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Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner 2024 UK – Hoover, Sebo, Shark & More

Make light work of cleaning your home with a powerful corded upright vacuum cleaner

uk recommended upright vacuum cleaner corded

The best upright vacuum cleaner is effective powerful and robust. It will help you clean your home quickly – with zero fuss.

We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to. Here you will find the best corded upright vacuum cleaner – for you & your home. Whatever your budget, take a look at the top-rated models below to see which best buy vac is right for you.

Upright vacuums have been around for longer than the cylinder design. And although uprights are generally heavier than cylinder & cordless models, a good upright is often easier to use, as the wheels carry the weight. Also, a corded upright vacuum has a significant power advantage over cordless models and importantly it’s frustration-free – you’ll never have to worry about a flat battery!

Why Buy a Corded Upright Vacuum?

If you’ve always used an upright vacuum, then there’s good reason to stay with the upright design. Choose the right model (see best buys below) and keeping your home squeaky clean will be easier & quicker. The alternative cylinder vacuum tends to be lighter but often needs carrying rather than simply wheeling it.

Also worth considering, is a cordless vacuum. However, be aware that the good ones are costly and can be frustrating to use with limited run time before they need recharging. Most people use a cordless model in addition to the main corded vacuum.

Hard floors or carpets? Homes with or without pets? Bagged or bagless? The Verum top recommendations range from under £100 to over £300. Keep reading to find the right model for your home

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Below you’ll find the best upright vacuums available in the UK.

We’ve compared 49 upright vacuum cleaners to recommend the best 2024 models you can buy in the UK, right now – Saving you time & money. Read on to see which standout vacuum is best suited to your home & budget…

Best budget Hoover Breeze Evo Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner TH31BO01
Hoover Breeze Evo Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Budget Bagless Hoover Breeze

£79 | Buy Now from Amazon

This upright hoover stands out for all the right reasons – Not only is it effective, but it’s also excellent value for money

Designed for both hard floors and carpets, this easy-to-use upright vacuum will make it quicker & easier to keep your home clean.

The 7m cord gives good reach for most homes. Especially impressive is the hose length which extends to 4.5m. This means you can clean the stairs with the upright vacuum firmly planted on the ground floor. No heavy lifting is required.

This Hoover is all about doing the basics well. It’s quick to assemble, the instructions make sense and the controls are straightforward. If you want an affordable upright vacuum cleaner that makes the chore of cleaning quicker and easier, then choose the Hoover Breeze Evo.

SPECIFICATION: WEIGHT 5KG | CORD LENGTH 7m | HOSE LENGTH 4.5m | CAPACITY 3 Litres | POWER 850w | TOOLS Crevice + Dusting Nozzle

Affordable & Effective, this Hoover Breeze is perfect for homes with or without pets

best pet upright vacuum cleaner Shark NV620UKT
Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner Pet Vacuum

Bagless Upright for Pets – Shark Lift-Away

£179 | Buy Now from Amazon

This Shark upright vacuum cleaner has standout features that make cleaning your home easier.

At the touch of a button, you can switch between hard floors and carpets. But what’s more impressive is how easily you can lift away the cylinder to clean stairs, soft furnishings or the car. This means you get all the benefits of an upright vacuum coupled with the lightweight manoeuvrability of a cylinder system.

The powered brush head (even in portable/cylinder mode) does the hard work of removing hair and everything else. This is especially good for carpets.

Always important is the effectiveness of the filter. Too many models suck everything in, only to blow the muck out again – clearly, this must be avoided! Happily, this Shark achieves 99.9% retention. This is especially important if anyone in your household suffers from allergies.

This Shark upright vacuum cleaner is highly rated by owners and achieves the Verum Best Buy award for performance & price.

SPECIFICATION: WEIGHT 7KG | CORD LENGTH 8m | HOSE LENGTH 1.5m | CAPACITY 0.83 Litres | POWER 750w | TOOLS Upholstery / Crevice / Dusting brush | FILTER 99.5%

Looking for a powerful and effective, bagless upright vacuum cleaner? Click the button below to check availability & price

best bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner SEBO 91506GB
SEBO Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Best Bagged Upright – Sebo X7 Extra

£399 | Buy Now on Amazon

The Sebo X7 Extra is built like a tank. This incredibly robust bagged upright vacuum cleaner will keep going for years. Powered by a large 890w motor this upright vacuum is superb on all floors & it’s built to last.

