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Best Oscillating Multi-Tool UK Reviews – Saw, Sand & Scrape

Essential multi-tool that makes numerous trade & DIY tasks quick & easy

Updated: Saturday 13 Apr 2024

cordless oscillating multi-tool with attachments to cut, saw, sand, grind & scrape UK comparison, round-up and review of the best buys

An oscillating multi-tool is the right power tool for sanding, sawing, grinding, cutting & scrapping.

Whether you’re a professional tradesman or a DIYer, this ‘must have’ power tool makes numerous jobs ranging from grout removal to cutting floorboards, quick & easy.
It effectively replaces a sander, saw, grinder and scraper in one hit.

Best Oscillating Multi-Tool UK

The right oscillating multi-tool will make whatever job you’re planning a doddle.

Power sanding is easy. It removes material quickly and evenly (no swirl marks).

More versatile and much safer than a circular saw, it’s perfect for plunge cuts, flush cuts & working at awkward angles.

Do you need to remove grout or mortar before repointing? Forget the angle grinder. Or perhaps you need to scrape off old adhesive? The list goes on.

Choosing the right model should be easy – there are plenty to choose from. However, only a few models truly stand out.

We’ve scrutinised specifications, compared 37 models and taken expert advice to help you buy the best Oscillating Multi-Tool today. Here are the Top 4 …

silverline budget diy oscillating multi-tool with attachments to cut, saw and sand
Budget oscillating multi-tool for occasional DIY

Budget Oscillating Multi-Tool

£30 at Amazon

This multi-tool is a decent choice for occasional DIYers on a tight budget.

For under fifty quid, this Silverline oscillating multi-tool comes with a few basic accessories. However, we’d recommend spending more to get the cutting & scraping set, plus additional sanding sheets.

Although a little heavier than a detail sander, this multi-tool will do the same job & a whole lot more. It’s a great piece of kit and earns much praise from real-world owners.

Looking for negatives, there’s no storage box and while all power tools are noisy, this model is pretty loud – you’ll need ear protection. Also, it’s corded which feels somewhat restrictive.

SPECIFICATION: POWER: 240v 300w | WEIGHT: 1.4kg | SPEEDS: 6 | NO LOAD SPEED: 15,000 – 23,000rpm | NOISE: Pressure 90dB & Power 101dB | LENGTH: 300mm | WARRANTY: 3 Years

This Silverline model is great value for money & does the basics.

cordless bosch best buy oscillating multi-tool with battery, charger, case and accessories for sanding and cutting
Cordless Bosch oscillating multi-tool – Top choice for DIY

Best for DIY (complete kit)
Bosch Advanced Multi 18

£177 £151 at Amazon

Going cordless makes every job easier and quicker. And this Bosch multi-tool is a great place to start. No cord, quick tool change, quality accessories and the same battery system across all Bosch DIY tools give it stand-out credentials. 

Being able to use the same batteries with all your Bosch power tools is not only convenient but will save you a small fortune too. Next time you buy a new power tool, choose the bare tool and save £££s.

There are a handful of important features that are not immediately apparent on this Bosch. First up is the Starlock interface. This system has a couple of standout benefits and one negative. 

The reliable connection between tool & accessory is super important. Plus, you can change the blade in seconds – no need for an Allen key here.

SPECIFICATION: POWER: 18v | WEIGHT: 1.4kg | SPEEDS: 6 | NO LOAD SPEED: 10,000 – 20,000rpm | NOISE: Pressure 82dB & Power 93dB | LENGTH: 305mm | WARRANTY: 3 Years

Cordless convenience, pro features and Bosch reliability make this complete kit a top choice for DIYers.

Makita DTM52Z Oscillating Multi Tool with brushless motor
Makita DTM52Z Oscillating Multi Tool

Best Makita Multi-Tool

£178 £168 at Amazon

If you already own a Makita LXT battery, this oscillating multi-tool is the top choice.

That said, even if you don’t currently own any Makita cordless tools there are numerous reasons why the DTM52Z is worthy of your consideration. Especially, the superb brushless motor.

