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Best Electric Hand Mixer UK for Cakes, Cookies, Dough & More

Fun to use, quick to clean & compact to store, the best hand mixer makes beating, whisking & kneading quick & easy

best hand mixers recommended reviews of budget models 2021

The best hand mixer is a kitchen essential. From fluffy mash potato to the finest cakes – the right model makes whisking & beating, quick & easy. Regardless of whether you’re a keen baker or an occasional cook, the best electric hand mixer is a must-have for your kitchen.

Although there may be some satisfaction in using a balloon whisk or fork, once your arm is aching, the novelty tends to wear off! What’s also important is that an electric whisk is much smaller than a stand mixer, meaning they’re easy to store. Read on to find the UK’s best hand mixer for you – without spending a fortune.

Best Hand Mixer 2024

With 100s to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. To save you time & money, Verum has considered all the options, dismissed the gimmicks and picked out the top models to give verdicts you can trust.

Aside from price, there are six essential aspects to consider when choosing the best hand mixer for you – Power, weight, attachments, controls, ease of cleaning & longevity.

Here are the top mixers for 2024, that you can buy today…

best cheap electric hand mixer with beaters and easy store cable. The recommended Kenwood quickmix lite hand whisk. UK
Kenwood QuickMix – Best Buy budget hand mixer

Best Cheap Hand Mixer
Kenwood QuickMix

This best buy budget hand mixer from Kenwood is perfect for beating eggs, mixing cakes and whipping cream. It’s well built, reasonably light and best of all, it’s excellent value for money.

Control comes with five speeds. Perfect for a slow start & then flick the switch to crank things up and get the job done. Also important is the beater release button. Some lesser hand mixers have beaters that are prone to dropping out. Or can, on occasion, be difficult to remove. However, the Kenwood QuickMix locks the beaters in and there’s a button release mechanism.

Just Beat It!

Quality stainless steel beaters are robust and clearly designed to last. Plus, they’re fine to be cleaned in the dishwasher. Surprising, at this price is the powerful 300w motor making it good for beating & whisking.

For most mixtures & occasional use, this best budget-buy hand mixer from Kenwood is hard to beat. There are no gimmicks. Just a well-priced electric whisk, that does the basics well.


Kenwood QuickMix | Verdict Price £21
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Recommended Bosch Ergo Mixx hand mixer for beating, whisking and kneading. Powerful 400w Bosch mixer with beaters and dough hooks. uk
Powerful Bosch ErgoMixx – Best Buy – Great for mixing, whisking, beating & kneading

Best Hand Mixer with Dough Hooks
Bosch ErgoMixx – 400w

The best hand mixer is powerful, durable and easy to use – And this model from Bosch ticks all the boxes. This electric mixer will handle most jobs and the consensus from owners is that it works well and is built to last.


Compared to other hand mixers, this model has enough oomph to handle thicker mixtures such as dough, mashed potato and fruit cake. However, it’s a hand mixer and clearly shouldn’t be compared to a 1000w stand mixer costing hundreds of pounds. What’s important here, is that for less than £40 you get an easy-to-store electric hand mixer that’s powerful, lightweight, effective and easy to use. Plus, it’s quieter than most.

Good Range of Speed

The controls are clear & easy to use. Significantly, the minimum speed is slow. This reduces the chance of a flour cloud on start-up! Plus, the top speed is fast – perfect for beating eggs and alike. 

If you’re looking for a well priced, powerful hand mixer, then this Bosch ErgoMixx is a great choice. 


Bosch ErgoMixx | Verdict Price
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What Else Do I Need to Know?

What is a good wattage for a hand mixer?

Generally, the higher the number of watts the more powerful the mixer. However, not all electric motors are equal. Some are more efficient than others meaning a lower wattage can deliver more power.

What’s important is that there’s enough torque or turning force to keep your beaters turning especially with heavier mixtures. Also important is speed & control. Variable speed with a good range is essential.

Best lightweight hand mixer

Weight is important. A lightweight mixer is unquestionably easier to use. However, lighter models usually have smaller motors and can feel less robust. A heavier model, with a bigger motor and thicker casing, will usually outlast the cheaper, lighter alternative.

Balance is also important – a good hand mixer will stand on its end, with beaters attached and not topple over. In summary, lightweight is good, but not at the expense of power, robust design & balance. 

What else should I look for in a hand mixer?

Every hand mixer comes with a set of beaters. These need to be a good length, blend & whisk efficiently and go in the dishwasher. Dough hooks are also useful should you want to make bread – although many hand mixers are underpowered for heavy dough.

The best electric hand mixers are great time savers and have clear advantages over a balloon whisk or fork. Plus, they’re easy to use & small to store.

How to use a hand mixer

Using a hand mixer is easy, although there are a few rules worth following. This is especially true if you’re cooking with kids. In terms of safety, keep fingers away from the beaters (when in the mixer). Always start slow – this avoids a flour or icing sugar cloud!

  1. Insert the beaters first & then plug-in
  2. Place beaters in the mixture & only then start at the slowest speed
  3. Increase speed as the mixture thickens
  4. Once the mixture has reached the desired consistency, reduce speed to the off position before lifting the beaters from the bowl.
  5. Unplug, remove beaters & wash or pop them in the dishwasher


Kenwood QuickMix Lite
Affordable, lightweight hand mixer with twin beaters and (no splash) slow speed start
Bosch ErgoMixx
Powerful, 5-speed hand mixer that's easy to use, clean & store


A hand mixer is truly versatile. You can use it straight in a pan or any receptacle (think less washing up!). Plus, a good hand mixer is easy to use, easy to store and very affordable. A great addition to any kitchen and easily beats the workout associated with a balloon whisk!

For around £20 the Kenwood QuickMix does the basics well and for occasional use, is a great choice. The more powerful Bosch is our overall Best Buy. Powerful, well-built, quiet and complete with dough hooks, it ticks all the boxes.

The alternative to a hand mixer is a stand mixer. Designed for baking and a host of other tasks, a good stand mixer is unquestionably the baker’s choice. If you’re not sure or would like the best of both worlds, take a look at the best budget buy stand mixer. This model from Kenwood works in the hand and on the stand. You could call it a hand-stand mixer!


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