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Dewalt DCD796 Combi Drill Review – UK #1

best cordless dewalt drill uk

The Dewalt DCD796 is the best cordless drill you can buy in the UK. It’s the professional combi-drill of choice. Built to handle anything and everything, it will keep going all day, every day. The specification shouts quality and the Dewalt brand reputation delivers longevity.

Dewalt is not only the top trade choice, it’s now the go-to brand for UK DIY experts.

Rather than testing every drill available, we’ve focused on comparing Dewalt cordless combi drills – these are designed to turn screws & drill into both wood & masonry. Keep reading to see why the Dewalt DCD796 stands out for power, longevity and value.


  • Brushless Motor
  • 70Nm of Torque
  • 13mm Chuck
  • Batteries fit all Dewalt 18v power tools
  • None

Best Cordless Dewalt Drill

The Dewalt DCD796 is our top choice cordless drill. It’s a trade favourite – and for good reason. Superb build quality, excellent specification and brand reputation make this cordless drill an easy choice for professionals and expert DIYers, alike.

With 70Nm of torque, two gears and a decent top speed, the DCD796 delivers on the toughest jobs. And whether you’re drilling or driving bolts and screws, the 15-torque & 2-speed settings make power control easy. Plus, the 34,000 blows per minute (bpm) hammer action mean this cordless drill is a match for tough masonry jobs too.

The all-metal 13mm chuck gives this drill a premium robust feel and importantly, it can handle all sizes of drill bit.

Brushless Motor

The standout advantage of a brushless motor is that it wears less and therefore lasts longer. But this isn’t the only benefit.

Adding to the extended lifespan, a brushless motor generates less heat, uses less power, allows for superior control and delivers more torque. Yes, it costs a few quid more, but it makes a big difference on every job and it will last years longer than standard motor technology – saving you a small fortune.

Factor in longer battery run time, superior control and additional power – a brushless motor is a must-have for all but the occasional DIYer.

What About the Dewalt DCD776?

The budget alternative to the DCD796 is the Dewalt DCD776. There’s plenty to like about this drill – it’s great for occasional use. However, it can feel underpowered on tougher jobs. Plus, the lack of a brushless motor means it will wear quicker, control is reduced and battery runtime is compromised.

What About the Dewalt DCD996?

The Dewalt DCD996 is an awesome piece of kit. It does however come with a hefty price tag. For your money, you get more power, three gears and a better performance when drilling into masonry. Also of note, is that it’s heavier than our top choice DCD796.

If you want maximum power and are ok with the price, then the Dewalt DCD996 is the cordless drill for you.

However, the DCD796 is more than a match for most tasks and it’s great value for money.

Dewalt DCD796 Specification

  • WEIGHT: 1.2kg
  • MAX TORQUE: 70Nm
  • MAX SPEED: 2000 RPM
  • GEARS: 2 (with variable speed)
  • CHUCK SIZE: 13mm
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year

Dewalt DCD796 Ratings

  • PERFORMANCE: 4.9/5
  • DESIGN: 4.8/5
  • EASE OF USE: 4.3/5
  • OVERALL: 95%

Verum ratings are calculated with data from multiple sources, weighting criteria and comparative metrics to give a quantitative measure of the product, based on key decision-making factors.

Dewalt DCD796 – Lightweight & Powerful

No power cord makes every task a little easier. And what’s important is that with the Dewalt DCD796, there’s no compromise in power. Plus, this drill is a compact 173mm in length and weighs only 1.3 kg + battery. It’s rare to find a power tool that can be described as both lightweight & powerful.

These important details make working in tight spaces doable. Adding to this, the bright led light illuminates your work area. There’s also a sturdy belt hook. A small negative compared to older models is the lack of anywhere to keep a driver bit mounted on the drill.

The DCD796 works with all the Dewalt 18v XR batteries. The links below get you the best deals for the bare tool or a complete kit that includes a battery, charger & case.

The Dewalt 18v power tool range (100+ cordless power tools) is superb & they all use Dewalt 18v XR batteries. Run all your tools off the same 4 Ah or 5Ah batteries and over time, you’ll save a small fortune.

With battery-powered tools, there’s every reason to stick with one brand and Dewalt is our top choice for professional-level power tools, both in terms of range and performance.


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Class-leading in terms of power, specification and value, the best cordless drill you can buy, right now, is the Dewalt DCD796. The brushless motor, 13mm chuck and 70Nm of torque make this the top choice for all trades. Plus, it’s a great choice for demanding DIYers who are looking for professional quality power tools that are built to last.