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Best Filter Coffee Machine for ‘All-Day’ Hot Coffee UK

We've compared 42 models to recommend the UK Top 4 - Check out the Melitta if you need HOT coffee all day...

best filter coffee machines uk 2021

Does all-day hot coffee sound good? Well, we’ve found the best filter coffee machine for you. There are plenty of ways to make decent coffee, but if you need more than a few cups, a filter machine is a great choice.

The best filter coffee machines are hassle-free, easy to clean and make (lots) of good coffee. Plus, our Best Buy will keep your coffee hot all day – perfect if you’re working from home.

A filter coffee maker can make a dozen cups in a matter of minutes. Plus, they’re cheap to buy and cheap to run. All our recommendations work with or without filter papers – none require expensive coffee capsules.

Best Filter Coffee Machine 2024

The best filter coffee machines (detailed below), all make great coffee. They are well-built and easy to use. In addition to these ‘must-have’ qualities, size and functions are important. A timer means you can wake up to the smell of fresh coffee.

Keeping the coffee hot is important and while a decent warming plate is good, what’s better is an unbreakable, insulated, stainless steel jug.

Take a look at the recommended models below to see which model is right for you…

budget best buy affordable filter coffee machine with glass jug
Geepas filter coffee machine – Great value

Best Cheap Filter Coffee Machine – Geepas 1.5L

For under thirty quid, the Geepas filter coffee machine makes lots of good coffee and it’s very affordable.

Easy to use, the 1.5-litre jug means you can brew up to 10 cups in one go. This should keep everyone happy.

The filter basket works with or without filter papers and the whole device is easy to clean. Both the jug and the funnel are dishwasher safe. The Geepas has the safety features, you’d expect. Left alone for 40 minutes, it will turn itself off and has an anti-drip function plus boil-dry protection. 

There’s no timer on this model, but if you’re after a no-fuss, cheap filter coffee machine – choose the Geepas.

SPECIFICATION: Capacity: 1.5l | Timer: No | Power: 1000w | Auto Shut Off: 40 mins | Warming Plate: Yes | Anti Drip Feature: Yes | Washable filter: Yes (can also use papers)

Geepas Coffee Maker | Verdict Price £23
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Large filter coffee machine with water filter and timer
Breville Mostra 1.8L coffee maker – Large jug and water purifier

Large Filter Coffee Machine – Breville 1.8L

Looking for a large filter coffee machine? The Breville Mostra ticks all the boxes. Along with a large capacity jug, it comes with a host of additional great features.

This model is clever. The granules are pre-soaked to extract the maximum flavour and the water is filtered to ensure coffee perfection. Plus, the colour-coded scoop makes it easy to get the measurements right, every time.

Set the timer and you’ll wake up to the smell of fresh coffee. The freshness indicator takes the guesswork out of timings and should you need your coffee in a hurry, the pause and serve feature allows you to grab your drink, while the machine is still brewing.

There are two standout reasons to buy this model. The capacity means it makes 4 to 12 cups of coffee. Plus, the enhanced features and water filtering mean better-tasting coffee.

SPECIFICATION: Capacity: 1.8l | Timer: Yes | Power: 1000w | Auto Shut Off: 30 mins | Warming Plate: Yes | Anti Drip Feature: Yes | Washable filter: | Filtered Water: Yes

Breville Mostra | Verdict Price £29
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best buy filter coffee machine with timer and stainless steel jug that stays hot and is unbreakable
Melitta Look – Good coffee and an insulated jug to keep your coffee hot

Best Filter Coffee Machine – Melitta Look

The best filter coffee machine you can buy is the Melitta Look. The stainless steel coffee pot will keep your coffee hotter for longer.

The double-walled insulated coffee pot will keep your coffee at the right temperature, in a way that a glass jug can’t. Electrical regulations stipulate that coffee machines must turn themselves off after a period of inactivity. Your coffee goes cold in a glass jug, but the Melitta stainless steel thermos means your coffee stays hot – all day.

The Melitta Look V coffee machine will outlast cheaper models. It’s well made and the steel pot is less likely to break than a glass jug. As with all coffee machines, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your new machine clean and free from limescale. 

In summary, the Melitta Look filter coffee machine does everything the cheaper models do, plus it will keep your favourite beverage hot for longer. If you want hot coffee and like the idea of an unbreakable jug – choose our overall Best Buy – The Melitta Look.

SPECIFICATION: Capacity: 1.25l | Timer: Yes | Power: 1000w | Auto Shut Off: Yes | Insulated Jug | Anti Drip Feature: Yes | Washable filter: Yes (can also use papers)

Melitta Look V | Verdict Price £62
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Smeg drip brew filter coffee machine with timer and glass jug. Black design six colours available
SMEG Coffee Machine – Available in six colours

Retro Filter Coffee Machine – Smeg DCF02BLUK

The iconic looks may be the standout reason to buy the Smeg coffee machine. However, what’s more, is that owners rave about the excellent coffee.

This model makes ten cups of coffee, quickly and quietly. The timer is easy to use and there’s an aroma intensity setting that allows you to make coffee exactly as you like it. 

A small downside is that it can be a little awkward to fill, using the coffee jug. (TIP: Use a carafe or bottle to fill)

Buying this Smeg for its beautiful retro design is an easy decision. However, choosing one of the six colours can be tough – Click the link below to see all options.

SPECIFICATION: Capacity: 1.4l | Timer: Yes | Power: 1050w | Auto Shut Off: 20 minutes | Warming Plate: Yes | Anti Drip Feature: Yes | Washable filter: Yes (can also use papers)

Smeg | Verdict Price £189
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Why Has My Coffee Gone Cold?

There are various rating standards associated with coffee machines – designed to help us save energy. With specific regard to coffee makers, the regulations state that coffee machines are required to turn themselves off (including the hotplate) after a period of non-activity (Around 30 minutes for most specifications). This can mean cold coffee unless you opt for the Melitta Look V which has a double-walled insulated jug – keeping your coffee hot all day.


Geepas 1.5 L Coffee Maker
Affordable, no-fuss, filter coffee machine
Melitta Look
Decent hot coffee all day + unbreakable jug

UK Verdict 2024

If you need a decent, no-fuss, coffee machine, the model from Geepas is excellent value. However, if the idea of waking up to the smell of fresh coffee, appeals then the model from Breville is worth the extra few quid.
The Melitta Look is our overall Best Buy. It costs a few quid more, but the thermal jug will keep your coffee hot all day and it’s unbreakable – which may save you money over time!

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