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Best Impact Driver UK – Bosch, Makita & Dewalt Compared

Turn screws, nuts & bolts quickly & without fuss. The best 2023 models are powerful, convenient & easy to control

recommended cordless impact drivers for high torque screw turning. diy and trade

An impact driver is a lightweight & compact power tool for driving multiple screws & bolts, quickly & easily. 

There are three standout reasons to use an impact driver. Large construction screws, volume & to avoid the faff of continually swapping bits on your combi drill. For trade & DIY, a powerful impact driver makes numerous tasks, quicker & easier.

What is an Impact Driver?

An impact driver may look like a cordless drill (to the untrained eye) but it’s a very different beast. Delivering significantly more torque than a drill (or electric screwdriver) it’s designed to turn the toughest screws & bolts, without fuss.

An impact driver should not be used as a drill. Although suggested as a good idea on some websites, there’s no chuck to tighten so drill bits wobble, are not accurate and ultimately break.

It’s also worth noting that an impact driver is different to an impact wrench, which is the tool of choice for tyre fitters & scaffolders. 

For trade & DIY, an impact driver is a perfect partner for your cordless drill. Whether you’re building a deck, fixing construction timber or any job that uses large or multiple fixings, this is a must-have power tool.

Best Impact Driver 2023

As with all power tools, spending big affords some amazing kit. However, it’s possible to pick up a top-notch impact driver for less than you may think.

It makes sense to stick with the same brand as your drill. This means you can swap & charge batteries across both devices.

Verum uses six primary factors to compare impact drivers…

  1. Maximum Torque – For most jobs, 130Nm is plenty.
  2. Speed Control – Number of speeds, maximum and trigger control are all important factors
  3. Motor type – Brushless motors are more efficient and last longer
  4. Physical Size – Usability & comfort
  5. Weight – Lighter is better, but not at the expense of power
  6. Battery Type – Stick with one brand and you can use the same batteries across all your power tools.

We’ve compared 44 impact drivers, scrutinised specifications, listened to experts, and cross-referenced real-world reviews & insight to help you choose the right model & save money.

Here are the top 5 best impact drivers you can buy in the UK, right now…

Best Buy Recommended Makita DTD152Z Impact Driver UK
Affordable Makita DTD152 impact driver that’s a match for most jobs. [Makita LXT battery compatible]

Budget Impact Driver
Makita DTD152

Powerful, durable and easy to use, this Makita impact driver ticks all the quality and reliability boxes. But what really makes this model stand out is the value and budget price.

Variable Speed Trigger

All the must-have features come as standard. The variable speed trigger makes this impact driver easy to use. Plus, this feature coupled with the electric brake (often missing on budget models) means you have complete control with one hand.

The compact design is lightweight and with twin LEDs, it’s easy to see what you’re doing – even in tight, dark spaces.

Makita LXT Battery System

Some of the cheaper Makita power tools use their own battery system, which is a big negative, but fortunately, the Makita DTD152 uses the standard LXT batteries. Choose multiple small batteries if you favour a lighter device or go large if long-lasting power is important.

This is the perfect budget partner for a Makita drill.

SPECIFICATION: TORQUE: 165Nm | NO LOAD SPEED: 0 – 2900 rpm | IMPACTS PER MINUTE: 0-3500 ipm | WEIGHT: 1.3Kg – 1.6Kg | LENGTH: 137mm | WARRANTY: 3 Years

Makita DTD152 | Verdict price £62
See Best Price on Amazon
Choose Makita LXT 18v battery & charger separately

Bundle Deal | Verdict Price £168
See Best Price on Amazon
DEAL INCLUDES: Makita DTD152 Impact Driver, 5Ah Battery & Charger

bosch cordless impact driver advanced Impact Drive 18v with battery and charger
Bosch Cordless Impact Driver 18v + Battery and Charger

Best DIY Impact Driver
Bosch PDR 18 LI Advanced

The Bosch PDR 18 LI impact driver is lightweight, easy to use and works with all Bosch 18v DIY batteries.

The Bosch 18v power-for-all range (green) all use the same batteries and chargers. This means you can own one charger and a couple of batteries across all your Bosch DIY power tools.