The Verum long-term test model is over 9 years old and continues to work like new.

The bag capacity is a huge 5.3 litres. This model is great for bigger homes or anyone who hates emptying their vacuum too often! Plus, with an extra-long 10m power cord, the Sebo X7 Extra has excellent reach.

A helpful feature of this vacuum is that the main brush slides out for cleaning. Meaning that it’s easy to remove hair from the rotating brushes.

The SEBO X7 Extra is the Verum top choice for a bagged upright vacuum.

It costs a few quid more than other models, but the build quality is superb. And by lasting longer, it will save you money over time.

SPECIFICATION: WEIGHT 7.4KG | CORD LENGTH 10m | HOSE LENGTH 2.8m | CAPACITY 5.3 Litres | POWER 890w | TOOLS Upholstery / Crevice / Dusting brush | FILTER 99.97%

Looking for the best powerful & robust bagged vacuum? This SEBO is the top choice

Best bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Shark Stratos NZ860UKT
Shark Stratos NZ860UKT – Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Ultimate Bagless Upright Vac – Shark Stratos

£229 | Buy Now from Amazon

The Shark Stratos is perfect for all floors, furniture and car. Do you simply want the best upright vacuum cleaner for your home? This is it & here’s why…

This vacuum has two motorised brush rollers which combine to draw out embedded dirt & lift hair from carpets and hard floors. Adding to this the ‘anti-hair wrap’ technology removes the hair from the rollers as you clean – you’ll never again need to pick hair from clogged rollers!

The simple controls allow you to switch easily (button on the handle) between hard floor, carpet & deep pile.

If you struggle hoovering stairs, this upright vacuum cleaner is for you. At the touch of a button, it transforms into a highly portable & lightweight vacuum cleaner

The filter works to 99.9% efficiency and the anti-odour technology helps prevent smells from hanging around.

SPECIFICATION: WEIGHT 6.7KG | CORD LENGTH 8m | HOSE LENGTH 1.5m | CAPACITY 1.3 Litres | POWER 750w | TOOLS Crevice + Multi-surface tool + Turbo pet brush

The Shark Stratos is good for all floor types. It’s easy to use, the motorised brush head works brilliantly & it’s got decent filters. Plus, it converts into a portable vac and has anti-odour technology

Bagged vs. Bagless – which is better?

Bags offer convenience and are less messy. Collecting the muck that comes off the floor into a bag, makes it easy to transfer everything, straight into the bin. Plus, buying a quality vacuum with filters that remove over 99% of exhaust dust is somewhat of a false investment if emptying the device releases a dust cloud, back into your home!

That said, bags are expensive and they have an environmental cost. More and more UK homes are switching to bagless vacuum cleaners. And while many of us have concerns about bagless technology, once upgraded, you’ll wonder why!

Why the Warranty is Important

A long warranty gives peace of mind and to some degree is a vote of confidence from the manufacturer. No company wants to guarantee a product, knowing it will fail.

Most vacuum cleaners only have a 12-month warranty. However, both the recommended models from Shark and the SEBO come with a reassuring five years.


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Hoover Breeze Evo
Budget vacuum cleaner that's effective, compact & affordable
Shark Lift-Away
Clever design features make this upright vacuum the Verum bagless best buy
Sebo X7 Extra
Built to last, this bagged model will help keep your home squeakly clean for years to come


If you’re looking for an affordable upright vacuum cleaner the Shark Lift-Away is hard to beat. It’s powerful, lightweight and very effective. Regardless of whether you have a pet, this model will keep your carpets, hard floors & upholstery, dust & hair-free.

Spending more will afford you better suction, more advanced filters and superior design. The bagged Sebo is designed to last a lifetime and is the top bagged option.

At the top end of the market is the Shark Stratos. It’s expensive but does everything brilliantly.


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