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Bosch WAU28S80GB Serie 6 Washing Machine Review

bosch WAU28S80GB washing machine control panel showing different programmes and adjustments including temperature spin speed time left

The Bosch WAU28S80GB is an excellent washing machine for most households. Nobody wants to buy a new washing machine every few years and Bosch has a history of building quality appliances. All data suggests that this model is built to deliver on this reputation. 


  • Good cleaning & spinning credentials
  • Quiet
  • i-DOS Technology
  • Mid-range energy efficiency

Bosch Washing Machine In-Depth

Verum compares 100s of washing machines ranging from a few hundred quid to well over a thousand pounds. Focusing on cleaning and drying, but considering all factors, this Bosch Serie 6 washing machine is a standout choice at around £500. It’s quieter than most, reasonably energy-efficient & ticks all the right boxes.

Drum size, cleaning effectiveness, spin efficiency, noise & energy consumption are the headline factors to scrutinise ahead of buying a new washing machine. What makes this model stand out is that it not only outperforms cheaper models but also, numerous machines costing more.

The 8kg drum is perfect for most households and is probably a match (or bigger) than your old machine. While big drum machines can clean more laundry in one go, it’s not energy or cost-efficient to run a 10kg machine half full. Plus, an 8kg drum allows for better laundry sorting. Smaller loads make it easier to match the appropriate temperature & cycle to your clothes.

As you’d expect from Bosch, the WAU28S80GB gets an ‘A’ rating for cleaning effectiveness. It will get your whites, white! The spinning efficiency gets a ‘B’ rating. This is ok, but if you want your next washing machine to wring out every last drop of water, you may need to consider spending a few quid more. Do check the specs though, as picking a machine with a faster spin doesn’t necessarily guarantee this.

Quiet Wash & Spin

The Bosch Serie 6 is quieter than the majority of washing machines at this price point. For the wash cycle, it’s rated at 49dB. And 72dB for spinning.

Is 72dB quiet for a washing machine?

The Bosch WAU28201GB will almost certainly be less noisy than your current machine. Plus, it compares favourably to the majority of models at this price point. It’s important to remember that the Decibel (dB) scale isn’t linear. As an approximate gauge, 82dB is approximately twice as loud/intense as 72dB. As a comparison, numerous cheap washing machines, spin at eighty-something Decibels.

What about energy bills?

Washing machine energy consumption varies enormously. How often you wash your clothes, the programme choice and the wash load all significantly affect energy bills. To gauge and record an accurate comparison Verum uses industry-standard tests. What’s important here is that this Bosch Serie 6 machine gets the top A+++ rating on the old scale and a C rating on the new scale. Also worth considering is the cost of detergent and the Bosch i-Dos system.

What’s Bosch i-DOS technology?

Bosch i-DOS technology automatically measures the precise quantity of water & detergent for each load. For most of us, switching to this system means using less detergent and therefore saving money. Plus, you can say goodbye to the box of powder sitting by the machine.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Is the Bosch WAN28S80GB Washing Machine Easy to Use?

The controls are easy to understand and simple to use. The dial selects the programme and the screen displays the details. Adjustments are easy, with touch buttons under the display panel to tweak anything & everything.

Adding Laundry After the Wash has Started

We’ve all started a wash only to find a dropped sock or be presented with a missing t-shirt. No problem. With the Bosch reload function you can simply pause the wash, open the door & pop the item straight in the drum. What’s especially impressive is that this option is available throughout 89% of the wash cycle.

Washing Machine Child Lock

There are lots of important features to consider when choosing the right washing machine, but flood protection & a child lock are often overlooked. Both come as standard on this machine. Peace of mind, that should something go wrong with your new washing machine, you won’t be paddling around your kitchen.

Are Bosch Washing Machines Good?

It’s near impossible to test a washing machine for ten years of use. And therefore difficult to make long term scientific comparisons. However, the information we do have demonstrates this Bosch model will last. Bosch sells lots of washing machines in the UK and there’s plenty of owners who replace one Bosch machine with another. Plus, the two-year warranty (10 years on the motor) makes it clear that Bosch knows that this machine is designed & built to last.


  • Drum Size: 8kg
  • Wash Rating: A
  • Spin Rating: B
  • Spin Speed: 1400 (max)
  • Noise Wash: 49dB
  • Noise Spin: 72dB
  • Physical Depth: 59cm
  • Number of Programmes: 15
  • Silk Wash: Yes
  • Wool Wash: Yes
  • Eco Wash Time: 3 hrs 19 mins
  • Quick Wash: 15 minutes
  • Auto Dosing: Yes
  • Wifi / Smart: No
  • Add load: Yes
  • Reduced ironing/steam: No
  • New Energy Rating: C
  • Old Energy Rating: A+++
  • Warranty: 2 Year


  • PERFORMANCE: 4.5/5
  • EASE OF USE: 4.4/5
  • OVERALL: 88%

Verum ratings are calculated with data from multiple sources, weighting criteria and comparative metrics to give a quantitative measure of the product, based on the key decision-making factors.


This Bosch Serie 6 is an excellent washing machine. And the 8kg drum is good for most households. This model truly stands out alongside comparatively priced machines. Quiet and reasonably energy-efficient, this machine gets the job done with no fuss. It doesn’t connect to your phone or have lights inside, but if you need a new washing machine – this model is hard to beat.


Why Spend More?

This Bosch Serie 6 is an excellent mid-priced model, however spending more on your new washing machine will get you better results, superior energy efficiency and a quieter machine.