This model is perfect for DIY. It’s affordable and easy to use. Speed control is set by the trigger – a light touch gives a soft start followed by graduated speed increases according to how tightly you squeeze. Also of value is the torque delivery. This is managed by a clever internal chip that sets the right power level for the job and preserves battery life.

If you’re a keen DIYer, there’s every reason to go with cordless Bosch cordless power tools & this impact driver is a great choice.

SPECIFICATION: TORQUE: 130Nm | NO LOAD SPEED: 0 – 2600 rpm | IMPACTS PER MINUTE: 0-3200 ipm | WEIGHT: 1Kg | LENGTH: 155mm | WARRANTY: 3 Years

Bosch PDR 18 LI | Verdict price £94
See Best Price on Amazon
Choose Bosch 18v battery & charger separately

Best buy Ryobi R18IDBL-0 18V ONE+ Cordless Brushless motor Impact Driver. With torque control & 3 LEDs. UK
Ryobi R18IDBL-0 High power brushless motor

High Torque Impact Driver
Ryobi R18IDBL-0

If you own a Ryobi cordless drill, this impact driver is made for you. The Ryobi cordless power tool range all use the same, 18v ONE+ battery system. For anyone, who’s yet to try Ryobi – the kit is excellent and good value for money.

Ryobi Brushless Impact Driver

This recommended impact driver has a brushless motor. It will last longer than a conventional model and is suitable for heavy and continual use. Plus, it will generate less heat and work for much longer before requiring a battery change or charge.

Three Speed Control

Control is easy with four power modes. There are three basic modes which set the appropriate speed and torque to match the size of the screw and precision required. The fourth setting gives a slow start then cranks up the power before slowing down again as the screw head meets the timber. This is ideal for decking & alike.

Lots of power tools have an LED on the front, but this impact driver has three surrounding the chuck. Every job is illuminated without shadows. 

Already own a Ryobi drill? This impact driver is the perfect partner. If you need more power, are driving large numbers of screws or simply want to avoid the faff of continually switching between drill bit & driver – choose the Ryobi R18IDBL-0.

SPECIFICATION: TORQUE: 270Nm | NO LOAD SPEED: 0 – 3000 rpm | IMPACTS PER MINUTE: 0-3900 ipm | SPEEDS: 3 | WEIGHT: 1.2Kg – 1.5Kg | LENGTH: 194mm | WARRANTY: 3 Years

Ryobi R18IDBL-0 | Verdict price £145
See Best Price on Amazon
Choose battery & charger separately

Best buy Makita DTD154 BL LXT brushless motor Impact Driver 18V 117mm Length UK
Makita DTD154 – Great specification & built to last.

Best Makita Impact Driver
DTD154 Brushless

This impact driver is designed for professional tradesmen. Perfect if you already own or are considering Makita power tools. The compact design delivers plenty of power for all tasks. It’ll keep going when lesser devices give up.

Pros give this model a consistent & definite thumbs up.

Brushless Impact Driver

The brushless motor makes this impact driver a great investment. With enhanced efficiency, each battery charge lasts longer. Plus, even with constant use, there’s no chance of this Makita overheating.

Three Speed Impact Driver

Speed and torque control are important. Not all jobs need a huge turning force or high-speed revolutions. Unlike cheaper models, the DTD154 has a three-stage impact selector. This means you can set the speed & torque that’s appropriate for the job. In addition to this, the variable speed trigger gives you total control.

The brushless motor & impact selection switch sets this model above cheaper versions. For pro tradesmen (or serious DIY), it’s worth the investment.

If you already own Makita LXT batteries & a charger then the DTD154 is an easy choice. Alternatively, if this is your first Makita, no problem. Makita’s quality & range is excellent – you won’t be disappointed.

SPECIFICATION: TORQUE: 175Nm | NO LOAD SPEED: 0 – 3600 rpm | IMPACTS PER MINUTE: 0-3800 ipm | SPEEDS: 3 | WEIGHT: 1.2Kg – 1.5Kg | LENGTH: 117mm | WARRANTY: 3 Years

Makita DTD154 | Verdict price £110
See Best Price on Amazon
Choose Makita LXT 18v battery & charger separately

Dewalt DCF887 impact driver with 5ah battery charger and T-Stack Case
Dewalt DCF887 Impact Driver with 5ah Battery Charger & T-Stack Case

Best Impact Driver [BEST BUY]
Dewalt DCF887 Brushless Impact Driver

The Dewalt DCF887 is a powerful, controllable and robust impact driver. Designed for trade, but perfect for anyone who appreciates working with top-notch tools.

