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Best Height Adjustable Monitor for Home & Office 2024

Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Height Adjustable Monitor

computer monitors compared small to large with sharp bright colours

Choosing the right monitor for the home or office should be straightforward. Screen technology, size and overall quality are key. However, for a healthy spine, a height adjustable monitor is also a must-have.

Computer monitors use three different types of screen panel technology – IPS, VA & TN. Each technology has its own advantages. VA is good for video, TN for games and IPS is the right choice for home working. Plus, it’s the best all-round option. Should you fancy watching a film or playing a game on your new IPS screen, you won’t be disappointed.

Best Height Adjustable Monitors

All our best buys use the latest IPS technology and come with a height-adjustable stand. We don’t recommend VA or TN screens for home working or for general use. Thinking about size, big is (usually) better. While screens are grouped together based on the diagonal measurement, it makes more sense to use the width (quoted below in the specifications) to find the right size for your space.

If you plan to use your new monitor for work, IPS technology & a height adjustable stand are must-have requirements. Then comes price, size & quality. We’ve compared 76 monitors to recommend the best height adjustable monitors, ranked by size…

24-inch iiyama computer monitor facing and in profile showing colourful reptile
iiyama height adjustable monitor 24 inch

Best 24-Inch Monitor
iiyama XUB2492HSU-W1 IPS

24-inch monitors are the most popular size screen in the UK. And this model from iiyama stands out above the rest. It has a good specification, an adjustable stand, it’s highly rated by owners and best of all, it’s reasonably priced (although often sold out).

Using IPS technology, it has good all-round credentials – accurate colours, good response time and it’s easily viewed from any angle.

The stand tilts and is height adjustable (130cm), which is unusual at this price – It’s easy to find the perfect position for work or fun. The ultra-slim bezel gives it a premium look & feel. Plus with its own speakers & a headphone socket, you have all the sound options.

You may not be familiar with the iiyama brand, but they have been selling great displays in the UK for over twenty years and have plenty of long-standing happy customers.

This iiyama monitor is the perfect screen for office work & it’s good for games & Netflix too. If you’re looking for an affordable, quality 24-inch monitor that ticks all the right boxes – this is it!


iiyama 24-inch | Verdict Price
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27-inch Viewsonic height adjustable monitor front on and in profile showing colourful reptile
Viewsonic height adjustable monitor 27 inch

Best 27-inch IPS Monitor
ViewSonic VG2719-2K

A QHD screen is a must-have for a 27-inch monitor. Close-up, the extra pixels will improve the definition and make everything sharper. Fortunately, the price of these screens has dropped in recent years and within this category, the ViewSonic VG2719-2k does everything well. Plus, it’s excellent value for money.

Accurate colours, wide viewing angles and a high resolution make this monitor a joy to use. There are cheaper 27-inches screens, but many are FHD (rather than QHD) and lack sharpness & clarity.

Full HD (1920×1080) is perfect for a 24-inch screen. However, spread the same number of pixels (or dots) over a bigger area (27-inch screen) and everything starts to look somewhat blurred. QHD (2560×1440) means that you get an extra 1.6million pixels (dots) making everything on a 27-inch QHD monitor super sharp. The ViewSonic QHD does cost more than the equivalent Full HD, but it’s worth the extra cash. 

Connectivity is good too with two HDMI connectors and a display port. This means less scrambling around the back, to change a connection if the screen is used with multiple devices. Every audio option is taken care of, with input/output sockets plus this device has its own 3W speakers.

Vertical & Tilt + Portrait Option

Another big positive for this ViewSonic model is the stand. The vertical positioning gives 110mm of adjustment to give you the perfect viewing angle. For anyone who’s ever had a sore neck or bad back, a better viewing position will definitely help. Plus, it will rotate through 90 degrees, meaning you can use it in a portrait position. Alternatively, this monitor also has VESA 100 mount.

There’s everything to like about this IPS Viewsonic monitor. It has a top-notch technical specification, a good stand and best of all, this QHD screen is excellent value.


Viewsonic 27-Inch | Verdict Price
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32-inch Philips height adjustable monitor front on and in profile showing colourful reptile
Philips height adjustable monitor 32 inch

Best 32-Inch Monitor
Philips 326P1H, 32 inch

If you work with several windows open simultaneously, a 32-inch screen makes everything easier and quicker. And this model from Philips delivers a crisp QHD display, has a decent ergonomic stand & two standout features…

  1. The USB type-C docking station with power delivery means you can connect all your devices to the monitor and then dock your laptop with a single cable. All data transfer is super-fast & it’ll charge your laptop at the same time.
  2. Unlike most monitors at this price, quality speakers, a microphone and a webcam are all included. Perfect for all those Zoom meetings.

