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Best Toaster for Tall Bread, Crumpets, Bagels & Buns

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The best toaster browns bread evenly, quickly and without fuss.

However, too many toasters can’t handle a normal slice of bread, never mind a bagel, crumpet or homemade slice.

Verum has researched numerous models and found that many have slots that are simply too small for your average slice. This means that bread gets stuck or sticks out of the top – clearly, this isn’t acceptable!

UK Best Toasters 2023

The best toaster has deep and variable-width slots for all bread sizes, it’s powerful enough to toast quickly and it’s super reliable – possibly, the best thing since sliced bread!

To help you find the right toaster, we’ve scrutinised specifications, measured slots & compared a wide range of models – here are the 2023 best buys…

Best buy recommended review 2 slice two slot budget toaster warburtons big slot Verum Verdicts UK 24370, 24372, 24373, 24374, 24371
Russell Hobbs Inspire 2-slot – Best Toaster under £50 (5 colours)

Russell Hobbs Inspire – Best Budget Toaster

The Russell Hobbs Inspire is highly rated by owners, has good slot dimensions and is powerful enough to make good toast, quickly.

As a general rule, a powerful heating element translates to quicker & superior toast. Rated at 1050W, this 2-slot makes toast that’s crisp on the outside and fluffy within.

Beyond the basic requirements of good internal measurements and a decent power rating, the Russell Hobbs Inspire gets a number of things right. The ‘lift and look’ feature means you can check on your toast without cancelling the cycle. Usually, you need to either peer into the top and risk singeing your eyebrows or press cancel, check on the toast and then push it back down, starting a new cycle – this invariably ends with burnt toast.

With this model, you can lift, check and then lower without interfering with timing. Plus, when you want to get the toast, crumpet or alike out, the lift feature means you can extract your toast without getting burnt. 

A budget toaster is only a good deal if it lasts. This Russell Hobbs 2-slot has a three-year warranty, which gives security to the purchase and if you’re looking for a quality toaster at a great price, the Russell Hobbs Inspire 2-slot is the top choice – check available colours

SPECIFICATION: SLOT LENGTH 14cm | SLOT DEPTH 13cm | SLOT WIDTH 3.5cm | POWER 1050w | WARRANTY 3 Years (on registering purchase) | 5 Colours

Russell Hobbs 2-slot | Verdict Price £37.99
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Best buy recommended review 4 slice four slot budget toaster warburtons big slot Verum Verdicts UK 24380 24382 24383 24384 24381
Russell Hobbs Inspire 4 slot – (5 colours)

Russell Hobbs Inspire Best 4-slot Toaster

Twice as good as the two-slot! High power and deep slots mean this toaster will make lots of good toast quickly. Rated at 1800W it’s powerful enough to do the job well and with internal dimensions to match the 2-slot version, it’s perfect for large slices of your favourite loaf.

The ‘Lift & Look’, high lift, defrost and reheat functions all make sense and are definitely worth having. Plus, while you hopefully won’t need the three-year warranty, it’s good to have. Extended (free) manufacturer warranties are usually a good indicator of how well a product has been made. 

There’s everything to like about this Russell Hobbs toaster – Plus, there are five colours to choose from, white, cream, grey, red and black. 

SPECIFICATION: SLOT LENGTH 14cm | SLOT DEPTH 13cm | SLOT WIDTH 3.5cm | POWER 1800w | WARRANTY 3 Years (on registering purchase)  | 5 Colours

Russell Hobbs 4-slot | Verdict Price £42.74
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Black Smeg 2 slot retro toaster with vintage looks, available in ten colours UK
SMEG Retro Toaster 2-slot (10 colours)

SMEG – Best Retro Toaster

This Smeg toaster is aesthetically beautiful & functionally highly rated. However, it very misses out on a Best Buy Award due to the high price.

Above all else, it makes good toast – crispy on the outside and soft within. Plus, it has numerous useful features. Along with a defrost switch, warm-up setting and 6 browning levels, there’s a bagel button. This will toast your bagel to perfection on one side while warming it on the other.

The controls light up. Perfect for late-night snacks!

This SMEG toaster is advertised as having long slots & we’re pleased to confirm that they’re longer than most, however they could be deeper. What’s good to know, is that most bread does fit, although a tall slice is best toasted on its side. The slot width is good and the bread is clamped centrally. This toaster is good for chunky home-cut bread. 

This Smeg isn’t cheap, but if you love the design, it will definitely look great in your kitchen. You do, however, need to choose a colour. There are ten to choose from. Click the link below to see all options.

