it’s important to choose the right model for you & your garden. We don’t recommend corded or noisy petrol models. Nor do we rate garden vacuums. A cordless leaf blower gets the job done quicker and with less fuss than a garden vac, rake or brush.

Best Cordless Leaf Blowers 2022

The best leaf blower is powerful, lightweight, easy to use and reasonably quiet. Plus, the battery must keep going for long enough to finish the job and be compatible with a wide range range of power tools.

Whatever your garden size and budget, avoid the duds and save yourself hours of research – choose from the recommended models detailed below & get the best cordless leaf blower for your garden…

Bosch ALB 18 LI budget cordless leaf blower with battery
Budget Buy – Bosch ALB 18 LI

Best Budget Cordless Leaf Blower [BEST SELLER]
Bosch ALB 18 LI

The Bosch ALB 18 Li performs well, it’s affordable and comes complete with a battery and charger. 

This dedicated leaf blower delivers decent airflow via a narrow funnel to clear leaves quickly & without fuss. This is a key difference from blowers/vacs that require a wide funnel to suck leaves through. Garden vacuums block easily and take ages to clean (usually required after each use.)

Weighing 1.8 kg (with battery) the compact design is easy to use and is perfect for clearing garden leaves. And while these power tools can never be described as quiet, at 80dB, this model is noticeably quieter than most.

If you want an effective & affordable cordless leaf blower, the Bosch ALB 18 Li is a great choice. Plus, the battery will work with all Bosch Power4All power tools. 

SPECIFICATION: Airflow: 58m/s | Airflow Vol: 2m³/min | Weight: 1.8Kg | Length: 89 cm | Noise: 80dB | Supplied battery 2.5Ah | Runtime: 17 Minutes | Charge time: 60 Minutes

Bosch | Verdict Price £84
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Battery & Charger Included

Dewalt DCV100-XJ 18v cordless blower for uk cars paths and workshops
Multipurpose Cordless Blower – Dewalt DCV100-XJ 18v

Best Cordless Blower for Cars, Paths & Workshop
Dewalt DCV100-XJ 18v

Dewalt has an excellent reputation for top-end, trade power tools. And this cordless blower is no exception – It’s powerful and very effective for clearing leaves from gardens & more.

In addition to blowing leaves, this model is also good for clearing workshops, sheds, garages, drying cars and clearing snow. The two-part nozzle means it works as a compact (short) device or extended as a leaf blower.

With three speeds you can match the airflow to the job at hand. Turn it down to remove leaves around delicate shrubs and clear gravel paths or crank it up to blast everything quickly.

Adding to the impressive specification, this blower works as an inflator for airbeds etc.

The 18v Dewalt DCV100-XJ is sold as a bare unit. This means you’ll need to buy a battery and charger separately. Choose a small battery 2Ah if weight is important or a large battery 5Ah for longer runtime.

This model from Dewalt is your one-stop blower for the garage and garden. Powerful & robust it will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

SPECIFICATION: Airflow: 80m/s | Airflow Vol: 2.8m³/min | Weight: 1.3Kg (+Battery) | Length: 80 cm | Noise: 96dB

Dewalt Leaf Blower | Verdict Price £79
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Choose battery & charger separately

Makita DUB186Z 18v - the uk's best cordless leaf blower
Best Buy – Makita DUB186Z 18v

Best Cordless Leaf Blower
Makita DUB186Z

Powerful, effective & affordable – the Makita DUB186Z is the top choice for clearing leaves from paths, borders & lawns.

Compact, durable & lightweight this model is powerful & easy to use. Similar to Dewalt, Makita is a premium & quality trade brand. The compatible Makita LXT batteries fit a wide range (100+) of superb power and garden tools.

The three-speed controls mean you can set the blower speed for optimum results. Low power is good for clearing flower beds & loose stone paths. Plus, dialling down the power also conserves the battery life. Turn up the dial and this model will blow everything away!

