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Best Cordless Drills 2024 – Combi Drills for DIY & Trade

84 Cordless Drills Compared / Top 6 Combi Drills for DIY & Trade

black decker, bosch, ryobi, makita and dewalt combi drills compared

The best cordless drill is powerful, versatile & built to last. Choose a combi drill and you’ll be able to handle countless tasks, quickly, easily and without fuss.

Whether you’re decking the garden, remodelling a kitchen or simply hanging a shelf or picture, a decent combi drill is the essential power tool for all your 2024 projects & fixes.

Choosing the right model can be very time-consuming. The best combi drill will make light work of most tasks but the wrong type or model leads only to frustration.

Why Choose a Combi Drill?

A combi-drill has 3 primary functions…

  • Standard drill – designed to drill holes in wood, metal and plastic
  • Driver – It turns screws quickly & easily
  • Hammer action for drilling into concrete and masonry

The hammer action is essential for drilling into walls and masonry. Perfect for numerous DIY jobs around the home and a no-brainer for trade.

Best Combi Drill 2024

Bosch, Ryobi, B&D, Dewalt & Makita are the standout brands. Below we’ve detailed the best options for every budget.

We have scrutinised specifications, spent time testing in the workshop and listened to trade experts to help you save money & time.

Having compared 84 Drills, here are the Top 6 combi-drills shortlisted & detailed…

hammer drill for wood, metal and masonry, 18v battery drill cordless DIY Verum Verdicts UK
Black & Decker BCD700S1K – Best Combi Drill under £50

Best under £50
Black & Decker BCD700S1K

This Black & Decker is a great choice for occasional DIY. Well-balanced & affordable, it’s perfect for all those jobs around the home & garden.


  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Spend more for second battery

This Black & Decker drill is a good choice for most households. Drilling into most materials is easy and it works well as a screwdriver.

With two gears, speed and torque are easily controlled – meaning it can handle various jobs. Turning a screw requires less speed and usually less torque. However, cranking up the torque to shift those stubborn stuck screws is much easier than struggling with a conventional screwdriver.

The 1400rpm speed is good for making neat holes in wood. Plus, the hammer function is essential for drilling into masonry. Drilling into brick or concrete with a standard drill is nearly impossible. However, with thousands of blows per minute (BPM) to supplement the turning action, masonry becomes doable with a combi-drill.

There are numerous budget drills on the market, but most don’t have an effective hammer function. And, many of them lack torque too. This B+D model, for around fifty quid, is perfect for most homes.

SPECIFICATION | WEIGHT 1.3kg + battery | MAX TORQUE 38Nm | MAX SPEED 1400rpm | BPM 21000 | CHUCK SIZE 10mm | BATTERY SIZE 18v x 1500mAh | WARRANTY 2 years

This Black&Decker is affordable & a great choice for occasional DIY

Best Bosch Cordless Drill with 2 batteries, charger and case. Recommended DIY drill in the UK
Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill – Complete with two batteries, charger & case

Best DIY Bosch Drill
Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 18v

This premium brand Bosch Cordless Drill is lightweight, easy to use and comes with two batteries


  • Light & easy to use
  • Complete with 2 batteries & charger
  • Bosch brand
  • 10mm Chuck
  • Expensive compared to Ryobi (below)

A flat battery is never good. But with a couple of batteries, you can charge one while using the other – no problem.

Also, good to know is that the same batteries will fit all Bosch DIY tools ranging from drills to lawnmowers. Next time you’re buying a Bosch power tool, you can opt for the basic device (without batteries & charger) – you’ll save £££s.

With two gears, 38Nm of torque & a decent impact rate (BPM) for drilling into walls, this Bosch drill handles all those DIY jobs with ease. Plus, it’s super light & has intuitive controls making it easy to use.

SPECIFICATION | WEIGHT 1.3kg (inc. battery) | MAX TORQUE 38Nm | MAX SPEED 1350rpm | BPM 20,250 | GEARS x2 | CHUCK SIZE 10mm | BATTERY SIZE 18v x 1500mAh | WARRANTY 2 years

The Bosch PSB 1800 comes complete with 2 batteries & charger

Recommended combi-drill cordless Ryobi with two batteries and charger UK
Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ 18v – Best Drill for Home Use UK

Best Combi Drill under £100
Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ

Powerful, with good controls and a full-size 13mm chuck, this Ryobi is the best combi drill kit you can buy for under £100.


  • 50Nm Max Torque
  • 13mm Chuck
  • Complete with 2 batteries & charger
  • None at this price

Ryobi makes great cordless power tools. The brand is highly rated by UK homeowners & experts and has a good global reputation. Backing up the build quality, this Ryobi cordless drill comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Power, speed & flexibility make this a versatile combi-drill capable of handling most DIY tasks. With 50Nm of torque, two gears & numerous settings it makes tough jobs easy.