SPECIFICATION: SLOT LENGTH 15cm | SLOT DEPTH 11.5cm | SLOT WIDTH 3.5cm | POWER 950w | WARRANTY 2 Year | 10 Colours

SMEG 2-slot | Verdict Price £139.95
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Click the link to see all 10 colours

Best buy recommended review 2 slice four slot premium toaster big slot Verum Verdicts UK 26205 26204 26202 26213 26281
Dualit 2 Slot Lite – Best Toaster (4 colours)

Dualit Lite – Best Toaster

Everything about this toaster conveys quality. Not only does it feel well made, but it also ticks the boxes in terms of power, capacity and features. The 2-slot model is rated at 1100W, which translates to a quick warm-up, more heat and faster toasting. 

The slot is a decent 14.5mm long, meaning that it will take your standard slice, easily. And it’ll work with more rustic bread. The depth is advertised as 12cm, although on measuring it’s actually deeper than this. Happily, with a bigger depth, there’s less chance of the bread sticking out of the top and therefore remaining white.

Plus, there’s a ‘peek & pop’ function which means you can check on your toast without stopping or restarting the timer.

Click to see the matching Dualit Kettle

Best Toaster for Bagels & Buns

If you like hot cross buns or toasted bagels, this Dualit toaster has a magic button! The perfect hot cross bun is crisp on the cut side, but warm & soft on the other and within. For one-sided toasting, press the magic button! This simple idea is the difference between the perfect hot cross bun and something terribly disappointing!

The Dualit Lite clamps your bread in the centre of each slot. This means evenly browned toast. Each side of the bread is an equal distance from the heating element. Plus, it has extra-wide slots, perfect for buns and bagels. 

There are lots of cheap toasters on the market (and plenty that cost much more). If you want a model that’s built to last and toasts quickly, buy the Dualit 2-Slot Lite Toaster.

SPECIFICATION: SLOT LENGTH 14.5cm | SLOT DEPTH 13cm | SLOT WIDTH 3.6cm | POWER 1100w | WARRANTY 1 Year | 4 Colours

Dualit 2-Slot Lite | Verdict Price £77.95
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Best buy recommended review 4 slice four slot premium toaster big slot Verum Verdicts UK 46205 46203 46202 46213
Dualit 4 Slot Lite – Best Toaster (4 colours)

Dualit Lite – Best 4-Slot Toaster

Twice as good as the Dualit 2-slice Lite!

As you’d expect, this is similar to the model above but has four slots rather than two. With a 2000w power rating, it’s quick and makes top-notch toast.

Similar to the 2-slot has the magic button and defrost functions.

Dual heat settings mean you can keep everyone happy. If half the family wants pale toast and half prefers it dark, no problem! Most other four slot machines have a single browning control.

If breakfast means lots of toast quickly, buy the Dualit 4-Slot Lite Toaster

SPECIFICATION: SLOT LENGTH 14.5cm | SLOT DEPTH 13cm | SLOT WIDTH 3.6cm | POWER 2000w | WARRANTY 1 Years | 4 Colours

Dualit 4-Slot Lite | Verdict Price £99.99
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What Else Do I Need to Know?

Use Your Loaf

Many toasters are too small for a standard slice. Bread that protrudes from the top of the toaster will never brown evenly. Worse than that, the bread gets stuck, burns and jams the whole device.

Whether you prefer Warburtons, enjoy fancy artisan bread or use a breadmaker, make sure that your next toaster is fit for purpose. All our recommendations have a deeper-than-average slot. However, should you prefer a model that isn’t listed here, it’s worth checking in-store (take a tape measure!).

Nobody likes burnt toast

Most house fires start in the kitchen. Better than a smoke alarm (for a kitchen) is a heat detector. Costing less than £20, they’re quick & easy to fit. If you want to know more, take a look at the best smoke alarms & heat detectors.

A smoke alarm in the kitchen can give false alerts. It’s annoying enough to burn your toast, but trying to deal with the toaster and simultaneously disarm a blasting siren, is never good.


Russell Hobbs Inspire
Powerful, robust & affordable


Dualit 2-slot Lite
Toast perfection + magic button for bagels, buns & more


BUY NOW: SAVE £20.00
Dualit 4-slot Lite
Twice as good as the 2-slot!


From sourdough to sliced white, nothing beats hot buttered toast. However, too many toasters are underpowered, have shallow slots or come with expensive bells & whistles that simply don’t translate to better toast. We’ve done the research to help you avoid the duds & buy the best…

The Russell Hobbs Inspire is affordable, powerful, has deep slots & above all else, makes decent toast.

The Dualit Lite is the overall Best Buy. Robust, powerful and with great features – the Dualit Lite stands out for all the right reasons.

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