Whether you’re a keen multitasker or focus on a single Window, a large screen makes a huge difference to work tasks, videos and games. As a comparison, a 32-inch monitor gives you over 35% more viewing area than a 27-inch screen. With a large monitor, it’s often better to sit a little further back from the screen although getting the right height is still critical to a healthy working position.

As with all our recommendations, the stand tilts and can be adjusted vertically allowing you to find the right ergonomic position. Essentially, helping you avoid neck & back strain.

If you have space, there’s every reason to choose a 32-inch monitor and while it’s possible to spend a small fortune on a screen this size, this model from Philips does everything well – it’s a great choice for home and office.

SPECIFICATION: SCREEN TYPE: IPS | DIMENSIONS: W71xD28 | HEIGHT: 42 to 65 | RESOLUTION: QHD 2560×1440 | CONTRAST RATIO: 1000:1 | RESPONSE TIME: 4ms | REFRESH RATE: 60Hz | SPEAKERS: Yes | Webcam: Yes | Microphone: Yes | INPUTS: Display Port + HDMIx2 + USB-C +USB3x4

Philips 32-inch | Verdict Price £434
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What Else Do I Need to Know?

There’s little benefit in comparing a £200 monitor to one costing £2000, so we don’t do that! Instead, Verum has compared 76 models ranging from around £100 up to £500. We scrutinise specifications, cross-reference data and take on owner feedback to give you a shortlist of the best all-round monitors to buy, right now.

Screen Resolution

The number of pixels or dots on the screen defines how sharp everything appears. The more pixels the better. However, this is only evident on larger screens. Here are the specifications to look out for…


HD or HD Ready is suitable for small laptop screens but isn’t recommended for a large second or primary monitor.
Resolution 1280×720 | Pixels 921,600

Full HD – Best for 24 inch screens

Full HD or FHD gives more than double the number of pixels compared to an HD Ready screen. Perfect for a monitor up to 24-inch.
Resolution 1920×1080 | Pixels 2,073,600

QuadHD – Best for 27 & 32 inch screens

Often shortened to QHD or 2k. The right choice for 27 & 32-inch screens.
Resolution 2560×1440 | Pixels 3,686,400

4K – Best for screens 40 inch screens

If you’re thinking of a 40-inch screen or above, then the 4k option is worth the extra money. However, at 27 or 32-inch you won’t be able to detect the difference between QuadHD & 4k (apart from the cost!)
Resolution 4096×3072 | Pixels 12,582,912

Screen Size

A large screen is preferable. But this does depend on the size of your desk & where you’ll be using it. Most of us sit close to the screen and with this in mind, a 27 or 32-inch screen is awesome to work on. That said, if you have limited space, a 24-inch screen is considerably better than any laptop screen. Choosing a big screen means you need more pixels for a sharp display. For a 27″ screen opt for QHD. Anything smaller, the FHD is good.

Screen Position & Avoiding a Sore Back

Do consider the stand type or alternatively invest in a wall-mounted display. Having a screen that’s correctly positioned really does help avoid a sore neck and back. This is especially true if you spend hours in front of your computer.

The top of the screen should be just below eye level & at a distance of 0.5m or an arm’s length.

Jargon Buster – Specifications Explained

To give you the complete picture, VA screens are best for watching Netflix and alike. They deliver an excellent contrast ratio (deeper blacks) and generally have a wide viewing angle. TN displays are the right choice for gamers, as they have the highest refresh rate (less motion blur). If the primary use is working from home, an IPS device is the best choice.

There are three main panel types, IPS, VA and TN. Unfortunately, none of these technologies does everything brilliantly – each having its benefits and negatives.

TN Twisted Nematic – Best for Gamers

+ Good response time means less blurring in fast-moving games
+ Cheap
– Limited viewing angle
– Poor colour accuracy

VA Vertical Alignment – Best for Video

+ High contrast ratio (deep blacks) – great for Netflix, iPlayer etc.
+ Excellent viewing angles
– Slow response time compared to TN Colour accuracy inferior to IPS

IPS In-Plane Switching – Best All-Round Screen

+ Excellent colour accuracy & consistency
+ Excellent viewing angles
– Lower contrast ratio than VA

IPS screens are the best all-round option. For reference, Apple chooses IPS technology for its ProDisplay – This costs over £5000!


iiyama 24-inch
Affordable quality screen that's height adjustable for perfect ergonomics
Viewsonic 27 Inch
Accurate colours, a wide viewing angles and a high resolution make this height adjustable monitor a joy to use
Philips 32-inch
A large, crisp, adjustable height QHD screen


The best monitor for home working and all-round performance uses IPS technology. In addition to this, a height adjustable monitor is also a must-have to find the perfect position for you. Then it’s about quality and size. Choose from the recommended models detailed above and you won’t be disappointed.

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