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Best Affordable Stand Mixer for Bakers 2024

See our top picks from Kenwood & KitchenAid. Plus, why choose a planetary mixer...

best stand mixer recommended for beating whisking and kneading 2021

Love baking? The best stand mixer is a must. Whether you’re an accomplished chef or simply enjoy making the occasional cake, the best stand mixer makes baking perfection doable.

With 100s of models to choose from, finding the right one can feel overwhelming. And while a good food mixer is a joy to use, some models simply frustrate, offering little benefit over a standard handheld electric whisk.

Best Stand Mixer 2024

A good stand mixer makes beating, whisking & kneading easy. The technical design and specification separate the good models from the average, but it’s real-world experience and time in the kitchen that define the best bread & cake mixers for UK homes.

Detail is important. Does the agitator mix close to the bowl edge & base? Is it sturdy & stable in operation? Can the attachments go in the dishwasher? The devil is in the detail.

Verum has scrutinised specifications, compared owner insight and listened to top bakers. After many hours of research (& cake!), we have ranked (by price) the best models available to buy, right now…

Kenwood Chefette cream affordable stand mixer with chrome bowl. HM680CR UK
Kenwood Chefette – Affordable Hand & Stand Mixer

Best Cake Mixer under £100
Kenwood Chefette

The Kenwood Chefette is versatile, easy to use & best of all, it’s affordable. Spending big may offer a choice of designer mixers but if you are on a budget, it’s all too easy to end up with a dud.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a high-end stand mixer at a budget price (although there are plenty that makes this claim). What’s important, is that this model from Kenwood does the basics well. Plus, it even holds a few advantages over appliances costing five times the price.

This Kenwood takes the hard work out of beating & whisking. You’ll soon be making show-stopping cakes, biscuits & pastries. The bowl revolves as the beaters spin for an even mix. And when you’ve popped the cake into the oven, cleaning is easy. The quality, stainless steel bowl & beaters go straight in the dishwasher. 

The bowl is big enough for most recipes & the device doesn’t take up too much space on the countertop or in a cupboard. Plus, at less than 4kg, it’s easy to move around (some mixers weigh over 10kg!).

If you are considering buying a hand whisk, think again. This Kenwood HM680 gives you all the benefits of both a hand & stand mixer in one.

POWER: 350w | WEIGHT: 3.7kg | SPEEDS: 5 + Pulse | BOWL CAPACITY: 3l | ATTACHMENTS: Beaters + Dough hooks | DISHWASHER: Yes | PLANETARY MOTION: No | WARRANTY: 1 Year

Kenwood Chefette | Verdict Price £59
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Kenwood Prospero Plus 1000w Stand Mixer for Baking. A must for all good kitchens. UK
Kenwood Prospero – Affordable planetary mixer

Best Stand Mixer under £200
Kenwood Prospero

The Kenwood Prospero has a great specification & the right detail to make it the best buy for under £200.

It’s powerful, has a planetary mixing cycle & works with a wide selection of Kenwood accessories.

The Prospero makes beating, whisking & kneading easy. Whether you’re looking to bake cakes, whisk cream or make your own bread, this stand mixer is a match for the task. Plus, it’s easy to add a blender, juicer, mincer or chopper. It’s a great choice for anyone, ranging from the occasional cook to an aspiring Bake Off contender.

Powered by a 1000w motor, this Kenwood is an affordable option that’s capable of handling the finest ingredients through to heavy dough. And with the planetary mixing cycle (see below), you’re guaranteed no lumps. What’s also important here is that the utensils get close to the bowl sides. This is anything but a given & when using a sub-standard mixer can be a source of great frustration. Having to continually scrape out the bowl shouldn’t be a thing. (Although licking the spoon is!)

The Prospero may lack the quality feel of the top-end stand mixers, but it does everything well. Plus, at less than 5kg, it can be lifted out of a cupboard with ease. For under £200 you can get a Kenwood stand mixer designed for professional results & fun for all the family.

POWER: 1000w | WEIGHT: 4.5kg | SPEEDS: 5 + Pulse | BOWL CAPACITY: 4.3l | ATTACHMENTS: K Beater + Whisk + Dough hook | DISHWASHER: Yes | PLANETARY MOTION: Yes | WARRANTY: 1 Year

Kenwood Prospero | Verdict Price £165
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Recommended best buy kenwood chef stand mixer 1000w white uk
Kenwood Chef KVC30 – Built to last forever

Best Stand Mixer
Kenwood Chef KVC30

The Kenwood Chef stand mixer does everything, brilliantly. It’s powerful, reliable & a joy to use. Whether you have aspirations to win the Great British Bake Off, Master Chef or simply enjoy baking the occasional cake, this is the ultimate stand mixer.