SPECIFICATION: Airflow: 68m/s | Airflow Vol: 3.2m³/min | Weight: 1.2Kg (+Battery) | Length: 86 cm | Noise: 92dB

Makita Leaf Blower | Verdict Price £71
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Choose battery & charger separately

powerful 36v Makita DUB362Z leaf blower for trade and professional use
Powerful 36v Cordless Leaf Blower – Makita DUB362Z

Powerful Cordless Leaf Blower
Makita DUB362Z

The best high-powered leaf blower is the 36v Makita DUB362Z. Durable and very effective, this is the right choice for anyone who’s looking to clear large areas, quickly. It’s the number one trade choice.

This model uses two 18v batteries, delivering the best of both worlds, compatibility & power. The 18v Makita LXT battery fits well over 100 power tools and with 36v powering this leaf blower, you’ll shift anything & everything!

Powered by a brushless motor, this model is designed for the trade. It will work all day, every day, year after year – no problem. Brushless motors are more efficient too. This translates to lower battery drain and longer runtime.

In terms of usability, the extra power does mean it’s heavier than some, but with variable speed and an adjustable nozzle length, this Makita blower ticks all the boxes.

In summary, if you’re looking to buy a super-powerful leaf blower and want the durability & longevity of a brushless motor, choose the Makita DUB362Z – it will blow you away!

SPECIFICATION: Airflow: 54m/s | Airflow Vol: 13.4m³/min | Weight: 2.7Kg (+Batteries) | Length: Variable nozzle | Noise: 94dB

Makita Leaf Blower | Verdict Price £227
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Choose batteries & charger separately

Cordless Leaf Blower Buyers Guide

Airflow Speed (m/s) & Airflow Volume (m³/min)

Both are useful measures of performance. Airflow speed increases with a smaller nozzle (think blowing through a straw). Ideally, you want high airflow through a large nozzle. Airflow volume is the quantity of air shifted in one minute. A higher airflow volume is a superior comparative measurement and translates better to how long it takes to clear a garden.

In short, use airflow volume to make comparisons (not airflow speed – which is more of a marketing term)

Don’t Buy a Garden Vacuum

We recommend that you buy a leaf blower – not a garden vac or combo. A good leaf blower is effective, easy to use and allows you to get the job done quickly & without any fuss. Garden vacs (& combos) sound good, but in reality, they tend to get blocked, can be fiddly to use and require regular cleaning. 

Don’t Buy Petrol Blowers

Petrol models are noisy, bad for the environment and expensive. Battery technology has improved in recent years. In 2022, cordless models perform well, are super convenient and are much more affordable.

What About Larger Gardens?

Cordless models are limited by the battery capacity and associated runtime. For bigger gardens, we recommend buying a second battery, doubling the runtime – simple!

Forget Corded Garden Tools

Power tools should make life easier. Struggling with an extension lead and being tethered by a cord is no longer an option in 2022. The best cordless leaf blowers are super portable, reach anywhere and will help you get the job done quickly – no faffing with a cable required.

TOP TIP: Use the same battery for all same brand devices. Owning one or two batteries that fit all your power tools makes owning cordless kit, cheap and convenient.


Affordable, effective and comes complete with a battery + charger.
Makita DUB186Z - BEST BUY
Compact, durable & lightweight this leaf blower is powerful & easy to use

UK VERDICT – Best Cordless Leaf Blowers

The Bosch ALB 18 LI is a decent choice for most UK gardens. Complete with battery & charger, it’s great value for money and the Power4All Bosch battery will fit numerous other Bosch power tools ranging from drills to lawnmowers. 

For flexibility, the Dewalt is a popular buy. Designed to handle numerous jobs, it’s a good choice for anyone thinking beyond clearing the leaves and an easy choice if you already own Dewalt batteries.

The Makita DUB186Z wins our overall Best Buy. Powerful & affordable, it ticks all the boxes.

The trade / professional choice is the Makita DUB362Z. The brushless motor delivers power, control & reliability. This model a great buy for professional gardeners and an excellent upgrade from the old petrol blowers.

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