Capable of delivering 205Nm of torque, this model will turn anything. Importantly, the power is easily controllable with three speeds. The lowest mode (variable speed of 0-1000rpm) is designed for precision jobs or where there’s a potential for fastener and material damage. 

Quality power tools use brushless motors and this Dewalt model is no exception. A brushless motor generates less heat and doesn’t wear at the same rate as a conventional device. This means it will last longer, copes with continual use and delivers power with reduced battery drain – over time will save you money. 

All the features you’d expect are here. A ring of bright LEDs improves visibility. Plus, the belt hook and magnetic bit holder are welcome features. Looking for negatives, it’s a little longer than some, but at under 1kg (without battery), this model is light and easy to use.

If you’re considering purchasing power tools in the future or already own Dewalt batteries, choosing the Dewalt DCF887 is an easy decision – the Dewalt 18v range now comprises well over 100 tools. 

High torque, three speeds and a brushless motor mean this model is a match for any task. 

SPECIFICATION: TORQUE: 205Nm | NO LOAD SPEED: 0 – 3800 rpm | IMPACTS PER MINUTE: 0-3800 ipm | SPEEDS: 3 | WEIGHT: 1Kg | LENGTH: 134mm | WARRANTY: 3 Years

Dewalt DCF887 | Verdict price £71
See Best Price on Amazon
Choose Dewalt 18v battery & charger separately

Dewalt DCF887 | Verdict price £171
See Best Price on Amazon
DEAL INCLUDES: Impact Driver, 5Ah Battery, Charger & T-Stack Case

Buyers Guide

Impact Driver vs. Drill Driver – What’s the Difference?

An impact driver delivers around four times more torque or turning force than a drill. And a drill clamps the drill bit with a variable chuck, while an impact driver has a slot, to quickly lock in a hexagonal shank (6.35mm / ¼”).

An impact driver is a specialist tool for driving screws – it’s not designed to drill holes. For this reason, it works brilliantly alongside a good combi-drill. But it’s not a replacement. Use a combi-drill & impact driver together and you can drill perfect holes and drive large screws, at speed. Plus, you’ll save the faff of having to keep swapping bits.

Better for the Wrist

Use an impact driver and you’ll reduce the chances of wrist fatigue & damage. An impact driver doesn’t transfer the turning force through your wrist, in the same way as a drill. Plus, the models recommended here are lighter than most cordless drills.

Impact Driver vs. Impact Wrench – What’s the Difference?

An impact wrench uses a ½” square shank rather than a variable chuck or hexagonal slot. An impact wrench is designed for scaffolders and mechanics. It’s perfect for tightening & loosening car wheel bolts and alike.

Why Choose a Brushless Motor?

For trade, a brushless motor makes good sense. This gives a longer run time, compact design, superior control and best of all, it will last much longer than a conventional model. 

In short, brushless motors perform better & last much longer – over time, you will save money.

Stick With One Brand

In terms of convenience and cost, it’s a good idea to stick with a single brand of cordless power tools. Bosch, Makita, Dewalt & Ryobi all offer a wide range of quality tools. Stick with one brand and use the same 18v batteries across all tools. Plus, you only need one charger.

Brand Battery Detail

Ryobi uses the same fitting across all 18v power tools.

Dewalt has a standard 18v fitting.

Make sure the Makita kit you buy, uses 18v LXT batteries.

Bosch has two 18v power tool ranges. The consumer tools are green & the professional range is blue.


Makita DTD152Z
Powerful, durable & easy to use. Plus, this Makita impact driver is great value for money
Dewalt DCF887
High torque, three speeds & a brushless motor make this model is a match for any task


All of the models recommended here represent excellent value for money. The Makita DTD152 stands out for all the right reasons – it’s a great budget option.

For trade, a brushless motor makes good business sense.

If you already own Makita LXT batteries, go for the compact Makita DTD154. That said, the overall Best Buy is the Dewalt DCF887 – high torque, brushless motor and superb controls make it the top choice for all trades.

Best Combi-Drill


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