The Kenwood is designed & built to last a lifetime. The quality is clear, but even the best components wear over time. Fortunately, spare parts are available and servicing is straightforward. There’s every chance you’ll be passing this stand mixer on to the next generation! 

Kenwood XL mixers have bigger bowls, motors & price tags. The higher capacity makes complete sense for commercial kitchens but unless you’re mixing large quantities regularly, the 4.6l bowl on this Best Buy model is perfect for most UK homes.

Buying the best stand mixer is an investment. The Kenwood Chef is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. It beats, whisks & kneads to perfection. Versatility is baked in and it’s built to last forever – what’s not to like?

POWER: 1000w | WEIGHT: 7.3kg | SPEEDS: 5 | BOWL CAPACITY: 4.6l | ATTACHMENTS: Beater + Whisk + Dough hook | DISHWASHER: Yes | PLANETARY MOTION: Yes | WARRANTY: 5 Years

Kenwood Chef | Verdict Price £289
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kitchenaid classic stand mixer in silver with 4.3 litre bowl
KitchenAid – Affordable Design Classic

Retro Stand Mixer
KitchenAid Classic

The KitchenAid Classic stand mixer is loved by owners & admirers, alike. The iconic design, not only looks good, but it’s also adaptable, durable & a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

Everything about the KitchenAid shouts quality. Unlike cheap imitations, this stand mixer is built to last. While some mixers may only last a year or so, this KitchenAid model will keep going for decades. And with spare parts freely available, even when it does start to wear, a good service will return it to its original glory.

Buy the KitchenAid Classic & you won’t be disappointed. It’s stylish, performs brilliantly and best of all, you’ll love using it for years to come.

POWER: 275w | WEIGHT: 10.5kg | SPEEDS: 10 | BOWL CAPACITY: 4.3l | ATTACHMENTS: Beater + Whisk + Dough hook | DISHWASHER: Yes (except whisk) | PLANETARY MOTION: Yes | WARRANTY: 2 Years

KitchenAid Classic | Verdict Price £340
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What Else Do I Need to Know?

Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer?

Hand mixers are lightweight, easy to store & cheap. However, a good stand mixer is capable of so much more. Superior control, power & better results justify the price.

Can’t decide? Why not have both? Buy the Kenwood Chefette – It works as both a hand & stand mixer. (Making it a handstand mixer!)

What’s a Planetary Mixer?

A planetary mixer has a stationary bowl with the agitator moving around the bowl in the same way a planet orbits its sun. Assuming the agitator & bowl are a good match, all contents are mixed, with no lumpy layer left clinging to the bowl side. This is superior to a spiral mixer that has a fixed whisk & a spinning bowl. With the exception of the Chefette, the above recommendations are all planetary mixers.

Kenwood Chef vs. KitchenAid Classic

Owners of the Kenwood Chef, recommend their mixer, every time. That said, KitchenAid attracts the same loyalty. There are a couple of key differences that perhaps give Kenwood an edge…

The Kenwood Chef has a wider range of accessories, making it more versatile. Whatever your plans now or at any time in the future, there are attachments for the job – juicer, blender, mincer, pasta cutters & rollers (the list goes on).

Comparisons are sometimes made between the respective power consumption (watts). And that the KitchenAid uses a direct drive motor while the Kenwood Chef uses a belt.

What’s important here, is the output in terms of speed, control & torque. Critically, both mixers deliver a good range of speeds that are easy to control. Plus, the torque or turning force (important for kneading dough) is comparable. The decision often comes down to looks. This is, of course, a personal choice.

Good stand mixers are heavy and the Kenwood Chef is no exception. However, it’s lighter than the KitchenAid. If your new stand mixer is going to stay out, on the worktop, then the weight isn’t an issue. However, the lighter Kenwood is easier to move & store. This can make a difference if you plan to keep it in a cupboard.


Kenwood Chefette
Lightweight, compact & perfect for show-stopping cakes, biscuits & pastries
Kenwood Prospero
Affordable planetary mixer
Kenwood Chef KVC30
Powerful, reliable & a joy to use


The Kenwood Chefette & Prospero are great affordable options. Effective, versatile and easy to use.

Spending more gives you iconic design and longevity. Both the KitchenAid & Kenwood Chef are superb planetary stand mixers – designed to last a lifetime. The KitchenAid Classic retro look wins hearts & minds. However, focusing on practical detail, value & available accessories, the Kenwood Chef wins our ‘Ultimate’ recommendation.

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