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Best Under Worktop Fridge for Your Kitchen [UK]

We've compared 57 under counter fridges to shortlist & detail the UK top 4...

best under counter fridge recommended to fit beneath your worktop with happy person taking fruit from inside new refrigerator uk

Looking for the best under-worktop fridge in the UK? Rather than trawling through 100s of models, scrutinising specifications and scanning reviews, jump straight to the final verdicts. Check out what’s good (& what isn’t) below.

Under worktop fridges come in a variety of sizes. Internally, they range from a compact 90 litres right up to large 145 litres. Clearly, a big difference. Externally, they’re all a similar height but they do vary in terms of width and depth.

Also important is functionality. Do you want an icebox or a small freezer? [scroll down to see the difference]

Or perhaps you have a separate freezer and you need maximum dedicated fridge space?

Best Under Worktop Fridge UK

Verum has compared 57 models to reveal the best refrigerators, you can buy, here in the UK. We cross-reference test results, compare owner insight & decipher manufacturer claims to save you time & money. Recommendations, start at around £160 for a budget model. Spending more gets you either an icebox, freezer compartment or maximum capacity…

Fridgemaster MUL4892MF budget Fridge in white
Affordable Under Worktop Fridge

Best Small Fridge
Fridgemaster MUL4892MF

Choose the Fridgemaster MUL4892MF, if you’re looking for a good affordable refrigerator and don’t need ice or a freezer compartment. It’s small, quiet and reasonably energy-efficient. Meaning that it’s cheap to buy and cheap to run.

This model from FridgeMaster will fit into most spaces, as it’s only 48cm wide and 45cm deep. The compact dimensions give it an internal capacity of 92 litres. This is small for most families but ok for a couple and it’s perfect if you live alone. 

There’s plenty to like inside this budget under-counter fridge. The shelves are adjustable and made from safety glass. As you can see from the picture, there’s well-designed door storage and a good-sized salad crisper. This perspex container is tall and shallow meaning that you can easily see what’s in it. 

Good budget fridge

Comparatively, the FridgeMaster has an ok energy rating. Also of note, is that the noise level compares well to numerous more expensive models – it’s near-silent. 

This Fridgemaster is a decent small fridge that’s cheap to buy & cheap to run.


FridgeMaster | Verdict Price £160
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Fridgemaster MUR4894MF Under Counter Fridge with icebox
FridgeMaster MUR4892M – Excellent Under Counter Fridge with Icebox

Best Under Worktop Fridge with Icebox
FridgeMaster MUR4892M

This FridgeMaster is the best small under-counter fridge with an icebox. It will fit neatly under your work surface and it’s energy-efficient – Affordable to buy and run.

The narrow width means it will fit into gaps, that many other fridges won’t. Also worth noting is that it’s only 45cm deep. So, no problem if you have shallow worktops or plumbing on the wall behind.

The standout reason to buy this fridge is the icebox. For around the same price as the FridgeMaster above, you will have the option of ice-cold drinks in the summer. Plus, the 91-litre capacity is well-designed with good door storage and a salad crisper.

If you want a small, affordable fridge with an icebox – the FridgeMaster MUR4892M is perfect.


FridgeMaster MUR4892M | Verdict Price £170
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under worktop fridge freezer recommended, reviewed and rated refrigerator with 4 star freezer compartment
Beko UR4584S – Great Value Fridge Freezer

Under Worktop Fridge Freezer
Beko UR4584W/S

There’s everything to like about this under-counter Beko fridge freezer. It will fit neatly under your worktop, it’s reasonably capacious and best of all, it has a four-star freezer compartment.

The sensible internal design works well with three glass shelves and a salad crisper. Shelf height is flexible and the door storage works for tall and small containers. The 102-litre capacity is good for a couple or if you live alone, but what’s great about this Beko model is that it incorporates a freezer – at a great price.

Under Worktop Fridge with 4* Freezer

The standout reason to buy this Beko fridge is the freezer compartment. The 13-litre capacity isn’t huge but it’s ideal for freezing fresh food quickly & safely. The four-star rating means that it will run at -18°C. This is the temperature that the Food Standards Agency recommends for safe home freezing. A freezer compartment gets significantly colder than an icebox. Essentially, a four-star freezer is safe for food while an icebox isn’t. 

The Beko UR4584W ticks all the boxes. If you need freezer space within a great under-counter fridge – this is the model for you.

CAPACITY: 101 litres | FREEZER: 13 litres | ENERGY RATING: (OLD A++) NEW E | NOISE: 36dB | DIMENSIONS: H84 x W55 x D59

Beko UR4584W/S | Verdict Price £260
See Best Price on AO.com

Recommended best buy large under counter fridge AEG RTB415E1AW open door
AEG RTB515E1AW – Best Large Capacity Under Counter Fridge

Best Under Worktop Fridge

This under-worktop fridge from AEG is huge. Plus, it’s quiet and very energy efficient. This freestanding model from AEG is perfect to maximise fridge storage space, under your worktop.