For most DIY, the Ryobi is the best combi drill for masonry with a 23,400 bpm hammer setting. Drilling into brick & concrete is a doddle.

The Ryobi will do it all: masonry, metal, wood, plastic, plasterboard, tiles & ceramic. Plus, with 20 torque settings, it’s also the perfect powered screwdriver. 

Why a 13mm Chuck is Important

A 13mm chuck (in preference to 10mm) means you can use large (& small) drill bits. Power is also important, especially with larger drill bits. And with 50Nm of torque, this model is more than a match for most jobs.

SPECIFICATION | WEIGHT 1.3kg (+battery) | MAX TORQUE 50Nm | MAX SPEED 1800rpm | BPM 23400 | GEARS x2 | CHUCK SIZE 13mm | BATTERY SIZE 18v x 1500mAh | WARRANTY 3 years

Power, 13mm chuck size & build quality make the Ryobi our top DIY choice.

Bosch GSB 18v-55 professional combi drill with 2 batteries, charger and case
Bosch GSB 18v-55 Pro drill (+2 batteries, charger and case)

Lightweight Combi Drill
Bosch Pro GSB 18V-55

The Bosch GSB-55 is a ‘top-notch’ brushless combi-drill. The robust design makes it perfect for trade and an awesome power tool for serious DIY. Well-built with decent torque, it’s both powerful & surprisingly light.


  • Brushless Motor
  • 13mm Chuck
  • Complete Kit
  • None

The brushless motor gives longevity, good control and superior battery life. It delivers 55Nm of torque, which is more than a match for most jobs. Also important is the 13mm chuck. Good for large drill bits and equally suited to finer tasks, right down to 1.5mm. 

The latest Amazon bundle deal is incredible value. This set comes with a case, charger and two batteries – it’s a great entry point to the excellent Bosch Pro range. And should you be looking at cordless power tools in the future, there are around 100 Bosch Pro power tools that work with the same batteries.

The 2Ah batteries are light & reliable. Charge one, while using the other. A couple of 2Ah batteries are so much better than a single (heavy) 4Ah battery.
Also worth noting, is this bundle deal is around half the price of buying the drill, batteries, charger & case separately.

SPECIFICATION | WEIGHT 1kg + Battery | MAX TORQUE 55Nm | MAX SPEED 1800rpm | BPM 27000 | GEARS x2 | CHUCK SIZE 13mm | BATTERY 2 x 18v x 2Ah | WARRANTY 1 year

Designed for trade, this Bosch Pro combi-drill is a match for any task & being super light, it’s a joy to use.

makita 18v cordless combi drill with brushless motor, 13mm chuck and variable speed trigger
Makita DHP484 18v Combi Drill with Brushless Motor

Trade Choice
Makita DHP484

Makita cordless power tools are the first choice for many trades and the Makita DHP484 is right up there with the best combi drills in the UK. 


  • Brushless Motor
  • 13mm Chuck
  • Build Quality
  • None

Powerful, durable and with good controls, this model is perfect for trade all-day/everyday use.

Standard for trade, the brushless motor delivers superior control, long battery runtime, and greater durability. The Makita 3-year warranty backs this up.

All the boxes are ticked – including a 13mm chuck and variable speed trigger. Plus, at 182mm in length coupled with bright LEDs, this model is perfect for tight spaces.

Already own Makita LXT batteries? Choosing this model is a no-brainer. Sharing batteries across power tools makes good sense. Backing this up, all the tradesmen we’ve talked to who use Makita tools don’t consider other brands.

SPECIFICATION | WEIGHT 1.2kg (+ battery) | MAX TORQUE 54Nm | MAX SPEED 2000rpm | BPM 30,000 | GEARS x2 | CHUCK SIZE 13mm | WARRANTY 3 year

The Makita DHP484 combi drill is a top choice – you won’t be disappointed

dewalt dcd796 with 2 5Ah batteries charger and case
Dewalt DCD796P2-GB – Pro level combi drill with brushless motor

Best for Trade
Dewalt DCD796P2

For power, the Dewalt DCD796 is the best combi drill you can buy. It makes tough jobs easy & will keep going when lesser drills fail


  • Brushless Motor
  • 13mm Chuck
  • Maximum Torque 70Nm
  • None

Designed for trade, but if you’re planning a big DIY project or simply want a drill that will last for years, then the Dewalt DCD796 is a great choice

The brushless motor delivers 70Nm of torque – Double that of cheaper options. This huge turning force and a top speed of 2000 rpm mean you’re never underpowered.

This Dewalt model has a 13mm steel chuck. It can handle bigger drill bits for bigger jobs. Even if, right now, your project doesn’t require this, sooner or later you’ll need the extra capacity. Also, important to note is that this chuck will hold fine bits precisely.

Another benefit is the super bright LED which is useful in normal conditions but essential when working in confined spaces with poor light.

