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Indesit ewd71453w My Time 7kg Washing Machine Review

Great for small households on a budget. The Indesit My Time will get your laundry clean without breaking the bank

Indesit EWD71452W washing machine control panel showing programmes and soap drawer. controls include time left spin speed and start stop

Great for small households on a budget, the Indesit My Time EWD71453W will get your laundry clean without breaking the bank. 


  • Great Value
  • 20-Minute Quick Wash
  • Highly rated by owners
  • Small drum

Indesit ewd71453w Review

The Indesit My Time washing machine stands out for being easy to use and affordable. Although not the most energy-efficient, it’s highly rated by owners and compares very favourably to other models at a similar price.

7kg Drum – Good for Small Households

The Indesit 7kg drum is perfect for small households. If your laundry pile is a sensible size, then a smaller drum makes good sense. There’s little benefit in running a half-load in a big machine. And waiting until you have enough laundry to fill a big drum can be frustrating, especially when you need that certain item. 

The other advantage here is that this model is physically smaller than most. It’s the standard width and height, but at only 52cm deep it will tuck nicely under your worktop, leaving plenty of space for the pipes behind and it won’t stick out

Owners rate this machine and tests confirm that it will get your laundry clean. The 1400 spin cycle is an impressive specification for a model costing around £200. However, this speed is only achieved with longer programmes. A few of the shorter cycles are set at 1200 or 1000 leaving laundry on the wet side of damp.

Warranty Information

The one-year warranty covers parts and labour. Plus, by registering this model with Indesit you get a 10-year cover on parts. Sounds good and indeed it is, although there are a few caveats. The biggie is that you must use a registered Indesit service engineer. This is currently charged at £120/hour, meaning 2 hours of work costs more than a new machine!

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Importantly, the door locks when the machine is being used. However, there’s no child lock, in that you cannot deactivate the control panel.

Specification: Indesit My Time

  • Drum Size: 7kg
  • Wash Rating: A
  • Spin Rating: B
  • Spin Speed: 1400 (max)
  • Noise Wash: 57dB
  • Noise Spin: 77dB
  • Physical Depth: 54cm
  • Number of Programmes: 16
  • Silk Wash: No
  • Wool Wash: Yes
  • Eco Wash Time: 3 hrs 25 mins
  • Quick Wash: 20 minutes
  • Auto Dosing: No
  • Wifi / Smart: No
  • Add load: No
  • Reduced ironing/steam: No
  • New Energy Rating: D
  • Old Energy Rating: A++
  • Warranty: 1 Year


  • PERFORMANCE: 3.9/5
  • EASE OF USE: 3.9/5
  • OVERALL: 78%

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Why Spend More?

A bigger capacity is a must for medium and large households. Aside from drum size, spending more brings superior performance. This is especially notable in terms of spin cycle efficiency and noise.

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UK Verdict

The Indesit 7kg My Time EWD71453W is a great choice for smaller households. It will get your clothes clean and reasonably dry. However, the standout factor in choosing this model is the price. It’s super cheap and performs better than numerous machines costing much more. 



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