The 145-litre capacity is 50% bigger than most under-counter models – meaning more storage space and fewer trips to the shops. Internally, it’s well designed with three glass shelves and a salad crisper. Two of the shelves can be adjusted meaning you can set up the fridge exactly how you like it. 

Energy Efficient & Cheap to Run Fridge

Aside from the capacious storage, this AEG under-worktop fridge is A++ rated on the old system and E on the new. Meaning that it’s cheap to run. Plus, it’s whisper quiet. You’ll need to climb inside and have excellent hearing, to detect any sound at all! 

Most worktops are 65cm deep meaning this fridge will fit perfectly underneath. However, this model is a little deeper & wider than some, so it’s worth checking the depth and width available before purchase.

This capacious AEG is the top choice if you want a quality under-counter fridge with maximum space and good environmental credentials.

CAPACITY: 152 litres | ICEBOX: No | FREEZER: No | ENERGY RATING: (OLD A++) NEW E | NOISE: 38dB | DIMENSIONS: H85 x W60 x D58

AEG | Verdict Price £440
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What Else Do I Need to Know?

New Energy Labels

Energy labels have changed. The outgoing grading was established 25 years ago and with lots of appliances now getting the top A+++ grade, this system offered little to differentiate the good from the ok. Looking forward, we now have a new system that raises the bar.

The new energy label resets and rates fridges and other appliances from A to G. It’s important to recognise that the new scale, rates numerous best-in-class appliances with Ds & Es. And many A++ rated fridges are now marked at E or below.

The most energy-efficient under-worktop fridge we’ve seen, so far, is rated ‘D’.

Clearly, these machines have not suddenly gotten less efficient, there’s just a new scoring system in place. It’s good that we have robust comparative information for consumers, which puts additional pressure on manufacturers to keep improving our appliances.

What’s the difference between an icebox & freezer?

An icebox won’t keep your food fresh, frozen or safe. As the name suggests, it’s good for making ice, but nothing else. Frozen food needs to be chilled below -18°C and for this, you need a freezer compartment. This means your food will not deteriorate and most bacteria cannot grow. For more information on why it’s important to freeze food below -18°C, take a look at the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommendations.

How much does it cost to run a fridge in the UK?

With energy prices rocketing in 2023, fridge running costs are also going up. Models with a freezer compartment will use more electricity. All fridges & freezers sold in the UK have an energy label. This clearly shows the kWh or electricity the unit will use in normal and comparative conditions.

Which way does the door open?

All Verum recommended fridges have reversible doors. This means the hinges can work on either side. This allows you to set the door to open to the left or the right – depending on your kitchen design & personal preference. Swapping the door position is no more complicated than the assembly of basic Ikea furniture.

Why does a fridge need a flame retardant back?

It’s now a legal requirement for all new fridges & freezers to have a flame-retardant back panel. While it’s unlikely that fire occurs due to a faulty fridge, it does happen – a flame retardant back gives you and your home increased protection. 

What’s the best under-worktop fridge for an elderly person? 

All the fridges here work well for everyone. However, the AEG is better suited to anyone with arthritic hands or early dementia. The doors on the FridgeMaster & Beko models have fingertip inserts to open the door. These can be harder to operate with elderly hands. Also, they’re cited on both the left & right-hand sides. A single handle makes it clear which way the door opens.

The AEG model incorporates an easy-to-pull handle, that’s a different colour from the fridge door. For someone suffering from dementia, a different colour handle can make life a little easier to identify & use. 

UK Best Buys 2023

cheap, budget, affordable fridge recommended, reviewed and rated refrigerator

Budget Under Counter Fridge
FridgeMaster | Verdict price £160
See Best Price on AO

Small fridge recommended, reviewed and rated refrigerator with icebox

BEST BUY Fridge with Icebox
FridgeMaster | Verdict price £170
See Best Price on AO

under worktop fridge freezer recommended, reviewed and rated refrigerator with 4 star freezer compartment

BEST BUY Fridge with 4* Freezer
Beko | Verdict price £260
See Best Price on AO

Recommended best buy large under counter fridge AEG RTB415E1AW open door

AEG | Verdict price £440
See Best Price Appliance City

UK Verdict

The Verum best buys are functional, energy-efficient and are all great value. Big or small / with or without a freezer, the perfect under-worktop fridge, for you, is right here.

The alternatives are tall larder style fridge freezers, American fridge freezers & integrated/built-in models. However, if you want a new under-counter fridge, avoid the duds & choose from the recommended models above – you won’t be disappointed.

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