SPECIFICATION | WEIGHT 1.2kg (+ battery) | MAX TORQUE 70Nm | MAX SPEED 2000rpm | BPM 34000 | GEARS x2 | CHUCK SIZE 13mm | WARRANTY 3 years (register purchase free with Dewalt)

70Nm Torque, 13mm chuck and a brushless motor make every job look & feel easy

How to Choose the Right Combi Drill

The best combi drills are versatile and easy to use. We use 8 key factors, to choose the

  1. Choose a Combi Drill. Designed to drill into all materials including masonry (walls), plus it will turn screws and bolts. We recommend you avoid drill drivers (models without a hammer action).
  2. The higher the maximum torque (turning force), the better. A low-torque device will struggle with tougher materials & won’t budge tight screws.
  3. Torque range & control are also important. For example, too much torque on the wrong screw will burr the head or shear it completely. Too little & it simply won’t turn.
  4. Most use a 10mm or 13mm chuck size. A 10mm chuck is good for most tasks, but should you ever need to use a larger drill bit, then a 13mm chuck is a must. (13mm chucks also work for small drill bits)
  5. All the Verum recommendations use an 18v Lithium battery. What’s important is that the same battery & charger are compatible with other power tools, from the same manufacturer. Great if you’re thinking of a future purchase. 18v Lithium-ion batteries are a must. Avoid lower voltages & older Ni-Cd batteries.
  6. A brushless motor is worth the extra few quid for trade or regular use. Brushless motors deliver superior torque & better control. Also important is that each battery charge will give you around 30% more time than a standard motor. Plus, your drill won’t overheat and will last years longer – saving you money.
  7. The battery largely sets the weight of a power tool. Bigger batteries last longer but weigh more.
  8. Value is super important. Right now the Ryobi & Bosch bundles (detailed below) come complete with batteries & charger

Combi Drill FAQs

What About Battery Runtime?

How long a battery lasts varies depending on use. For most of us, two small lightweight batteries are the best bet. This means your drill is light and easy to use, plus you can charge one battery while using the other.

Ah refers to a battery’s amp-hour rating. This means a 1.5Ah battery can deliver a steady 1 amp of current for 90 minutes. While a 5Ah battery drawing the same current will last for 5 hours.

For professional (all-day use), two 5Ah batteries is a decent choice, although heavy. You can avoid a workout with a couple of smaller batteries. This is good for most jobs.
Also worth knowing is that a quality Lithium battery should retain 80% of its charge if left for six months. This means your drill is ready to go, even if it hasn’t been used for a while.

What About Impact Drivers?

You may also see advertisements for impact drivers. These are high-torque devices designed specifically to turn screws and bolts. Great as a secondary device to use alongside a decent combi drill. For clarity, impact drivers don’t work well as drills.

Can I use a cordless combi drill for concrete?

Drilling into masonry can be tough. A hammer or impact function is essential. A drill’s ability to do this is measured in BPM (blows per minute). Budget models deliver around 20,000 BPM while the Dewalt recommendation delivers 34,000 BPM. This translates to easier and quicker drilling into brick, concrete and alike. If your primary need is drilling into concrete, consider an SDS drill.

Is a Brushless Combi Drill Better?

A brushless combi drill will last longer than a standard design…much longer. Brushless technology means fewer moving parts, less heat, lower wear & superior battery life. This translates to more power, longer run time and a drill that will keep-going. Also, brushless motors deliver more torque, especially at lower speeds.

What is the most powerful cordless combi drill?

The Dewalt DCD796 delivers up to 70Nm of torque making it one of the most powerful combi drills on the market. Add the pro-level specification and robust build quality – it’s our best buy for trade.

3 Reasons to Choose a Combi-Drill

Drill, screwdriver & hammer drill. Choose a combination (combi) drill over a standard drill driver, every time. With cordless convenience & three functions, it’s the right choice for most households – perfect for wood, plastic, steel & masonry. Plus, it’s a decent power screwdriver.

All the recommendations here are for cordless combi drills.

Verum Deal Checker…

Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ
+ Powerful 50Nm torque
+ 13mm Chuck to handle all jobs (big & small)
+ Top DIY choice under £100
Dewalt DCD796P2 Combi Drill
+ Brushless motor (trade essential)
+ 70Nm torque
+ 13mm Chuck
+ Complete Kit (often sold out)


The Ryobi is the best DIY cordless drill for under £100. It outperforms comparable DIY options with a 13mm chuck and decent torque. Plus, it’s ready to go with a charger and two batteries.
The Bosch is a decent DIY alternative, especially if you already own 18v PowerforAll batteries.

For trade or regular DIY, a brushless motor is worth the investment. The Dewalt, Bosch Pro & Makita models all deliver superior battery runtime and will last years longer than a regular drill. Plus, the additional torque makes a noticeable difference on tough jobs.


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