This enables superior power coupled with long battery runtime. Plus, a host of control features including soft start & variable speed. It’s more than a match for any job and is designed & built to work brilliantly, all day, every day.

Choose the exact battery and attachments you need. All 18v Makita LXT batteries will fit. Choose 5Ah for longer life or 2.5Ah for the weight advantage. 

SPECIFICATION: POWER: 18v | WEIGHT: 1.4kg | SPEEDS: 6 | NO LOAD SPEED: 6000 – 20,000rpm | NOISE: Pressure 84dB & Power 95dB | LENGTH: 324mm | WARRANTY: 3 Years

It can’t be described as cheap, but there’s everything to like about the Makita DTM52Z.

Best buy dewalt dcs355n oscillating multi-tool with attachments to scrape, saw and sand. Cordless and brushless, this is the best option for UK professionals
Cordless Dewalt DCS355N with brushless reliability

Best Trade Oscillating Multi-Tool
Dewalt DCS355N

£116 £89 at Amazon

Combining the latest technology, cordless convenience and all the must-have features, the Dewalt DCS355N oscillating multi-tool is our overall trade best buy.

As with most trade tools, the batteries & charger come separately. This often works out cheaper than bundle deals. 

Opt for a Dewalt 18v 2Ah for the weight advantage or 5Ah for value & long runtime (FYI: The 5Ah & 4Ah weigh roughly the same).

Inside this oscillating multi-tool is a brushless motor. This technology is far superior to the standard design for 4 reasons. 

  1. Power – Higher torque makes tough jobs easy
  2. Longevity – It generates little heat, meaning it won’t burn out – even if used continuously
  3. Battery Time – Superior efficiency means each battery charge lasts considerably longer
  4. Plus, it’s more controllable giving a precise & wider speed range

Standard fit cutters & blades will work on this model, there’s a bright light making it easier to see what you’re doing and quick-change blades add to the convenience. 

SPECIFICATION: POWER: 18v | WEIGHT: 1.1kg | SPEEDS: 6 | NO LOAD SPEED: 0 – 20,000rpm | NOISE: Pressure 86dB & Power 97dB | LENGTH: 310mm | WARRANTY: 3 Years

Powered by a brushless motor, this Dewalt oscillating multi-tool will make tough jobs easy & keep going when lesser models fail.

Buyers Guide

The oscillating multi-tool was originally designed for the medical profession, to remove plaster casts from patients. The vibrating blade needs a degree of resistance to cut, hence it will saw through hard casts, but not skin. Making it considerably safer than a circular saw!

Fein made the first and only version of this tool, until 2009 when their patent expired. Since this date, big brands such as Bosch & Dewalt have dominated the market.

Today, the oscillating multi-tool is a great alternative to a power sander, grinder and circular saw. And even if you own all these tools, its ability to make flush cuts and scrape surfaces, gives it a unique appeal over the dedicated alternatives. 

Plus, it’s much safer than a grinder or circular saw. Here are a few jobs that it’ll handle…

What is an Oscillating Tool Used For?

  1. Cut most rigid materials, including wood, metal, plastic, tile & plasterboard
  2. Grout removal between tiles
  3. Grind & sand rough edges
  4. Sand & finish surfaces before painting
  5. Polish 
  6. Scrape and remove old paint
  7. Remove old tile adhesive
  8. Remove mortar ahead of re-pointing
  9. Cut (flush) old screws & bolts
  10. Cut through pipes (even in constrained space)
  11. Cut new clearance on a door (without removing)
  12. Cut drywall, floorboards & more

Best Buy DIY

Bosch Advanced Multi 18
No cord, quick tool change and the excellent interchangeable Bosch battery system make this a best buy for DIY

Best Buy TRADE

Dewalt DCS355N
Cordless convenience & a brushless motor deliver power, durability & longevity – perfect for trade

UK Verdict 2024

For cordless convenience, quick blade change and a bright light the Bosch Advanced ticks all the right boxes. Plus, you can use the same battery in over 40 other Bosch DIY power tools. 

The Dewalt is our overall Best Buy. Cordless convenience, a brushless motor and all the right details make this model tough to beat. Plus, the current accessory deal is great value.
You’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without this power tool!


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